‘City On Fire’ Episode 6 Recap & Review: Is William Alive? What Did McFadden Find In The CCTV Footage?

Thank you, God. You know why I’m saying this. Episode 6 of City on Fire is the beginning of the end, and the person, whom God saved, is needed to solve the case of Samantha Yeug’s shooting. Many dark secrets will come to light, featuring events from the past when Regan was a young, single woman full of fire. By the way, let’s remember the word “fire” because it also has a role to play in this episode. So let’s begin.


Spoilers Ahead


William is alive. He is able to pull himself out of the water and onto a speedboat, and he escapes before he can be spotted, only to reach his father’s farmhouse, where he meets Jacob, his father’s assistant and the farmhouse’s present caretaker, apparently. Back at his studio, Parsa and McFadden inform Mercer that William was last spotted being chased by someone onto a ferry. And whoever burned the studio was trying to destroy whatever William was working on. It was evidence, and we know how crucial it was. Meanwhile, Charlie returns to Cicciaro’s and finds Nicky all drunk and sad. Unbeknownst to Charlie, Solomon, Lorraine, or Delirium, Nicky misses William and is filled with regret for what he did. He thinks William is dead, and we know that it needs to stay this way. No one should know that William is alive. Charlie confronts Nicky, asking him if he loves Samantha. He did, and perhaps Samantha loved him too, even if only for a brief amount of time. That’s because he did something that broke her, i.e., he burned someone alive. The photos that Charlie has are proof. Nicky is lost and requests that Charlie absolve him, but Charlie knows better than to listening to him and just leaves.



Amory arrives at Regan’s home, apparently to check on her because of all that she is going through. But that’s not true. He is probably there just to make sure that she isn’t doing something that can compromise him in any way. He meets Mercer there and finds out about the explosion at the studio and that William wasn’t there. However, William’s friend Bruno died. He tries to find out from them if the police have identified those responsible, but Regan and Mercer aren’t in the mood for his pretentious, concerned attitude. Regan asks him to leave, and in his irksome audacity, he drops a threat on Mercer, asking him to get some rest because there is no telling what’s going to happen next. Once inside his car, Amory has an outburst of anger because Nicky has not only failed to eliminate William but has also killed someone else. Now, he has no idea if William is dead or alive, and he is unable to reach Nicky on his phone as well. How’s that for helplessness?

Fire And Fiat

The next day, Charlie arrives at a library and looks up the fire at the Sporting Goods Store (the one in Samantha’s photographs) on the internet. It’s quite nostalgic to see him use Yahoo News. He needs to know what happened there so that he can finally come out of the darkness that he has found himself in since Samantha was shot. She isn’t dead, but the doctor has told her father that there is almost no chance of her coming back. He should probably start thinking about letting her go because it’s painful to see her in that state. She is in a state of sleep from which she has almost zero chance of ever waking up. But her father cannot stop hoping, and neither can we. McFadden managed to get a warrant to check the CCTV footage at the Hamilton-Sweeney apartment building on the night Samantha was shot. She believes that either Amory or someone else is somehow involved in the case. On the other hand, the forensics from the explosion at William’s studio reveals that fireworks were used. And the one person related to the case and who is associated with fireworks is Samantha’s father. Regan gets a call from someone and then tells Mercer that she knows where William is. Keith mentions to Mercer how things between Regan and her brother are complicated and that it’s probably not healthy to bring William back into her life at the moment. First of all, the phase she is in is caused by him, and now he dares to say that he doesn’t want her own brother, whom she hasn’t seen in the last 15 years, to see her because it can add to her pain. Regan immediately tells Keith to stay out of it. He doesn’t get to say anything about the matter. Regan and Mercer set out to meet William.


Party And Pain

We go back to the time before William left his family. Bill Sr. is throwing a party that, to the utter shock of Regan and William, is also an engagement party. Bill Sr. is getting married to his girlfriend, Felicia. Amory introduces Regan to a guy who is the son of her father’s new business partners. Later on, we find out that he took Regan to a cottage that belonged to Amory, where he raped her. Jacob had spotted Regan rushing out of the cottage, followed by the guy who calmly came out of the cottage and handed the keys to Amory. Clearly, the whole thing was set up by Amory. But why? Was this his way to turn Regan into what they call a disgrace to the Hamilton-Sweeney family? The guy is one sadistic degenerate. When Regan tells William about it, he is furious and wants their father to know about it. But when the time comes, all their father does is bar all his business partners from any future social gatherings and give Regan a seat on the board. William cannot understand why her sister remains quiet in front of Amory and Felicia. Regan doesn’t want to hamper their father’s reputation and takes the blame on herself, saying that what happened was because she was drunk. In disbelief and helplessness, William does the only thing he can to save himself from any more pain. He leaves, not to see his family again for the next 15 years.

William reveals to Jacob about Amory and his illegal means to reach where he is today. They arrive at Amory’s cottage, and William starts looking for any proof that connects him to the shooting of Samantha Yeung. There are lots of files, and one of them belongs to Regan. It reveals that she was pregnant and that she gave birth to the child, whose father was the guy she met at their father’s engagement party. He also finds Nicky’s file containing details about his criminal past including the fact that Nicky has pyromania. There is also the mention of the LH project that he was made a part of by the investigator, Robert Spiros Jr., who was looking into his case a long time ago. William needs to go back to town to find out what the LH project is all about. But before he can leave, Regan and Mercer arrive. As glad as they are to see each other, William is heartbroken to find out that Bruno is no more.


What Is In The Security Footage?

McFadden arrives at the Hamilton-Sweeney apartment building with her search warrant. While going through the security footage, she spots Amory entering the building around the same time Samantha was shot. Samantha’s father, who is explaining to Parsa on the phone how fireworks work, finds out that some kind of black powder called Pulverone, traces of which were found at the site, is missing from his workshop. With the missing Pulverone, anyone can blow up an entire city block. Charlie returns to Cicciaro’s and finds Nicky and the others with a big bomb and a timer. So, inside the bomb is where all the Pulverone is. Nicky intends to use it to get revenge on the devil, who is responsible for Samantha’s present state. But then, does he know for sure who shot her? He does seem to, and we can tell that he thinks that it is Amory. [Or it can be Nick’s personal way to get his revenge on Amory for how he behaved with him and also Nicky’s taste for burning things up, thanks to his pyromania.] However, Charlie is against it and escapes before they can hold him back. Letting him go would be a huge risk because he has seen it all. City on Fire Episode 6 ends with Charlie outrunning Solomon and using a public phone to call 911 about a bomb at Cicciaro’s. They need to hurry before it’s too late.

Will Nick detonate the bomb at the Hamiton-Sweeney office building or the apartment building? Will McFadden call in Amory for questioning? Who is it that William intends to meet to find out about the LH project? Is it Regan, Keith, or maybe Bill Sr.? Things are about to get clear as only two more episodes remain of City on Fire.

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Episode 6 ends with Charlie outrunning Solomon and using a public phone to call 911 about a bomb at Cicciaro's. They need to hurry before it's too late.'City On Fire' Episode 6 Recap & Review: Is William Alive? What Did McFadden Find In The CCTV Footage?