‘Class Act’ Episode 1 Recap & Ending Explained: Did Loiseau And Tapie Strike A Deal?

Class Act has finally arrived on Netflix screens, and it’s ready to take you on an exciting journey through the life of Bernard Tapie. This seven-part series offers a front-row seat to the incredible story of a man who has experienced the highs and lows of a multifaceted career involving business, sports, and politics. Let’s get ready to uncover the history of Bernard Tapie, from his early days to his achievements and the challenges he faced along the way.


Spoilers Ahead

What Was Tapie’s Business Strategy?

In Class Act Episode 1, we witness a prison cell where Tapie is being locked up by a jailer. The story then takes us back to Tapie’s early days, showing him as an optimistic singer with plenty of self-confidence. His family, including his wife, Michelle, and mother, believed in his talents, but his father had doubts about his choice to become a singer. Alongside his singing career, Tapie tried his hand at various business strategies, including seeking investment from a bank, which didn’t go as planned. Tapie had big dreams of starting his own electronics store, which he wanted to call the Tapie Store. He believed in a unique business strategy: offering customers a subscription that would allow them to buy products at a 50% discount. He saw this as a way to provide France with a fresh and promising future. His entrepreneurial spirit and innovative approach set the stage for his ambitious business endeavors, but the investment bank couldn’t put its trust in him. Tapie’s wife, a bank employee, was the one who set up a meeting for Tapie with the bank officials, but it didn’t turn out to be a great meeting, as Tapie resented them for not hearing him out.


To make ends meet, he sold a TV to an electronics shopkeeper at a tight price. Meanwhile, he met one of his close friends, Farid, who was a garage mechanic. A successful businessman named Marcel Loiseau crossed paths with Farid and expressed interest in buying his garage. He even built a shopping mall nearby, becoming a thriving entrepreneur. This encounter with Marcel Loiseau piqued Tapie’s curiosity, but Farid was cautious and didn’t want Tapie to get involved with Loiseau. Class Act Episode 1 sets the stage for the complex journey of Bernard Tapie’s life, marking the beginning of his passion for entrepreneurship.

Did Loiseau And Tapie Strike A Deal?

Tapie’s wife, Michelle, was upset, worrying about their financial situation and the need to provide for their daughter. But Tapie remained overconfident in his business strategy, believing it could earn him billions one day. Finally, he had the chance to meet with Loiseau, but during their meeting, Loiseau’s secretary, Dominique, who was a beautiful woman, caught his attention. Loiseau listened to Tapie’s strategy but also probed into Tapie’s personal life, asking about his ten-year marriage and his feelings for his wife. This discussion made Tapie feel a little uncomfortable, as Loiseau was insinuating that Tapie might pursue a relationship with Dominique. However, after considering Tapie’s proposal, Loiseau agreed to collaborate but became a majority shareholder in the venture. He had two conditions: the store couldn’t be called the Tapie Store, and he emphasized the importance of trust, warning Tapie that betrayal could be life-threatening for him. In the end, Tapie struck a deal with Loiseau that kicked off his first business venture.


When Tapie shared his business plans with his family, they had concerns. His dad even brought up a past business failure in the US, which made Tapie angry. Even his wife, Michelle, had doubts. But Tapie was determined to follow his dreams. His electronics store started, and he introduced customers to a new gadget, the remote control, which was almost like a wonder for the people of that time. He sold lots of TVs and made a profit. Meanwhile, Loiseau’s secretary, Dominique, felt drawn to Tapie when she found one of his singing CDs in a street market. They both liked each other, and they began going out to restaurants to discuss business. But Tapie was married and loyal to his wife, and even though he couldn’t ignore his growing feelings for Dominique, in his mind, he felt guilty for secretly falling for her. Meanwhile, he was focused and really wanted to become famous and rich, but his most destructive quality was his penchant for wasting his money or showing it off rather than utilizing it in a good way.

How Did Loiseau Destroy Tapie’s Image In Front Of His Family?

Tapie had a meeting with Loiseau, who held the majority of the shares in Tapie’s business. Loiseau acted like the big boss, making Tapie feel more like an associate. Tapie accepted this arrangement, but it left him feeling left out of his own idea. Loiseau, however, had plans to expand the business all across France and didn’t want to give Tapie more responsibility. This left Tapie wanting a way out. Around the same time, Tapie’s father had a heart attack, and Tapie realized there was a lack of ambulances and emergency services in their area while he talked to a medical professional. This inspired him to come up with the idea of establishing an emergency contact service. However, in this business as well, he thought of utilizing the subscription model for customers. He approached Dominique to join him in this new project, and she believed in Tapie’s vision. While working together, they also shared some romantic moments while walking on the street in the evening. However, Loiseau, who was a bit jealous, saw this budding romance as a blow to his ego. He unexpectedly shows up at Bernard’s house during a festival and talks openly about Tapie’s affair with Dominique in front of Tapie’s wife. Tapie realized that he’d made a grave mistake by dismissing Farid’s warning. Now, he understood the power dynamics at play and the consequences of dealing with someone like Loiseau, who could be quite manipulative.


In Class Act Episode 2, we can expect more tension between Tapie and Loiseau. Tapie will focus on his emergency service plan, but his relationship with Dominique might face challenges due to Loiseau’s interference. The episode will likely explore how Tapie deals with these tricky personal and professional situations while trying to make his new business a success.

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