‘Call It Love’ Episodes 9 And 10: Recap And Ending: How Does Woo Joo Change Dong Jin?

“Call It Love” has taken a turn from a raging revenge story to a budding romance. Woo Joo realized that she was falling for Dong Jin but wasn’t ready to accept it until her friend, Yoon Joon, asked her to be honest with herself. Meanwhile, Dong Jin confessed to his friend, Seon Woo, that Woo Joo had swayed his heart, but he wouldn’t go any further than that because he was afraid to get abandoned again.


Spoilers Ahead

Why Does CEO Shin Try To Attack Min Young?

Woo Joo finally finds out where her brother Ji Gu is and asks him to come back home. It might look like she is forcing her thoughts on her brother, and Ji Gu feels the same, but Woo Joo explains to Ji Gu that she wants him to have a decent job, unlike his sisters, and live a better life. Ji Gu agrees to come back home, and he has to reveal that he has been staying with Dong Jin. Obviously, Woo Joo is surprised and goes to Dong Jin’s place alone to fetch Ji Gu’s belongings. When she sees Min Young and Dong Jin together, she turns back to go home, but that’s when CEO Shin arrives. He is about to charge at Dong Jin, and Woo Joo stops him. She threatens him that he will have to pay the price if he hurts Dong Jin. Ji Gu has informed Dong Jin that he has returned home, so Dong Jin sends a message to Woo Joo, apologizing for hiding it from her. She wants to thank him for keeping her brother safe but refrains herself. The next day at the office, Seon Woo, who now knows about Dong Jin and Woo Joo’s secret romance, teases Woo Joo when he catches her staring at Dong Jin. Team leader Baek, who has caught a clue as well, makes Woo Joo work with Dong Jin on purpose. 


Meanwhile, Yoon Joon introduces Hye Sung to his parents as his girlfriend so that they will stop pestering him to get married. Hye Sung is determined to displease Yoon Joon’s parents with her behavior, but she doesn’t even get a chance. All of them quietly sit at the table without speaking a word, and his parents leave eventually. This is the first time any of Yoon Joon’s friends has met his family. He reveals to Hye Sung that he has always been the black sheep in their strict family, and he believes that neither his family nor his siblings know who he really is as a person. Moreover, he expresses his gratitude to Hye Sung and her siblings for making his boring life more happening with their everyday drama. Talking about drama, Woo Joo is currently in a dramatic situation in her life where she is mad at Dong Jin for being too kind to Min Young. Dong Jin believes the reason she’s upset is because he didn’t tell her about Ji Gu staying with him. When Dong Jin cannot take it anymore, he confronts Woo Joo and asks her not to confuse him with her mood swings. For the first time, he takes a stand for himself and tells Woo Joo that he is angry and uncomfortable because of her. When Seon Woo asks Woo Joo to have lunch with them and Dong Jin’s uncle, who’s just arrived in Seoul, Dong Jin himself expresses his disapproval, clearly showing he is still upset with her. There aren’t many times when Dong Jin has shown his real emotions.

CEO Shin took his revenge on Dong Jin, but his company itself is on the verge of going under. He is already on the phone with an investor when director Kim barges into his office and demands all of his company’s investment back. All the promises that Shin made to the investors are dependent on Min Young’s investment. Shin is extremely mad at Min Young, and he goes to her building after getting drunk. Min Young happens to be outside at the same time, and Shin gets an easy target. He is carrying a rock in his hand and is not in the right state of mind. Min Young gets scared, but Woo Joo comes to the rescue. Woo Joo tries to persuade Shin, but instead of Min Young, she’s the one who gets hit with the rock.


What Big Decision Does Dong Jin Make?

Dong Jin rushes to the hospital, leaving behind his work in hand, when Seon Woo informs him about the incident. He is worried about Woo Joo, and as soon as he sees Shin at the hospital, he gets enraged. Seon Woo is shocked to see this scary side of Dong Jin, and Dong Jin is not hiding it anymore. He stays by Woo Joo’s side until she wakes up, and this moment changes the dynamic of their relationship. All the discomfort they had between them melts away. Dong Jin mentions to Woo Joo that they should also joke around sometimes rather than have serious conversations all the time. He even tells him that she can come to meet him anytime at his apartment. Dong Jin has changed a lot, and Woo Joo is the reason. At the office the next day, he asks Woo Joo to have lunch with him, and she agrees without hesitation. He even postponed his meeting with director Kim to have lunch with her. In reality, Dong Jin is avoiding director Kim. Kim left his side to go to CEO Shin, and now he’s returned because he needs him. Dong Jin mentions to Woo Joo that Kim made him wait for five hours outside his office only to reject his offer later. Woo Joo assures him that he can do the same to Kim as well, which gives Dong Jin the strength to make a bold decision. He makes Kim wait in his office for five hours and rejects his offer. Seong Woo is clearly surprised by the sudden change in Dong Jin, but only Dong Jin himself knows the reason behind it.

Hye Sung is still dating Su Ho, but both of them realize that it is not working out. Su Ho confronts Hye Sung first and tells her in quite a straightforward manner that her behavior seems fake. Hye Sung gets uncomfortable at first, but then she remembers what Yoon Joon told her- that she need not always look happy for the sake of others and can be herself. She reveals a secret to Su Ho: she is taking medication because, recently, she has started feeling anxious in crowded places, and that’s why she feels uncomfortable whenever they’re on a date in a public place. Su Ho understands her, but later, she hears him joking with his friends about her illness, which hurts her. As she reaches home, she cries in Yoon Joon’s arms as if he is the only one who understands her. Hye Sung’s streak of unlucky relationships is unending. Meanwhile, her sister, Woo Joo, who doesn’t believe in love and relationships, is going on dates with Dong Jin. Dong Jin’s happiness is over the top these days, and it is evident when he makes a big decision. He takes Woo Joo camping with him. He is comfortable enough with Woo Joo to tell her that the last time he went camping was when he broke up with Min Young.


‘Call It Love’ Episode 10: Ending

Neither Dong Jin nor Woo Joo has confessed their feelings to each other, and they don’t need to. They are acting out of character, and the change is noticeable. The whole night, Dong Jin professes his love for camping, and Woo Joo just listens to him. Dong Jin has already found the next camping site for them to go to together. While Woo Joo is busy on her date and Hye Sung is sulking over her breakup with Su Ho, Ji Gu is confused about what to do. Their mother has arrived, and she is going to their old house with no idea that it is not theirs anymore. Ji Gu brings her to their new house, but she won’t talk to them, and Yoon Joon tells her the entire story. Their mother is seriously angry with them for letting that woman kick them out of their house and not informing her.

“Call It Love” Episode 10 is the most beautiful episode of “Call It Love” so far. The romance between Dong Jin nor Woo Joo is subtle, and it doesn’t need grandiose words or gestures. It is unexpected love, and it is empowering to both of them. Their sad and lonely life is no longer the same. However, this dreamy romance also has an obstacle: their families. Woo Joo’s mother is already upset over what Dong Jin’s mother has done to her children and her family in general, and if she finds out that her daughter is in love with that woman’s son, it will birth a bigger drama. There’s no way she would accept them, and Woo Joo is well aware of it. Woo Joo is in a dilemma, and Dong Jin still has no idea about their ill-fated relationship.


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