‘Carnival Row’ Season 2, Episode 9: Recap And Ending, Explained: Who Was The Sparas?

Previously in “Carnival Row” Season 2 Agreus and Imogen’s escape plot was foiled, and they were forced to remain in a war-ravaged Ragusa, where the New Dawn, led by Leonora, had managed to defeat the Pact army. All of the Critch of the Row desired to settle down in Tirnanoc, which had since become a free land, but the Black Ravens, with the aid of the Sparas, didn’t let their dream come true. They burned down the ship of the Burgue, killing all the Burgish soldiers on board. Out of wrath and agony, Vignette confronted his mates, whom she had trusted once, but they told her that the Critch had never been free and that the Burgue was planning to retake Tirnanoc. However, Leonora wouldn’t let the Burgue win so easily because she had reached out to the Black Ravens to join them in their revolution. In the final act of “Carnival Row,” let’s see if Critch could ever achieve the freedom they had long yearned for.


Spoilers Ahead

Who Was Controlling The Sparas?

In the opening moments of Episode 9 of “Carnival Row” Season 2, Tourmaline experiences yet another psychic vision in which she perceives herself as being imprisoned inside of a mirror, as Haruspex appears to be enticing her to death. As soon as it appeared like Tourmaline’s story was nearing an end, we saw her return to reality. She appeared to be attempting to practice visions since blood was streaming from her face, but her vision deceived her. Philo volunteered to devise a plan to exterminate the perilous beast, the Sparas, in order to protect the whole human and Critch kind. He made the decision to use a machine gun to generate a burst in order to finish off the Sparas. But it soon became clear that Leonora, the head of the New Dawn, was in charge of the Sparas, whoever that may have been. Vignette was unable to comprehend how Leonora was utilizing the creature to hunt down her adversaries with pride. She intended to speak out about it, but when she realized the New Dawn’s desire to bring about freedom through their revolution, she rejoined the Ravens once again and chose to participate in their operations. Yet none of them—from Tourmaline to Philo—had actually given their consent to Vignette’s choice because, for whatever reason, the New Dawn was basically a group of terrorists and killers who viciously murdered people with the aid of a mind-controlled beast.


Philo persuaded Tourmaline to use her visions once more to identify the Sparas, but Tourmaline needed a piece of the creature’s body in order to recognize its face. She received Philo’s assurance that he could give her the Sparas tooth. As a result, he persuaded Dombey to adopt the Sparas’ elimination strategy, and Dombey reluctantly complied. However, Philo recovered the tooth of the Sparas from Berwick’s body and gave it to Tourmaline.

Who Was The Sparas?

Millworthy went to the Spunroses’ home while posing as having an arrest warrant. He pretended to be trying to arrest Kastor, Imogen, and Agreus in order to learn about the New Dawn’s upcoming movements. Imogen begged Kastor to put an end to their further attack plans, and Kastor reluctantly agreed. But he was mentally ready to punish Agreus and Imogen for their betrayal. Leonora made the decision to split Agreus and Imogen apart because their motivations and tactics were no longer being kept a secret because of this couple. As Agreus was sent to Leonora to deliver a message, the conflict between the two of them had finally been mended. Agreus finally reached Leonora’s vicinity through contacts at a tavern, where he discovered that he had been misled. He was captured by Leonora, who then broke one of his horns and sent it to Imogen as a sign of penance. Imogen received a warning from Kastor that she would need to bring the treaty to the Parliament as soon as possible, and if, in any case, she didn’t, they would kill Agreus.


Despite Philo’s warnings, Vignette decided to participate in the revolutionary cause, but she had no idea that the rebel Ravens had turned into ruthless killers. They started sparking battles by themselves by lighting the human taverns on fire. Vignette resisted taking such action, but when a police officer threatened to shoot her, she did exactly what she had refrained from doing: she tossed the fire bottle in his direction, causing the area to get burned down. Dombey did, however, eventually bring the machine gun that would be used to destroy the Sparas. Nonetheless, it was unexpected when the Sparas’ human form was revealed. Tourmaline plunged the tooth into the bowl of blood and began to work her dark spells. When she touched the blood, she started to see Captain Vir in her visions. Tourmaline was able to see the entire vision with his eyes, proving that the Sparas was, in fact, Major Vir, the commander of the Pactish army. The episode concluded on a cryptic note, leaving viewers to speculate as to why Vir might have become involved with the New Dawn. Let’s find the answer in the final episode of “Carnival Row” Season 2.

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