‘Call It Love’ Episodes 7 And 8: Recap And Ending: Has Woo Joo Fallen For Dong Jin?

Woo Joo was determined to ruin Dong Jin’s company, and that’s why she helped Cha. However, she felt guilty about it and told Dong Jin about Cha’s plan, but it was too late. After CEO Shin created a scene in Dong Jin’s office, most of his staff left the company to find better opportunities before the company went bankrupt. In “Call It Love,” Dong Jin and Woo Joo have gotten closer to each other, while Woo Joo unexpectedly tries to comfort Dong Jin after the tragedy.


Spoilers Ahead

Why Has Dong Jin Been Meeting The Realtor?

Woo Joo finds out that her father’s wife was living in their house and hadn’t sold it. She would rather see it get sold off than see that woman live there. Her aunt is waiting for her at the realtor’s office, but Woo Joo goes to the house and starts throwing eggs at the gate. Meanwhile, the realtor called Dong Jin to inform him that the previous owner of that house was coming to her office. However, he missed meeting Woo Joo because his mother called the police on her. Her aunt gets her out and gives her Dong Jin’s card that the realtor gave her. She tells her that Dong Jin has been looking for her and her siblings because he wants to apologize to them. He has been frequenting the realtor’s office, hoping to find Woo Joo someday. He has even mentioned that he will try to persuade his mother to move out, although it seems unlikely that she will agree. Woo Joo was set on getting revenge when Dong Jin tried to get them their house back. Woo Joo’s perception of Dong Jin keeps changing the more she finds out about him.


Woo Joo remembers that Dong Jin has been living in a motel because his ex-girlfriend has moved in next door to him. She meets Min Young and tells her to move out. It hurts Min Young’s ego, but she still remains calm and asks Woo Joo to talk it out over drinks. She tells Woo Joo that she will leave only if Dong Jin tells her to. They drink all night, and Woo Joo sleeps at Min Young’s home because Min Young passed out at night, and she had to carry her home. Woo Joo didn’t know that Dong Jin had moved back and ran into him in the morning. She cannot make excuses for why she was with Min Young and has to tell him the truth. She explains that she told Min Young to move out because she wants him to live comfortably in his own house. Dong Jin likes it and smiles a little, but Woo Joo doesn’t notice it. They walk to the office together, where Yoon Joon has been waiting for Woo Joo, who didn’t return home last night. Woo Joo tries to explain to him that she wasn’t with Dong Jin, but Yoon Joon is both shocked and angry at her. He understands that Woo Joo’s feelings for Dong Jin have changed, but it is not good for her.

The whole day, Woo Joo tries to keep her distance from Dong Jin, and he notices it. However, he is not the only one noticing the tension between them. Seon Woo also notices Dong Jin gazing at Woo Joo the entire day. He asks him if they are going out, but Dong Jin ignores him. Woo Joo leaves work early and meets Yoon Joon, who tries to get her back to her senses. She can’t possibly be falling for that man, but Woo Joo finds it difficult to understand her own feelings. She tells Yoon Joon that she doesn’t know why she’s doing it, but she cares about Dong Jin a little more than everyone else and doesn’t know how to stop.


Is Dong Jin Aware Of Woo Joo’s Feelings?

Woo Joo’s brother, Ji Gu, has been staying with Dong Jin since he met Dong Jin when he was in desperate need of a place to stay. Ji Gu is still working part-time jobs, and when he walks out of the building for a night shift, he sees Woo Joo drunk and passed out. Ji Gu calls Dong Jin immediately and requests that he take care of her. Dong Jin gets worried and runs out. He tries to wake her up, but it takes time for her to wake up, and seeing Dong Jin seems like a dream to her. The way Dong Jin talks to her makes her realize that even Dong Jin is aware of her feelings for him. Woo Joo mentions it to him and tells him that he shouldn’t like her. She even reveals her destructive personality to him when she tells him the story about how she jumped in front of her own father’s car when she found out he had had an affair. Dong Jin quietly listens to her story and walks her home later.

CEO Shin succeeded in ruining Dong Jin’s business plan, but he is having problems with his plan now. He is facing financial issues as the investors have started doubting his offer because of how cheap it is. One of his biggest investors is Min Young, who has straight-up ghosted him. Shin is not able to get a hold of her and is staking out her art gallery every day. Min Young, on the other hand, is not even concerned about it. She has been disturbed ever since Dong Jin told her that he no longer cares what she does so she can stay in her apartment. It reminds her of the old times when she was still with Dong Jin and how things started falling apart between them. It began with Min Young meeting Dong Jin’s mother behind his back. Dong Jin didn’t like it, and it created a distance between them. Moreover, she realized what kind of person his mother was and that she couldn’t live her whole life dealing with her. This is what eventually led to Min Young cheating on him.


‘Call It Love’ Episode 8: Ending

Woo Joo pretends to ignore Dong Jin but looks out for him when he’s not around. She wants to get rid of her feelings but doesn’t know how to do it. On the other hand, Dong Jin knows that he also has feelings for Woo Joo but doesn’t want to get involved in them anymore. He confesses to Seon Woo that Woo Joo swayed him, but he is afraid to get abandoned again. Woo Joo experiences this feeling for the first time, and she also finds herself acting differently. She goes to the realtor and asks her to convey her message to Dong Jin. She wants to let him know that she and her siblings are living a comfortable life, so he should stop being concerned for them. She wants Dong Jin to have one less burden on his shoulder.

“Call It Love” has shifted from a revenge plot to a mellow romance. Both the main leads are not ready to accept their feelings for each other. Their lives are burdens to them already, and they don’t want to share them with each other. While Woo Joo’s stance is based on her ill-fated relationship with Dong Jin, which he isn’t aware of yet, Dong Jin has closed his heart because he is afraid to get hurt again.


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