‘Citadel’ Episode 3 Recap And Ending, Explained: Who Is Mason’s Wife Really?

Previously on “Citadel,” we saw the fall of a mighty global organization that protects the world from crime syndicates, specifically one called Manticore. Citadel was destroyed by Manticore agents, and all Citadel agents were considered dead for 8 years until Bernard, the tech guy and lone survivor (or so he thought), was able to find one of the best agents named Mason. The only thing is, Mason’s memory has been erased, and he’s been living a regular life with a wife and daughter for the past 8 years. With Bernard on his side, Mason is made to do an important task, but the mission fails, and Bernard is shot. Mason manages to get away and finds out that his partner, Nadia, is still alive too. Will the two of them be able to bring the Citadel back to order?


Spoilers Ahead

What Happens In Episode 3?

Apart from fighting crime syndicates, Mason has the inkling that he and Nadia were close before everything went down eight years ago. Now that Nadia has her memories back, she knows exactly how close they were (woop woop), but she’s hiding the truth from the guy because we know that she lied to him about something, and it is possible that one of them was the reason Citadel went down in the first place. Throughout the episode, Mason attempts to make Nadia admit that they might’ve been together, but she refuses to succumb. In flashbacks, we see how they met when Mason’s ego was booming, and he thought Nadia was a rookie. She even managed to rescue him from within the wrong team. They were quick to get close, and within two weeks, they had found each other to be perfect partners in all senses. They had met two years before Citadel was brought to its knees.


In the present day, Nadia removes a bullet from Mason’s arm in a Citadel safe house. Through a private chat on one of those sci-fi computers that look like projections but are touch screens, she communicates with an unknown number; presumably, this is the person she was talking to in the first episode when she said, “Mason shouldn’t know about this.” But we have to remember that Mason, too, had lied to her, and just before the train blew up, they both admitted to each other that they had lied to each other. Nadia gets emotional as they have this little chat and asks about a package. The reply says the package is waiting for her. This could mean that there are some high stakes, considering how emotionally she is reading the message. Maybe the package refers to a close person of hers, a family member. This person may have been kidnapped in order to turn Nadia against Citadel so that she can become a spy on the inside. Nothing is clear just yet, but we will have answers soon enough.

Back in the day, Bernard and Dahlia (the ambassador) worked at the UN together. Bernard switched to Citadel, whereas she worked undercover for Manticore. Bernard had created AI software that tracked uranium across the world for Citadel. Dahlia had gotten her hands on this system before Citadel could destroy it for others’ access. Of course, this would help her observe the nuclear activity in the whole world, making Manticore the most powerful agency. In the present day, Dahlia plans on torturing Bernard until he folds and gives out the password for this AI system. Her first move is to use his and Mason’s families as leverage to get him to talk. Bernard just pretends he doesn’t know where they are. Dahlia is sure the Citadel is responsible for horrors beyond imagination, and there are spies everywhere. She shows Bernard her burned arm as an example of the things they did. Dahlia mentions Bernard’s partner Carter, who may still be alive, or maybe Dahlia may have tortured him to death. Now, she removes a couple of  Bernard’s teeth to make him talk, but he still doesn’t give her the password. What’s the next best thing? Bringing in Anders Silje, how will Bernard save himself?


What Is Bernard’s Trump Card?

Both Kyle (Mason’s new name) and Abby had lost their memories and met at a hospital during memory therapy. Joe (Bernard’s ex-wife) is curious to know their story because she may know something Kyle and Abby don’t know. The same thing that Bernard is going to use to save himself from being drilled in the head, Bernard tells Silje that the love of his life, Brielle, is still alive! This makes Silje’s ears stand up, and he’s curious now. Bernard says he has proof on his phone, and Silje brings it to him. In there, he sees a picture of Brielle in the present day, and guess who she is with? Mason (amnesiac) Kane! Abby is Brielle, and now Silje’s love is married to and has a kid with his sworn enemy, Mason!

Back in Spain, Nadia tells Mason to leave and lends him some cash so she can go on her mission in peace. Mason refuses and asks her to teach him his old ways. Through the X-Case, Nadia finds Carter still alive, and learns that he has been sending messages to Citadel agents up until four months ago. Nadia knows where Carter might be and makes plans to get there. He’s at a black site a few miles away from Fez, and the place is run by a Portuguese man named Balduino. Nadia can’t see Balduino because she killed his brother, but Mason has a good rapport with the guy. So now she needs him to join her. Through Mason and Balduino’s sit-down, Nadia can download the data from Balduino’s phone to get the information she needs to free Carter or at least find out where he is. As we suspected, Balduino instigates that Mason’s “girlfriend,” Nadia, was the one who sold out Citadel, so why would Mason fight for her? According to him, Nadia was a spy for Manticore and leaked all the information needed to bring the Citadel down. Nadia can overhear this conversation and tells Mason that her download is complete, meaning his work is done, and he needs to leave. But of course, Ken is curious about Barbie’s whereabouts before he loses his memories, as they can obviously lead to him. Nadia tells Kyle that she didn’t tell him that they were a thing because her relationship was with Mason and not this new guy that he is. Mason wonders if she really is the spy, and Nadia says that his thoughts are redundant because if she were, Mason would be dead already, and they would not be in search of Carter.


What To Expect From ‘Citadel’ Episode 4?

From the trailer for episode 4, we see that “Brielle” may have had yet another name: Celeste, and she was a Citadel agent too. She may have gone inside Manticore to possibly kill Silje. Are her memories really gone? Or did she always want Mason and use the opportunity to lead a normal life, considering Nadia and Citadel were dead?

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