‘Cindy La Regia’ Series Recap & Ending Explained: Was Esteban Removed From The School?

Mexican Netflix series Cindy la Regia: The High School Years navigates through the lives of young teenagers as they enter high school. While all of them go through a bunch of changes in their bodies, it is interesting to watch how a lot of them are accepted or not by their friends and family. The show is inconsistent, but the writers should be given credit for their intent to make a show on a subject that is considered taboo in Mexico.


Spoilers Ahead

Who Was Cindy?

Cindy was a young teenager from a rich Mexican family based in San Pedro Garza Garcia, a city filled with opulence and rich families who were narrow-minded about plenty of subjects such as pre-marital sex, homosexuality, and teenage pregnancy. Cindy happened to be the popular girl in the school and had an American boyfriend, Max Johnson. Her mother stopped Cindy from taking part in a local pageant because she felt her daughter might get physically intimate with Max. Cindy gatecrashed the pageant, but her nude image leaked from Max’s phone, to everyone’s shock. Cindy’s high school began with a bombshell of an incident that made her popular for the wrong reasons. Thankfully, her friends Lu and Tere never left her side, and Cindy broke up with Max, citing him as the reason behind the leak.


Why Was She Trying To Become An Lgbt Ally?

Cindy’s cousin Angie moved into her home from Mexico City, and they weren’t getting along. Cindy found a way to make her comfortable by introducing her to Lu and Tere. Angie was an awkward teenager and came out as gay to Cindy, who was initially uncomfortable with the revelation, but she decided not to be like the rest of the town. Angie, the footballer, was aware of the whole girls’ soccer team being homophobic, and she never stayed back after any game. Angie came out to the team one fine day, which changed her dynamics with them.

Fabiana, the team captain, showcased her homophobic behavior, while Cindy very publicly accepted and acknowledged Angie. Cindy was asked to be a part of a school project that could bring about social changes around them. To proclaim herself to be an LGBTQIA+ ally, she formulated a plan for people like Angie to come out and live safely in a town like San Pedro Garza Garcia. Her project idea was scrapped, but Lu and Tere were willing to help Angie with being accepted around the school.


What Was The Point Of Her Birthday Party?

Cindy was being shunned for supporting Angie. In retaliation, Cindy decided to throw a massive sweet sixteen birthday party and invited her school friends, who initially refused to attend. Cindy’s popularity on social media helped make the party a success, as people from other schools made an appearance. Her social media game garnered enough attention that many from their school attended the party as well. Angie was overwhelmed by the amount of love being showered on her. Cindy’s sweet sixteen birthday party ended with Max’s grand proposal, even though she was very close to getting together with Juancho, her project partner Brenda’s brother.

Why Was Cindy Angry At Lu?

Max took assistance from Lu to woo Cindy back into his life, but he accidentally fell for Lu instead. Over the process of helping Max find a way back into Cindy’s heart, they found a genuine closeness to each other. Lu felt guilty for falling in love with Max, but the two young kids could not help but give way to their feelings. Cindy caught them kissing one day, and their lives had never been the same. It was the betrayal of her boyfriend and her best friend that broke her heart. Cindy had feelings for Juancho, but she never acted on them. The friends were pitted against each other by the older girls, but they chose to stay away and not resort to any physical fights.


Was Angie In Love With Tere?

Angie was slowly falling for Tere because the girl had given some signals about her preference for girls over boys. Tere was an excellent singer and an amazing girl in person. The fact that Tere stood by Angie during her initial days at school elevated her affection for her. Tere, though, had made it clear she was not seeking any relationship but wanted friendship without realizing that Angie had fallen in love with her. Angie, on Cindy’s advice, pursued a friendship with Tere, as that could be the foundation of their relationship. Angie was willing to take the leap of faith for the love she felt for Tere, and many could witness the friendship that was blossoming between the two.

Do Cindy And Juancho Kiss?

Cindy joins the physics club ‘Bohr egos’ under the supervision of their teacher Esteban. After a brief time in high school, Cindy had become a bright student and cracked the test to become a permanent member of the club. Juancho was a part of the club, and Cindy and he were attracted to each other. She joined the club to be in his proximity and spend time flirting and nudging.

