‘Carnival Row’ Season 2, Episode 3: Recap And Ending, Explained: How Did Ezra Know Imogen’s Whereabouts?

In earlier “Carnival Row” Season 2 episodes, the Pact ambassador visited the Burgue to bring the two forces together in order to demand weapons from them. Sophie took advantage of the opportunity to acquire the other firms by speaking with the Republic members, while the Chancellor struggled with his views about it. As Philo was about to reveal his identity, Black Raven stormed the town hall to alert the government to the plight of the Faes following the Bas Dubh epidemic. Oona, Kaine’s lover, was killed by Dombey during this protest. But when the Ravens came back, and Philo went back to Vignette, they were startled to learn that Dahlia and Bolero’s decapitated heads were dangling over the entrance. We had also seen Agreus and Imogen captured by The New Dawn, a Pactish rebel group that had separated these two. Imogen met the New Dawn’s leader, Leonora, who was a Faun. Agreus appeared to have known Leonora previously. The New Dawn posed a serious threat to the Pact ambassador, so a war against them was about to be organized, with the Burgue providing support. Let us look into this.


Spoilers Ahead

Why Would Carnival Row Be Reopened? Who Killed Dahlia?

The third episode of “Carnival Row” Season 2 opens amid the slums of the Faes, who are now perplexed after learning that the leaders of the Fae race have perished. Philo was attempting to look into the murders on his own. The Burgish spies were here and there, so Millworthy approached Philo secretly. He informed Philo that he had a plan to convince the Chancellor to unlock the entrance to Carnival Row, but he did not elaborate on the plan because he did not want Philo to be involved. With the Haruspex psychic vision that Tourmaline had acquired, she could see everything in her visions. Even the killings of Bolero and Dahlia were depicted in her visions. She confronted Philo and claimed that she was gradually becoming insane.


Philo initially didn’t trust what Tourmaline was saying, but as she continued to describe how the Burgish guard had died, Philo understood that Tourmaline had psychic visions. He led her to the tower, the scene of the alleged murder, although given its height, it was more likely that some demonic entity had been involved in the crime than that it had been committed by a human. Tourmaline touched the pig’s guts while the dead bodies were still lying there. Suddenly, she had a vision in which she saw a demonic creature staring back at her. Sophie arrived at the Row, where she saw the misery the Pix had been experiencing. As she cradled a sick infant, she recognized that these critters didn’t deserve to die in this manner. Sophie was able to relate to their situation because she, too, had a close friend who was a Puck. She made the decision to reopen Carnival Row.

Captain Vir of the Pact personally met with Millworthy, who asked him to demand the weapons as quickly as possible. Vir appreciated this request, even though he had some mixed views regarding Millworthy. The Chancellor invited Millworthy to question him about his ties with the critters after The Chancellor’s spies discovered Millworthy with them at the funeral for Dahlia and Bolero.


According to Millworthy, he felt it was his obligation to be there to honor the departed because of his long-standing relationship with the critters. Since the Pacts had demanded the weaponry sooner, Sophie proposed reopening the gates of Carnival Row so that they might employ Fae laborers in their factories. Hence, the production of the weaponry would increase as manpower did. However, Philo managed to rescue his companion Darius from Boz’s clutches and conceal him in residence among the critters. As Tourmaline walked inside, she saw him, but she didn’t feel bothered because it wasn’t her place. There is a growing closeness between the two of them. Sophie secretly met her Puck friend, Nilly, who used to be, most likely, a servant of Mr. Longerbane. Sophie requested that Nilly remove her family from the Row because the disease was about to kill them all. Sophie was heartbroken after seeing the sick Faes, but Nilly encouraged her, saying that she had no choice but to stay strong or her dream of becoming Chancellor would be dashed.

How Did Ezra Know The Whereabouts Of Imogen?

Vignette soon rose to the position of Black Raven commander, but she was determined to fight the police in order to exact revenge for Dahlia’s passing. Even though Philo was aware that the police were not involved in the homicide, Vignette would not budge because Dombey was the one who had murdered Oona in public, making the police equally deserving of punishment. But Philo’s resistance caused a split in their relationship, which led Vignette to question Philo’s motivation. Through a pair of neighborhood siblings, we witness Ezra becoming more aware of Agreus and Imogen’s whereabouts. So, he conducted his research and went up to an Agreus collaborator. He first refused to reveal his location, so Ezra played the situation by seeming as though he accepted the relationship between his sister and Agreus. The guy informed him about Ragusa, where Imogen and Agreus were captured by the Pact-ish rebel group, The New Dawn. Ezra lured the man by offering some benefits for the information and then killed him. 


Now that Ezra is aware of Imogen and Agreus’ whereabouts, he will be all set to arrive in Ragusa to retrieve his sister from Agrerus. Let’s see in future episodes of “Carnival Row” Season 2 what his next move will be.

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