‘Carnival Row’ Season 2, Episode 5: Recap And Ending, Explained: Was Vignette Alive Or Dead?

Once Dahlia and Bolero were horrifyingly murdered, as we saw in “Carnival Row” Season 2, Philo made the decision to dig into the matter. With Tourmaline’s assistance, he learned that the killings were the result of a demonic act rather than a human crime. When Millworthy saw Captain Vir, he instructed him to petition the Chancellor for the weapons. As Vignette started making plans to murder Dombey, Philo disagreed. As a result, Philo supported Dombey, while Vignette and the other Black Raven members attacked him. As soon as Dombey was rescued, he ravaged the entire Row to find Vignette, but Vignette gave herself up, allowing Dombey to spare the remaining Pix. Let’s take a look at what happens to Vignette.


Spoilers Ahead

Why Did Sophie Longerbane Die? 

Following Vignette’s arrest, as seen in Episode 5 of “Carnival Row” Season 2, the Black Raven was unable to stay composed. They prepared to enact their retribution on the police. Kaine thought Philo was to blame for all that had happened to Vignette. We witness Kaine attack Philo at his home, but Philo manages to defend himself, though Kaine’s dagger leaves a severe cut on Philo’s shoulder in the process. After Vignette was arrested, Philo’s sole thought was how to get her out of jail, but no matter what he did, he couldn’t save Vignette by himself. Vignette was brought before the judge while restrained, with Dombey and other police officers accusing her of an attempt to murder the police officer and requesting that she be executed. Yet she kept her head high while spitting in front of everyone to demonstrate that she had no regrets about what she had done. She would never waver from her purpose because her revolution was intended to punish those humans who had tormented the Critch. She was carried to the jail known as “Bleakness Keep,” where inmates were sent for execution. Vignette had already been given the death penalty by the court, but Philo would take all action in his power to stop that from happening. He asked Kaine for assistance, but he placed conditions on it, promising not to murder anyone as they traveled to the Bleakness Keep. This perplexed Kaine because, if they didn’t kill anyone on their path, it would be impossible for them to finally free Vignette.


Mr. Winetrout, a Republican, approached Chancellor Jonah in the meantime and explained Sophie Longerbane’s scheme. He displayed to Jonah the documents that demonstrated Sophie had become the owner of the companies rather than just an investor. This meant that Sophie would receive all of the money generated by the sale of the weaponry by the manufacturers. Winetrout also informed him of Millworthy, who, in addition to Sophie Longerbane, participated in the interactions with the Pact. Jonah was startled and disheartened because he had put his trust in Sophie and Millworthy from the start. But the two of them had turned on him to their own advantage. Although Millworthy didn’t specifically intend to betray the Chancellor, he did wish to do good for the Burgue and provide the Fae folks of the city with a better existence because, during Jonah’s rule, they were left to fend for themselves with little or no attention paid to their concerns.

However, due to his inflated sense of manhood, Jonah was unable to accept that a wily woman like Sophie Longerbane had managed to seize his position of authority. Jonah used his last remaining card to defeat Sophie. He cordially invited her to lunch and then made an engagement proposal. Sophie persuaded Jonah gently, explaining that they should consider getting married after the next election if they wanted to make their relationship public and acceptable. Jonah recognized that Sophie had her sights set on the Chancellorship, so before she could take any further action, Jonah drew out a fresh strategy to undermine her. Doctors came up to Sophie and explained that they had to admit her to the hospital because she had come into contact with a tiny baby who was Bas Dubh-infected. Sophie had a strange feeling about it, and as soon as she got into the car to go to the hospital, she understood that they weren’t even taking her to the hospital—they weren’t even the physicians. Sophie was taken to Bleakness Keep by Jonah’s agents, some of whom were masquerading as doctors.


They carried her to Bleakness Keep, where Sophie was imprisoned in an adjacent cell with Vignette. First, Vignette thought that true justice had been served, but after hearing Sophie speak, she realized that Sophie was genuinely working to reform the city. She was the one who wanted to dispatch the medical personnel to the Fae inhabitants, and on her instructions, the Fae were leaving the Row and engaging in their factory work. Sophie truly desired to bring about some change, but Jonah prevented that from happening. However, Millworthy was in a precarious situation where everyone, from Captain Vir to Chancellor Jonah, had doubts about him. Ultimately, he had also been transported to Bleakness Keep after being arrested for covertly communicating with the Pact. Despite her best efforts, Tourmaline was unable to find relief from Haruspex’s terrifying visions. She completed the ritual by braiding Vignette’s hair to get rid of the psychic visions, yet in the process, she had another one. In this vision, she was able to look through Vignette’s eyes and see that she was placed in a guillotine. Tourmaline sprinted over to Philo’s house and told him she thought Vignette might receive the death penalty tonight. With full preparation, Philo and Kaine set off for Bleakness Keep. They attacked a few officers, then took their carriage. As they finally arrived in front of Bleakness Keep’s entrance, the doorman started to inquire about Philo’s identification.

The last time Jonah saw Sophie, he wanted to give her a second chance. He went into Sophie’s cell and gave her a written confession of her betrayal for her to attest, but Sophie chose not to sign it. She believed that she should value death over having Jonah take her status and possessions and let her live like a prisoner. When she tore the paper, Jonah had no choice but to execute her. Yet a terrible and dreadful surprise happened when Sophie, Vignette, and Millworthy were brought to the guillotine. Once Sophie Longerbane was successfully put to death and Vignette was put in the guillotine, a huge flying creature appeared in the sky and started attacking people. The creature slaughtered every person there, including Chancellor Jonah. Everyone perished but Millworthy and Vignette. Later, the monster took Vignette away but didn’t kill her. However, one question lingers in the back of my mind: why didn’t the monster kill Vignette? Does that imply that Tourmaline had a false vision?


Was Vignette Alive Or Dead?

Tourmaline had a vision of Vignette getting placed for her execution, but she didn’t particularly see Vignette die. We can observe that in Tourmaline’s vision, Vignette was exactly looking at the guillotine. Vignette managed to stay alive and avoid becoming a victim of the beast. I have no idea, but perhaps the monster was allergic to the photos and spared her life. After the massacre, Philo was eventually seen being able to infiltrate the fort. Philo entered there, but he was unable to locate Vignette. And eventually, he was detained by the officers and guards for breaching the location. Let’s see if Vignette was actually alive in the following episode of “Carnival Row” Season 2, and if so, what was the reason for her survival.

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