‘Charlie Chopra & The Mystery Of Solang Valley’ Season 2 Theories And Expectations

Charlie Chopra & The Mystery of Solang Valley is Vishal Bharadwaj’s foray into the whodunit genre where we’re presented with many suspects, and it is always the unexpected ones that end up being the murderers. Though the show opened to lukewarm reviews, the overarching journey of Charlie Chopra, who is inspired by Agatha Christie’s characters, allows the audience to remain on the edge of the seat for some time. Agatha Christie Limited is one of the producers of the show for these six episodic web series based on the author’s book The Sittaford Mystery.


Spoilers Ahead

Charlie Chopra & The Mystery of Solang Valley was an overstretched murder mystery drama that began with the death of Brigadier Rawat, who was one of the richest members of his family. It was established right from the start that the motive behind his death was securing his money. Charulata “Charlie” Chopra, the fiancée of their nephew, makes it a point to investigate who the murderer could be. After interrogating every suspect in the family, she finally learns that the brigadier’s closest friend, Colonel Barua, was the murderer. But she sensed something odd about how the Colonel committed suicide and left a long letter, which she felt was unlike him. This is why she was quick to locate the actual conspirator and the murderer. The show ended with Janki Rawat confessing her role in creating an elaborate plan where she included her neighbor’s schizophrenic daughter and manipulated Colonel Barua to kill the Brigadier for her benefit.


It took a while for Charlie to get to Janki, but there were signs that she had initially not seen. There is no conclusion regarding Janki’s fate, but we believe she will face jail time for orchestrating the murder. As Charlie leaves this town, she hallucinates Lady Rose, an entity that Dr. Rai keeps referring to during his séance. It turns out either her legend is for real or Charlie probably has some mental health issues as well that she has not dealt with.

The makers of Charlie Chopra & The Mystery of Solang Valley have not released any statement regarding a follow-up season to the show. But since this is based on Agatha Christie’s novel, we are expecting Vishal Bharadwaj to adapt several other stories with Charlie in the lead. This article is only speculating what could be the scenario under which Charlie will have to begin a new murder investigation.


Charlie seems to have been deeply affected by her mother’s disappearance, and by the looks of it, she never recovered from the trauma. It is implied that Charlie’s mother was a detective who was either killed or kidnapped for investigating a case involving high-profile people. We get to witness a deranged version of Charlie, where she seems to be speaking to her mother about the brigadier’s case Charlie was investigating. It is obvious that Charlie became a detective to mimic her mother, but a lot is left unexplored in this installment of the show.

Since the show ends with the vision that Charlie has coupled with the voices she hears about her mother, we believe the second season will have Charlie taking up a new case in another part of the country. She gained quite a bit of recognition for cracking the brigadier’s murder. Charlie will most likely start a tiny agency that will take over cases that she thinks will require her assistance. She will take this job seriously from here on and allow her portfolio to grow. She might be haunted by her past, and that could lead to her derailing her existing cases. Charlie had broken up with Jimmy in the first installment, and there could be a possibility of him returning. Jimmy will try to convince her to be with him and possibly reconsider the option of getting married. Charlie was made aware of his infidelity during the brigadier’s investigation, which eventually led her to break up with him.


Charlie’s taking up the new case might also trigger her mental health issues which she has not dealt with. Hopefully, the audience will get to know more about her past and the relationship she shared with her mother. Most likely, the writers will also dig deep into the case of her mother’s disappearance. Charlie might come across details and intel that could lead to her discovering what exactly transpired the night her mother disappeared and where she was taken. Charlie will again find herself solving a convoluted case, but she prefers them that way because it helps her get into the nitty gritty, something she enjoyed while investigating the brigadier’s death. She found dirt on every single member of Jimmy’s family. If the makers are planning on a franchise of this show, they better end the second season on a cliffhanger related to Charlie’s mother’s disappearance.

There’s a possibility that Charlie might have a mental breakdown amidst the case, and this will make her want to begin her journey to seek her mother. There might be reasons why she has not gone after her mother so far, which will be brought up in the second season of the show. Even if she gets to meet her, they will soon find a way to seek closure and move on with life. If the mother is found alive, there is a chance she will not want to be with Charlie and not restart their relationship as a parent and child. She will probably have to abandon the idea of ever having a life surrounded by parents and move on with her profession and the ongoing investigation.


Once Charlie gets back into the investigation, there could be an attempt on her life again, just like it happened in the first season. She will get used to this kind of threat, which will probably help her get closer to catching the killer. Since she has a known personality, the police will also provide enough assistance so that the investigation goes smoothly and without any hassle. Charlie might get widely recognized after the second season. This young woman might be on the path to becoming a known personality who is deeply affected by a personal tragedy she will probably never recover from.

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