Claire Walker In ‘Fool Me Once,’ Explained: Did Joe Kill Claire?

Fool Me Once, a Netflix thriller series based on Harlan Coben’s novel, has some interesting characters to talk about. One of them is Claire Walker, sister of Maya Stern, the lead protagonist of the show. Just like Joe Burkett, we don’t get to see much of Claire throughout the series, but she played an important role in shaping the storyline. Claire Walker was tragically killed in a robbery only months before Joe Burkett’s death. Both of these murders caused a stir in the media, prompting Maya to look into the matter of why these tragic deaths took place in her family. Let’s discuss Claire Walker to find out what happened to her.


Spoilers Ahead

What Was Claire Walker Up To?

Claire Walker was a pharmaceutical scientist who was skeptical of the pharmaceutical scam committed by the Burkett family that claimed so many lives across the globe. Claire teamed up with the whistleblower journalist, Corey, and began investigating the pharmaceutical company owned by Burkett Global Arcade, but to keep a close eye on it, Claire began to work with Maya’s husband, Joe Burkett, in their company. Claire was an intelligent and honest woman who believed the Burketts should be punished for their criminal actions, even though they were the in-laws of her sister. Claire managed to uncover the atrocities committed by the Burketts and gather the proof, but before she could expose it, the Burketts got rid of her.


Although the series didn’t explicitly show Claire’s character journey, we saw her as a caring sister, a loving wife, and a dedicated mother. Probably she had made some mistakes in her early days before she was married to Eddie, but those mistakes didn’t define her personality. As a sister, Claire played an important role in saving her sister Maya’s reputation. When the video tape involving Maya killing a civilian was leaked by Corey the whistleblower, it was Claire who asked Corey to remove the audio from the tape so that her sister could be shielded from much bigger criticism. The audio tape mentioned how Maya disconnected the comms and fired at the car driven by her own choice, which would have put Maya’s career at stake, so Claire’s intervention saved her sister big time.

What Did Louis See?

Before Claire was married to Eddie, she fell in love with Alexander Dosman. But their relationship, although it started very romantically, didn’t last long. Although Alexander wanted to proceed, Claire wasn’t ready. She moved out, but she found herself pregnant with Alexander’s child. Later, the child was given up for adoption, and Claire built her life afresh with Eddie and her two children, Daniele and Abby. However, Claire later realized that she needed to get in touch with her son, who had never received love from his biological mother. Claire finally contacted Louis and hung out with him at a cafe. Even when she was investigating the previous murders committed by Joe Burkett and went to Joe’s school to talk to the principal, she took Louis with her. Right after that day, she was killed, which raised suspicion in Louis’s mind, but he was hesitant and afraid to talk about it in front of the police. Months after Claire’s death, when Abby and Daniel went through her things and found the old photograph of their mother being pregnant, Abby tried to look into the matter and find their half-brother. Daniele checked a website on which Claire already had a profile, which helped them zero in on their half-brother’s identity. Abby found out that it was Louis, a fellow player from the football team she was on. It came as a shock, but gradually both Daniele and Abby began to trust Louis and decided to welcome him to the family.


How Did Eddie Cope With The Loss?

Claire was killed by none other than Maya’s husband, Joe Burkett, who came to know that Claire was looking into their dirty business. Not only that, but Claire had also found out about the murders of Theo Mora and Andrew Burkett committed by Joe, so to save his neck, Joe killed Claire and managed to erase all the evidence she had against the corrupt family.

After Claire’s death, her husband, Eddie, couldn’t easily move on. He had loved his wife so much that her death turned him into an alcoholic. Abby and Daniele could see how their father was slowly drowning in the darkness of despair, but they couldn’t help him recover from trauma. Even though he started having arguments with Maya, Maya, realizing Eddie wasn’t in the right mindset, forgave him. Amongst everything, Eddie became the only one whom Maya could trust blindly. Even though Eddie tried to move on, by distracting himself with another woman, he couldn’t move things further with her. He was still committed to Claire, even after he knew that Claire had had a child with her previous lover. Eddie was an understanding and compassionate individual with humanity, which drove him to accept Louis, who was not even his child. Eddie not only allowed Louis in his home, but he treated him like his own child and also asked his children Abby and Daniele to welcome Louis into their family.


Not only Louis, but Eddie also looked after Lily, who lost her mother at a very tender age. Lily’s mother, Maya Stern, was finally arrested by the police for the murder of her husband, but before going down, she decided to take the entire Burkett family with her, bringing down their public image. In her pursuit to expose the evil Burketts in front of the public, Maya had to sacrifice her own life. After Maya’s death, Lily was raised by Eddie, who never let her feel the absence of her mother. Eddie was a good person, and so was Claire, but when someone like Claire tries to fight against evil, they are always aware of the potential risk. Claire knew it as well, but she still took a leap of faith, not even thinking about her own safety. Eventually,  she was tragically killed by a vile individual like Joe Burkett. However, in order to avenge her sister’s death, Maya put an end to Joe Burkett; that might not bring her sister back, but it gave her closure.

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