‘Citadel’ Episode 5 Recap & Ending, Explained: What Has Nadia Been Hiding?

Citadel has taken a drastic turn in episode 5, and it’s something quite unexpected. Although it’s supposed to be a spy action thriller, the Russos have decided to bring in some family drama too. From the first episode, we’ve been getting hints that Nadia might’ve been working with Manticore and that she might be the mole that brought Citadel down, but episode 5 completely threw us off this trail, so was everything that was done to Celeste huge waste?


Spoilers Ahead

What Happens In Episode 5?

Okay! So Mason was so in love with Nadia nine years ago that he wanted to marry her and bought her a huge rock so she would accept. At first, Nadia thinks he’s playing a trick on her, but Mason is sincere about his feelings. As we know, Mason doesn’t lie, especially to Nadia. Yeah, that’s why he wiped out Celeste’s memories without talking to Nadia about the Oz Key first. An unknown sender sent a message to Nadia to show her what really happened to Celeste and that Bernard was in charge. Furious, Nadia confronted Bernard about it, and the only thing she wanted to know was if Mason knew about it. Upset, Nadia decided to give Mason a chance to explain himself, but he lied to her again, making her completely furious. Added to that, he had deleted Celeste’s file completely in the name of his love for Nadia, but he never asked Nadia what she did with the Oz Key! The truth is that Nadia destroyed the Oz Key so no one could use it—not the Silje brothers, not Manticore, and not Citadel. If Mason had just asked her rather than formed his own opinion on her entire life (yikes, he even decided she was hiding by becoming a spy, from what, good sir?) Mason says he still loves Nadia, but Nadia says as a spy, she can love anyone, just not Mason. Unfortunately for her, there’s another huge complication. She’s pregnant with Mason’s child, and she decides to keep it from him and get help from Rahi Gambhir, a known Manticore terrorist.


Bernard thinks he did something huge by telling Anders about Briel being alive, but to his utter shock, Dahlia is quick to shoot Anders in the head when she sees him freeing Bernard. It doesn’t matter if he’s a loyal member of the Manticore or if he’s got the brains to create the Oz Key. In the present day, all Dahlia wants is the passkey to the nuclear weapons that Bernard has. Dahlia shows Bernard how she’s targeted the Wyoming home, meaning his and Kane’s family. Bernard mentions a man named Thomas who would be contrite seeing the woman Dahlia has turned into. According to her, Bernard has no right to use his name, and she’s doing Thomas’ work, too—withdrawing military force and weaponry from the world. The biggest weapon being- Citadel. She tells Bernard that if he doesn’t give the code, his family will get cluster bombed. Until she initiates the launch, Bernard doesn’t say anything, but finally, he has to give her the code. It doesn’t matter, though, because Dahlia decides to “clean up” in Wyoming anyway and send Bernard to Brazil for some big plans. Dahlia informs Davik of his brother’s death and tells him it was at the hands of Bernard, who escaped. She has also intercepted communication between Nadia and Rahi so they can get their hands on whatever assets Nadia’s been hiding with Rahi all these years; they don’t know it’s a child just yet.

In the present day, Mason and Nadia are trying to free Carter, but Carter is sure Nadia is the mole, so he doesn’t want to leave with her. This is his only choice, though, and they get out just as Manticore agents are arriving. They step out of the car somewhere outside of Fez for Carter to interrogate Nadia. He calls her the mole and says Mason knew it the whole time. Kyle (present-day Mason) also wonders if Carter is right because of the way Nadia has been behaving.


Who Is Rahi Gambhir?

Carter reminds Nadia that she worked with Rahi, a known terrorist and a member of Manticore. Nadia finally breaks down and tells them that she was pregnant nine years ago when she went off the grid and hid from everybody in Valencia. Just after telling Mason that she destroyed the Oz Key, he just assumed she was really a spy, but Nadia just couldn’t have anyone know about her position, especially not Mason, because then their daughter would become a liability for them. Rahi is Nadia’s father (wow, random turn of events), and so she goes to him. Eight years ago, six months after their daughter was born, Nadia left for the mission in Italy because she wanted to tell Mason the truth. She didn’t want to hide their daughter from him anymore because lying would make her just like him. Obviously, Nadia still cares deeply for Mason, back then, and eight years later when her memory returned too.

Dahlia’s man, Yamazaki, arrives then and tells Mason that he has a message from Dahlia. The thing is, even with the code, there’s a second line of defense for the nukes. Only Mason Kane has full biometric access to them, and because of the interception of communication with Rahi, Dahlia has their daughter Asha now. As proof, Dahlia has Yamazaki show them the bracelet Nadia left on her hand all those years ago. This is the only chance Nadia has to be reunited with her daughter eight years later.


Final Thoughts 

The next episode of Citadel looks quite intense in action again, while this was a more somber episode. We see Carter with a memory vial in his hand, which can only be Mason’s, according to us, because Carter seems to remember everything and may not have been backstopped. Dahlia speaks to somebody about using the Citadel secrets they have, and it may be Nadia, Mason, or Carter, and this might be from the past. We can only find out next week on Citadel

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