‘Chakravyuham: The Trap’ Ending, Explained: Why Was Siri Murdered?

In the annals of crime, there are cases that unfold like a meticulously constructed puzzle, where the pieces effortlessly fall into place, revealing the perpetrator’s identity in a neat and predictable fashion. These are the cases that grace the headlines, swiftly captured by the sharp-eyed detectives in their unyielding pursuit of justice. But among the plethora of investigations, there exist enigmas that defy comprehension, crimes that delve into the depths of the human psyche and leave an indelible mark on those who dare to venture into their labyrinthine paths. In the cinematic narrative of Chakravyuham: The Trap, C.I. Satya encounters a similar case and finds himself entangled in a web of perplexity and emotional turmoil when confronted with the haunting murder of a woman named Sirisha, aka Siri. 


Spoilers Ahead 

What Suspicions Arise In Satya’s Mind During The Investigation Of Siri’s Murder Case?

C.I. Satya deals with a series of suspicions in the initial discovery of Siri’s lifeless body with her throat gruesomely slit open, and it sets the stage for a chilling investigation that reveals hints of professional killer’s involvement. Maintaining a casual attitude, Satya empathizes with Sanjay, Siri’s grieving husband, understanding the pain he must be experiencing. However, it is Satya’s best friend and business partner, Sanjay and Sharath, who raise his suspicion. As Satya attempts to question Sanjay about the murder, Sharath consistently interjects and responds on Sanjay’s behalf, assuming a meddlesome role that raises Satya’s eyebrows. Initially, Satya dismisses Sharath’s interference as a natural consequence of his close bond with Sanjay. As the investigation progresses, Satya’s doubt intensifies, prompting him to probe deeper into the dynamics of their relationship. 


The turning point comes when Sharath goes to the extent of involving the DCP (Deputy Commissioner of Police) in the case, which strikes Satya as unusual and raises red flags. The missing sum of 50 lakhs in cash and 50 lakhs’ worth of gold further fuel Satya’s suspicions. He questions why Sanjay, who apparently possessed such wealth, failed to install a security camera in his house, a measure that would have been considered prudent in protecting his assets. With limited options at his disposal,  Satya decides to check the backgrounds of both Sanjay and Sharath, determined to unearth any hidden underlying clues that might shed light on the perplexing murder of Siri. 

How Does Satya Personally Perceive The Case And Its Implications? 

Satya finds himself confronted with contrasting testimonies from two key witnesses—Sanjay’s employee, Mallik, and the housemaid, Lakshmi. These conflicting accounts paint a complex and mesmerizing picture of Sanjay’s character, leading Satya to immerse himself in a unique mental space where he observes the scenarios unfolding before him, closely scrutinizing Sanjay from different perspectives. As Lakshmi’s testimony portrays Sanjay as a money-driven individual, Satya’s mind becomes a theater of observation. He mentally transports himself into the scene, keenly observing the interactions and fights between Sanjay and Siri regarding money. Satya absorbs the nuances of their conversations, body language, and gestures, piecing together the puzzle of Sanjay’s alleged greed. 


Satya becomes attuned to subtle cues, allowing him to decipher the underlying motivations that drive Sanjay’s actions and decisions in the pursuit of wealth. On the other hand, when confronted with Mallik’s testimony, Satya’s mental presence shifts yet again. He immerses himself in the scenario, observing Sanjay through the lens of Mallik’s account. In this mental space, Satya pays close attention to Sanjay’s behavior, noticing acts of kindness, selflessness, and a genuine disregard for material possessions. He meticulously analyzes Sanjay’s actions, words, and expressions, seeking to understand the motivations behind his apparent benevolence and detachment from monetary matters. 

Who Is The Real Culprit? 

Satya’s pursuit of the truth takes a perplexing turn when he learns about the local goon Ravi, who had been involved in an altercation with Sanjay over his teasing of Siri; Satya sets out to find him. However, Satya is confronted with a shocking discovery—Ravi’s lifeless body was found in his own house. Complications arise when the fingerprints on the murder weapon used to kill Siri are traced back to Sanjay, leaving little doubt that he is being framed. To err on the side of caution, Satya decides to arrest Sanjay. But in a surprising twist, Sanjay manages to escape and seeks refuge with his trusted confidant, Sharath. 


The plot thickens as Satya uncovers the call records of Ravi, revealing a consistent communication pattern with none other than Sharath for the past five months, which continued until Siri’s murder. As Satya arrives at the office, a shocking revelation awaits him—Sharath is found dead in his car. Meanwhile, Sanjay has once again eluded capture, leaving Satya determined to apprehend him and strengthen the case against Sanjay; Satya seeks crucial evidence, turning his attention to the CCTV footage. But to his dismay, he discovers that the hard disk containing the vital recordings is missing, complicating the investigation further. 

The investigation reaches a climactic moment as Satya arrives at Sanjay’s home, only to witness a violent confrontation between Mallik, Sanjay, and Shilpa. Satya finds himself confronted with a complex web of allegiances, suspicion, and unexpected revelations. As Mallik launches an attack on Sanjay, Shilpa emerges as a surprising ally, attempting to defend Sanjay from harm. Satya, ever vigilant, apprehends Sanjay, but he seeks the truth behind the intricate dynamics at play. He questions Sanjay, contemplating whether Shilpa and Sanjay might be in cahoots, orchestrating the murders that have unfolded. But Sanjay vehemently denies any involvement, proclaiming his innocence.


