‘Call It Love’ Episodes 5 And 6: Recap And Ending: What Causes Dong Jin’s Staff To Quit The Company?

Despite the initial misunderstanding, Dong Jin called Woo Joo back to work and asked her to help him keep Mr. Cha in check. Woo Joo took responsibility but faced a dilemma about whether she should help Dong Jin save his company or help Cha ruin it. In “Call It Love,” Woo Joo unintentionally ends up discovering Cha’s plan when she tries to side with him. Dong Jin had been disturbed by the return of his ex-girlfriend and seeing him made Woo Joo wonder if she really needed to take revenge on someone whose life was already pathetic.

Spoilers Ahead

How Does Woo Joo Help Dong Jin?

Dong Jin ran into Min Young at their apartment complex, and he hasn’t been in the right mood since. He gets drunk and even hurts himself. Woo Joo accidentally sees him drunk and losing control and gets concerned. She quietly follows him from a distance and sees him crying while talking on the phone about Min Young. Dong Jin is distracted and almost gets hit by a car, but Woo Joo saves him. Woo Joo shouts at him and tells him not to ruin himself just because of heartbreak, but Dong Jin is not in the right state of mind to understand what she’s saying. Woo Joo buys him a band-aid to cover his bleeding hand and tells him to just get revenge on his ex-girlfriend. Dong Jin reveals that being rich and successful and living well was his plan of revenge, but he hasn’t been able to do that. He doesn’t go home all night and keeps thinking about his company while Seon Woo waits for him at his place. The next day, Seon Woo picks him up, and they head straight to meet their clients. Woo Joo told Dong Jin about Cha’s plan, and Dong Jin has to confirm if it’s true. Seon Woo is not sure if they can trust Woo Joo, but Dong Jin has faith in her.

Woo Joo is surprised by her behavior. She hadn’t intended to help Dong Jin, but she finds him more pitiful than herself. She brings him hangover soup, but Dong Jin doesn’t go to the office. He is going from one client to another, only to find out that they are not interested in signing a deal with his company anymore. Meanwhile, Min Young gets information on CEO Shin’s plan by pretending to be an investor and tries to give it to Dong Jin, but he is not in his office, and Seon Woo won’t pick up her call because he is with Dong Jin. Woo Joo keeps wondering about him, and later that night, she gets a call from her brother saying that he saw Dong Jin going to a motel. She says that she doesn’t care, but she actually does. While Dong Jin is busy outside the office, Woo Joo is actively keeping an eye on Cha. Cha gathers all of his team for lunch and reveals to them that he is leaving the company. When he refuses to give more details, Woo Joo tells everyone that he is going to Shin’s company. His team members are not happy with his decision, but Cha gives them the advice to follow him to Shin’s company.

Woo Joo could watch it happen, but she tells Dong Jin about Cha’s offer to the other employees, and there’s no way Dong Jin should sit still now. Seon Woo and team leader Baek Soo Hee go through Cha’s work laptop and find evidence that he leaked confidential data to other companies. It’s all thanks to Woo Joo, who had been snooping on him. While Soo Hee, Seon Woo, and Woo Joo are at the office taking care of Cha’s belongings, Dong Jin meets Cha outside the office and informs him that he is fired from his job. Cha talks down to Dong Jin about him not being cut out to become a businessman, but this time, Dong Jin speaks up and tells him that he has used him all this time. Woo Joo and the others wrap up their tasks at the office, but Woo Joo waits for Dong Jin, who is returning to the office. However, before Dong Jin shows up, Min Young appears. Woo Joo is not happy to see her, and when Dong Jin arrives, he won’t even listen to her, even when she tells him that it is about business. He grabs Woo Joo’s arm to leave together, but Woo Joo stares at Min Young and locks hands with Dong Jin. She does it spontaneously, and it flusters Dong Jin.

Why Does Ji Gu Run Away From Home?

