‘Call It Love’ Episodes 11 And 12: Recap And Ending: How Does Woo Joo’s Mother Meet Dong Jin?

Woo Joo failed to keep her distance from Dong Jin, and they didn’t need to confess that they liked each other. Their actions spoke loud enough. Dong Jin has changed a lot because of Woo Joo, and for the first time after his breakup with Min Young, he went camping with Woo Joo. However, their romance in “Call It Love” will not be easy and simple, as Woo Joo gets a reality check after her mother returns to Seoul and finds out what Dong Jin’s mother did to her children.


Spoilers Ahead

What Does Cha Reveal To Seon Woo?

Woo Joo skips work because she needs to tell her mother the truth and feels suffocated. She reveals how she created a scene at her father’s funeral, thinking she would laugh thinking about it later, but she regrets it. She cries to her mother, saying that she lives with a burden but can’t talk about it to anyone. Her mother doesn’t say a word to her as she starts tearing up at seeing her daughter suffer like this. Meanwhile, Dong Jin misses Woo Joo the whole day and plans a surprise for her. It is Woo Joo’s birthday, so he goes to the Karaoke where Ji Gu works and asks him to call Woo Joo. Before Ji Gu could call her, Woo Joo came to Karaoke with their mother because she wanted to see Ji Gu’s workplace. Their mother ends up meeting Dong Jin and likes him. She can tell just by Dong Jin’s posture that he is a gentle and sensible man who won’t make mistakes like Woo Joo’s father did. Dong Jin is also happy after the conversation because Woo Joo’s mother seems to approve of him.


Since CEO Shin’s company is on the way to going bankrupt, Cha has been trying to get back into Dong Jin’s company and visits the office at night, assuming Dong Jin would still be there. Instead of Dong Jin, he finds Seon Woo, and while begging him to take him back, Cha reveals to Seon Woo that Woo Joo helped him once by telling him that Dong Jin knew he was a spy. Seon Woo doesn’t believe what he’s saying, but he can’t even tell Dong Jin without getting confirmation from Woo Joo first. He is happy that his lonely friend has finally found a companion. Min Young has decided to move out since she understands that Dong Jin is never going to come back to her. She is looking for a new house, and coincidentally, Dong Jin’s mother is selling the house she’s living in. She has no more money and asks Min Young if she wants to buy her house.

Seon Woo confronts Woo Joo and asks her if she really helped Cha. She confesses that she did reveal to Cha that Dong Jin knew that he was a spy and that she had her reasons for it. Seon Woo gets worried that his friend will feel betrayed if he finds out from someone else, so he asks Woo Joo to talk to Dong Jin herself. What Woo Joo feared the most—the reality—is becoming a hindrance in her dreamy romance with Dong Jin. On the other hand, no one has noticed it yet, but Woo Joo’s sister has gotten into a mess again. After breaking up with Su Ho, she told Yoon Joon that he made her heart flutter. This created tension between them and made their friendship uncomfortable. However, Hae Sung, for the first time, argues with someone. She asks Yoon Joon if it is so wrong to just tell him her feelings.


Why Does Dong Jin’s Mother Move In With Him?

Despite her worries, Woo Joo goes to Dong Jin’s house and even spends a night with him. She was skeptical about whether she should do it or just leave. While her brain wanted to make a logical decision, her heart won. She confesses to Dong Jin how much he likes him. She ignored her worries at that moment, but she had to face Seon Woo the next day. She asks him for some time to reveal everything to Dong Jin, but she doesn’t know when she will be ready to do so. Dong Jin has revealed his vulnerable side to her, even about his mother, but she is still keeping secrets from him. For the whole day, she tries to avoid him, but Dong Jin keeps pushing himself toward her. Meanwhile, Hae Sung has started spending more time alone after her close colleague advised her to be comfortable with herself instead of dating just to fill in the emptiness in her life. Yoon Joon goes on a blind date, but it doesn’t work out. He returns home with a heavy heart, realizing that he can be comfortable around only a few people, including Woo Joo and her siblings.

Dong Jin’s mother’s boyfriend is a gambler and only stays with her for her money. Now that she’s running out of money, he steals her jewelry and runs away. As she puts her house up for sale, she packs her things to go live with Dong Jin. She runs into Min Young and thinks that she is staying with Dong Jin. They get into a fight over this, and Min Young blurts out that it was because of her that she broke up with Dong Jin. Dong Jin hears them, and he already knows the reason, but his mother still badmouths Min Young. She shamelessly barges into Dong Jin’s house and asks him to pay for her rent if he doesn’t want to live together. Meanwhile, Woo Joo’s mother steps up to get the house back because she doesn’t believe that her ex-husband would have ever taken the house away from his kids. He had told her that he’d divide the house equally among the kids so that they wouldn’t be able to sell it. She goes to her ex-husband’s sister to know more about that woman but ends up finding out that Woo Joo has met her son. Woo Joo lied to her aunt, and she also lied to her mother, saying that the woman’s son apologized to them and looked like he suffered because of his mother, just like they suffered because of their father.


‘Call It Love’ Episode 12: Ending

Woo Joo left the office in the middle of the day without informing Dong Jin, and he was worried. He calls Woo Joo, and she tells him that she is busy at home when she is really at Ji Gu’s Karaoke. Dong Jin had already guessed she would be there and was standing outside. He sees tired Woo Joo lying to him, and instead of getting angry, he tries to comfort her. That’s when Hae Sung and Yoon Joon arrive because their mother has invited them. They are collectively going to listen to Ji Gu sing for the first time. Dong Jin joins them, and Woo Joo’s mother is happy to see him.

Woo Joo has a lot to worry about in “Call It Love,” and she is enduring it alone. Her romance with Dong Jin is blooming beautifully, and Dong Jin is on cloud nine. They have found comfort in each other, but the secret that Woo Joo is hiding from him is haunting her. Apart from Yoon Joon, everyone else is aware of reality. The truth is bound to come out someday, and Dong Jin and Woo Joo’s mothers reactions will be important in determining the future of their relationship.


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