Fortunately, Sanjay possesses a crucial piece of evidence—the CCTV footage. Satya examines the footage, and to everyone’s astonishment, it becomes clear that Mallik is the mastermind behind the entire series of murders. Shilpa, on the other hand, is revealed to be a heroic figure, desperately attempting to save Sanjay from Mallik’s sinister plans. This revelation introduces a new twist, as the CCTV footage further unveils the extent of Mallik and Shilpa’s involvement in the heinous crimes. The footage implicates them in the murders of Sharath, Siri, and Ravi, exposing their roles in the complex conspiracy that has consumed the investigation.

Why Was Siri Murdered?

A compelling dynamic emerges between Shilpa and Sanjay. From the very beginning, Shilpa harbors a deep infatuation for Sanjay, a love that gradually transforms into an obsession. She interprets their shared interests and similarities as signs that they are meant to be together, blurring the lines between reality and her own desires. Shilpa’s feelings for Sanjay intensify over time, fueled by her own misinterpretation of his actions and gestures. Every shared moment, every interaction becomes a confirmation in her mind of their supposed connection. Even so, Sanjay remains oblivious to her escalating emotions, treating her with kindness and friendship, unaware of the depth of Shilpa’s infatuation. 


As Sanjay’s affections gravitate towards Siri, his love for her becomes evident, shattering Shilpa’s illusion of a shared romantic future. When Sanjay realizes Shilpa’s true motives, he musters the courage to confront her, making it explicitly clear that his heart belongs to Siri, not her. But the true extent of Shilpa’s obsession and manipulation comes to light as her plan unfolds. Determined to win Sanjay’s affection, she orchestrates a sinister scheme that involves luring Mallik into her plan and leveraging his desires for financial gain and validation. Shilpa cunningly convinces Mallik that if she successfully wins over Sanjay, she will ensure his business receives the necessary funds and provide him with the validation he craves. The promise of these rewards entices Mallik to become a willing participant in her devious plan. 

To execute their nefarious plot, Shilpa and Mallik involve Ravi, paying him money to carry out the attack on Siri. As Sanjay attends the party, Mallik seizes the opportunity and arrives at Sanjay’s house with Ravi in tow. In a brutal and heinous act, Mallik mercilessly takes Siri’s life, using the same cutter that Sanjay had used in the office. The intention behind using the same weapon is to cast suspicion on Sanjay and make his involvement in the murder appear more plausible. As the investigation unfolds, the police become aware of Ravi’s connection to the crime, prompting a realization within Mallik that their carefully laid plans are at risk of being exposed. To protect themselves, Shilpa and Mallik make the chilling decision to eliminate Ravi, erasing any direct evidence of their involvement. 


What Is The Truth Behind Everything?

A new question arises: Why was Sharath, Sanjay’s best friend and business partner, murdered? It is revealed that Sharath had stumbled upon the truth, uncovering Mallik’s role in the series of crimes. Sensing the danger that Sharath’s knowledge poses to their plan, Shilpa and Mallik take drastic measures and eliminate him as well, silencing any potential witnesses to their dark secrets. Also, Mallik recognizes the importance of maintaining covert communication in their sinister plan and takes advantage of Sharath’s personal information to obtain the SIM card. By utilizing Sharath’s details, Mallik creates a false identity that conceals his own involvement in the criminal activities orchestrated by Shilpa. This clandestine method allows Mallik to communicate with Ravi, coordinating their actions while minimizing the risk of being discovered.

Three months pass, and Sanjay continues to work and handle his business. However, it is during this time that the audience discovers the true nature of Sanjay’s intentions. From the beginning, Sanjay had been pursuing Siri, driven by his desire for her grandfather’s property, and then this obsession moved on to Siri and Sharath’s insurance money. Recognizing Shilpa’s infatuation with him, Sanjay decides to manipulate her using his charm and gifts bugged phones to Shilpa and Siri to monitor their personal conversations with others and gain insight into their activities. On the day of the party, Sanjay deliberately leaves, knowing that upon his return, he will find his wife dead. The intricate plan he had set in motion culminates in a shocking turn of events. But just as the audience begins to process the revelations, another unforeseen twist unfolds as Sanjay is killed in an accident. 


In a surprising revelation, it is disclosed that C.I. Satya, who had been tirelessly investigating the case, is the mastermind behind Sanjay’s death. Satya had deduced Sanjay’s true intentions and collaborated with his partner, who played a crucial role in helping expose Sanjay’s sinister plan. Satya’s intricate understanding of the case and his pursuit of justice led to the ultimate resolution. The film Chakravyuham: The Trap delves into the depths of human nature, exploring how individuals can exploit and betray others for their own selfish desires. The true nature of Sanjay’s character is unveiled, revealing him as the mastermind behind the heinous crimes. While Sanjay may not have directly carried out the acts himself, his manipulative and malicious intentions make him responsible for the tragic events that befell his wife, Siri, and others. 

C.I. Satya’s presence in the story proves pivotal in delivering justice and holding Sanjay accountable for his actions. Satya, a character who transcends the role of a mere investigator, emerges as a figure of authority and righteousness. He uncovers the full extent of Sanjay’s malevolent plans, ensuring that Siri and Sharath receive the justice they deserve. Satya’s presence highlights the crucial role that law enforcement and investigators play in safeguarding society from those who seek to harm others for personal gain. Through this compelling narrative, the audience is motivated to reflect on the consequences of one’s actions and the impact they can have on the lives of others. Indeed, the movie Chakravyuham: The Trap aptly reflects the experience of being caught in a maze, where the title itself suggests the concept of a ‘Chakravyuha,’ a labyrinth-like formation from ancient Indian military tactics that presents a formidable challenge to navigate.


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