Juancho and Cindy kissed each other, and she indicated a desire to get physically intimate with Juancho. Juancho, being a sensitive boy, was not keen on pursuing a physical relationship with Cindy. A drunk Cindy feels dejected, and their teacher Esteban asks her to worry about her finals of the quiz competition the next day instead of getting carried away by emotions. On the way back to her room, Esteban forcefully kissed Cindy, which snapped her out of her drunken state. Cindy was quick to fathom she had been molested by her teacher, and things around wouldn’t be the same.

Why Were The Girls In Mexico City?

Lu was the first person Cindy wanted to meet to inform her about the molestation. Lu was waiting at Cindy’s home to break the news of her pregnancy, and it was Max’s child. The girls ended up going to Mexico City by fooling Cindy’s parents. Angie came to everyone’s rescue and whisked them off to Mexico City, her hometown, to make sure the abortion procedure was carried out discreetly away from the noise of the conservative parents. Mexico City also happens to be the place where Angie’s mother lives, and they have had a complicated relationship. It is understood that Angie was not happy with her mother’s boyfriend, which made the young girl decide to move to Cindy’s in San Pedro Garza Garcia. The procedure was successful even though Lu was in a confused state of mind as she had not informed Max about it. The girls came together as one for Lu, and Angie promised to think over a request made by her mother.  


Was Esteban Removed From The School?

Angie decided to leave San Pedro Garza Garcia. As per the promise she made to her mother, Angie wanted to make the relationship steady and transparent. The mother and daughter seem to have had a lot of issues, and moving back and being in each other’s presence was one way of resolving their problems. Tere requests that Angie stay back after confessing her love. Tere came around to the love Angie harbored and wanted to make things work between them as partners, not friends. They seal their love with a kiss because it has been a long time coming.

Cindy comes clean to her friends about Esteban kissing her. The incident bothered her to the point where she was blaming herself for it. As a victim of sexual abuse, Cindy’s guilt emerged because of her years of conditioning. Women were always taught to pay attention to what they needed to say or wear to avoid receiving any untoward attention from the male sex. This was conditioned in every young girl’s brain, which could be the reason why Cindy was afraid to approach any adult and speak openly about the incident. At this juncture, she was not only blaming herself, but the adults would also validate the same and force her to suppress the incident further.


It was Lu, Angie, Tere, and Brenda who convinced her to file a complaint with the principal, who, as a woman, would take the necessary action. The girls were confident no one would let Cindy down because she is a popular girl, and she comes from a family of means. Cindy gathers the courage to inform the principal and demands Esteban be removed from school. She also asked to remove him from the upcoming school ceremony that would announce Cindy as the brightest student in the class. Cindy felt her reasons were fair, and it would send out a message to the teacher, who is essentially a pedophile for touching a student without her consent.

To her horror, Esteban was not removed from the school, and he was present at the event that would celebrate Cindy. Just like any victim of sexual abuse, the young girl froze as the principal tried to justify the decision she made. The woman had no intention of removing Esteban from the school because it would bring a scandal to their doorstep and her job would be at risk. To avoid a face-off with the media, police officials, and the parents, the principal decided to go against Cindy’s request. Esteban also asks Cindy not to overreact, a typical abuser’s behavior that never recognizes the gravity of his mistake and its impact. Esteban was under the impression that he would be protected and there would be no reaction or repercussions for his actions. The system protected him, and he could continue harassing young girls like Cindy.


Cindy la Regia: The High School Years ends with Cindy and her group trashing Esteban’s car as an act of rebellion. Nobody would question them, for the girls would reveal the truth. The parents and other students were quick to notice that Cindy’s reaction was because of something Esteban did, but we are guessing no one would understand the magnitude of his crime. This was probably not the right way to deal with abuse. The girls could have approached the parents and made the matter public by making sure the principal was cornered. A move like that would set precedence for young girls watching this show. Showcasing teen angst in this way does not solve the problem of men and women harassing underage children. Breaking his vehicle was their way of agitating against the man, the school, and the system that always forces girls to accept crimes being done to them.

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