As soon as they get out of Min Young’s sight, Dong Jin jerks his hand from Woo Joo’s. He tells her not to do something like this again. Woo Joo did it only to help him and doesn’t see a problem in just holding hands, which even school kids do. They had decided to get dinner together, but Dong Jin refused to go now. However, Woo Joo always says whatever is on her mind and asks Dong Jin if she should tell Min Young that there is no relationship between them. Dong Jin calms down because Woo Joo won’t, and he understands why Woo Joo is offended. He tells her that he just doesn’t want to misunderstand her feelings, which is why he is keeping his distance, and they end up having dinner together. Dong Jin thanked Woo Joo because he didn’t want to eat alone after this long and tiring day. Woo Joo tries to comfort Dong Jin, and his mood lightens. Dong Jin is a silent watcher, and Woo Joo is a non-stop chatterbox, and he finds it fascinating. On their way back home, Woo Joo sees her brother working at a convenience store. She believed that he had been studying for civil service exams, which is why she got angry at him. Her brother, Ji Gu, is terrified when he sees Woo Joo staring at him. He uses Dong Jin as a shield and confesses the truth to her. He pushes Dong Jin towards Woo Joo and requests that he hold her tight until he runs far away.

Woo Joo aggressively barges into Ji Gu’s room, only to find out that he hasn’t returned home yet. Yoon Joon sits calmly, which gives Woo Joo the idea that he was already aware that Ji Gu had quit studying. Yoon Joon knows not to mess with Woo Joo when she is angry and quietly sneaks out of the house. He meets Ji Gu and gives him clothes as he won’t be returning home soon. Meanwhile, Dong Jin gets an unexpected visit from CEO Shin, not knowing what kind of storm he is going to unleash. Their conversation was going smoothly in the beginning, but Dong Jin brought up the past, which is a painful memory for Shin. Shin didn’t want Dong Jin to leave his company, and he’d begged on his knees to convince him. While this was going on, Shin had missed calls from his wife, who later passed away. Shin holds a grudge against Dong Jin for this reason. Shin gets enraged and announces to Dong Jin’s entire staff that this company won’t last long. The atmosphere in the office was gloomy the whole day, and Woo Joo found herself having dinner with Dong Jin once again. She cheers him up by saying that he won’t go down easily because he has held out this far. Dong Jin, who never talks about personal matters, shares his concerns and worries with Woo Joo. Without realizing it, Dong Jin has started relying on Woo Joo.

‘Call It Love’ Episode 6: Ending

All of Dong Jin’s staff except Seon Woo, Soo Hee, Bae, and Woo Joo have left the company, but they are still optimistic that they will sail through this storm. Dong Jin has another plan in mind, and all he needs is the funds to implement it. Min Young is ready to invest in his company, but Dong Jin doesn’t want her anywhere near him. He asks his friend, who is close to him like a brother, and he gives him money right away. His friend mentions that this is the least he can do to repay him for all that he has done for him. Meanwhile, Woo Joo and Min Young run into each other, and their brief conversation sounds like a war to win over Dong Jin. On the other hand, Woo Joo’s sister is on her way to another messy relationship. Her new boyfriend, Su Ho, is her brother’s friend. Ji Gu hangs out with Su Ho every day but has no idea about his friend’s new girlfriend.

Dong Jin’s mother lied to everyone and said that she sold Woo Joo’s father’s house, but Woo Joo’s aunt gets informed by a real estate agent that it’s not been sold and that Dong Jin’s mother is staying there. As soon as Woo Joo gets a call from her aunt, she rushes to the real estate agent’s office. However, she sees Dong Jin’s mother’s boyfriend coming out of their house and gets enraged. She bangs on the door and screams, asking Dong Jin’s mother to come out. Meanwhile, the real estate agent informs Dong Jin that the person that he has been looking for is on the way to her office. Dong Jin has no idea that Woo Joo is the person he is looking for, and it would be a huge surprise for him. “Call It Love” has brought Dong Jin and Woo Joo together and hinted at a potential romance. Hence, this encounter will be a decisive point in their further relationship.

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