‘Call It Love’ Episodes 13 And 14: Recap And Ending: Does Woo Joo Reveal The Truth To Dong Jin?

Woo Joo and Dong Jin’s love lives got complicated after Woo Joo’s mother returned and found out that her children had been kicked out of the house. Woo Joo couldn’t stop herself from falling for Dong Jin, despite knowing that they could never be together. In “Call It Love,” while Woo Joo’s mother approves of Dong Jin as Woo Joo’s partner, Woo Joo is stressed out over how to reveal the truth to her family and break up with Dong Jin. Dong Jin still has no idea about it and is happy with his new relationship.


Spoilers Ahead

How Does Hae Sung Find Out Dong Jin’s Identity?

Dong Jin fits right into Woo Joo’s family, and he even promises her mother to visit her in Tongyeong. However, Hae Sung has noticed the tension between Woo Joo and Dong Jin, and she also notices that Yoon Joon is aware of it. As they head back home, Hae Sung stops Yoon Joon and asks him to tell the truth. She is going through all kinds of thoughts—if Dong Jin is married, divorced, or has a child. Yoon Joon can’t expose Woo Joo like that and doesn’t know what to say. On the other hand, Dong Jin also notices the change in Woo Joo’s behavior but doesn’t say anything to her. Yoon Joon calls Woo Joo to hurry back, and as soon as she arrives, Hae Sung slaps her. Yoon Joon doesn’t tell her the truth, but she guesses that Dong Jin must be married. She can’t grasp the fact that her sister, who knows the consequences of an extramarital affair, would engage in one herself. However, Woo Joo clarifies that it is not the case and that the real reason she can’t be with Dong Jin is worse than an extramarital affair. Hae Sung is terribly mad at Woo Joo, but she is equally mad at Yoon Joon for letting Woo Joo do it. Yoon Joon explains to Hae Sung that he couldn’t stop Woo Joo because it was the first time he had seen her happy in life.


It is Woo Joo’s last day in the office, as Hae Sung tells her to quit right away. The company is making final preparations for the fair, and all of them are traveling to the location except Dong Jin. He is going to stay back on Woo Joo’s last day, but Woo Joo leaves before meeting him. Dong Jin is silently noticing everything and also notices how Seon Woo’s attitude towards Woo Joo changes. Seon Woo doesn’t want to meddle in the couple’s issue, but he ends up telling Dong Jin about what Cha told him about her. Meanwhile, Hae Sung tells the truth to her mother and Ji Gu because she cannot carry the heavy weight on her heart. Her mother really liked Dong Jin, but she cannot ever accept him after knowing who his mother is. Woo Joo gets two pieces of news back-to-back: one from Yoon Joon that her mother knows the truth now and the other from Seon Woo that he told Dong Jin about Cha’s story. Woo Joo cannot drag this matter any further, and it’s time she puts an end to it. She meets Dong Jin at her old house and reveals the truth to him. Dong Jin is not angry with her for hiding this big truth or trying to ruin his company, but he is sad that he has to let her go now. She didn’t ruin his company, but she saved him from ruining himself. Dong Jin finds happiness and strength in her, but he has let it all go.

Where Is Woo Joo’s Father’s Will Hidden?

It’s been three years since Dong Jin and Woo Joo broke up, and Dong Jin has been looking for his mother, who has disappeared without a trace. He needs to get the house back for Woo Joo, but he has no idea that his mother has already sold it. However, she is still not out of trouble. The house never belonged to her but to Woo Joo and her siblings. She has kept the will hidden with one of her ex-husbands, but when she goes back to fetch it, her ex-husband tells her that he has burned it. He claims he doesn’t know what was inside the envelope. On the other hand, her gambler ex-boyfriend is also looking for her to get money from her. He is going to threaten her with the audio recording of her telling him that the house doesn’t belong to her and that a will exists. Meanwhile, Dong Jin has been keeping himself busy at work like before. He is lonely, doesn’t talk much, and doesn’t smile. Seon Woo feels guilty every time he sees Dong Jin and regrets talking to him that day. Woo Joo has been working at Joon’s pharmacy but has decided to quit to find another job. Hae Sung is looking for a new place for them, and they are soon going to move out of the neighborhood where Dong Jin lives as well. Hae Sung is acting like an older sister for the first time, and she is horribly harsh.


Hae Sung has changed a lot since the incident. She is more focused on herself and her family and hasn’t dated anyone like she used to. Yoon Joon is still apologizing to her, and she finally forgives him after realizing that she was not mad but jealous that he cared more about Woo Joo than her. She is going to move out of Yoon Joon’s house now and wants to resolve all the issues. Yoon Joon gets hurt when she says to him that they will meet each other twice a year like people usually do. Yoon Joon sees the Shim siblings as family, and the idea of them becoming strangers is frightening to him. He doesn’t understand why Hae Sung is going to such lengths. Dong Jin is also looking for a change and finds the courage to go camping again. However, he is not even able to put up a tent as it reminds him of Woo Joo. He meets his uncle instead, who is on his way to meet Dong Jin himself. The person he calls uncle is one of his mother’s ex-husbands, and they are close. He didn’t burn the envelope that Dong Jin’s mother gave him because it was a will. He finds it unfair for the kids, who would lose their property without it. He hands over the will to Dong Jin to return it to its rightful owners.

‘Call It Love’ Episode 14: Ending

Dong Jin’s mother’s ex-boyfriend meets Woo Joo and tells her that a will in their names exists, with the recording as proof. Even after knowing the truth, she tells the man not to report her. She is still worried about Dong Jin and doesn’t want to hurt him in any way. She calls her mother to ask her what she should do next. She tells her mother that she feels sorry for Dong Jin and doesn’t want him to suffer anymore. She wishes that Dong Jin lives peacefully without having to fix his mother’s mistakes. She wants him to be happy. Dong Jin listens to her comforting words when he comes looking for her to return the will that his mother kept hidden.


“Call It Love” is comforting and heartbreaking. There are no intense twists or miracles, just two lovers who should have never fallen for each other, eventually drifting apart as they must. They pine for each other but do so silently, knowing they shouldn’t see each other. That’s the only way it will hurt less. Add to that amazing direction and cinematography. The frame and the expressions of the actors in it speak a lot more than their words would have. Now, we wait for “Call It Love” final episodes to see whether they will get a happy ending or not.

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