‘Call It Love’ Episodes 1 And 2: Recap And Ending: How Are Woo Joo And Dong Jin Related?

Life can be cruel sometimes in the way it surprises us. “Call It Love” is the story of a forbidden love between Woo Joo and Dong Jin, who share a miserable past that they are unaware of. Woo Joo is the middle child among three siblings but often takes on the role of the oldest. Her mother has passed away, and her father has abandoned them after marrying another woman fifteen years ago. Dong Jin is the son of her father’s wife, but he doesn’t have a good relationship with his mother either. He is a lonely person and a workaholic who speaks only when he wants to talk about work. Their lives take a turn when they realize they are falling in love with each other.


Spoilers Ahead

Why Does Woo Joo Join Dong Jin’s Company?

Shim Woo Joo is having a meal with her longtime friend, Yoon Joon, when she receives a message on a group chat that Shim Chul Min has passed away. Chul Min was her father, but none of her relatives called to inform her, and she had to find out from a neighborhood group chat. She is contemplating what to do and makes a bet with Yoon Joon. Chul Min is certain that it is going to rain the next day, even when the weather forecast suggests otherwise. A man sitting next to them is intrigued by their conversation but doesn’t let it show on his face. He is Han Dong Jin, the CEO of Best Fairs, and the next day, when it really rains, he is surprised and remembers the bet made by two strangers. Woo Joo’s luck has beaten the odds, and she has won the bet. When Yoon Joon calls her to ask why she isn’t working at the pharmacy today, she reminds him of the bet. She has won the bet and is going to take a day off to go to her father’s funeral. Woo Joo didn’t have a good relationship with her father since he’d abandoned his family to marry another woman. She goes to his funeral wearing a party outfit and insults her father’s wife for ruining their family. Before returning, Woo Joo hears that the house they are living in has been sold off by that woman. It turns out that her father had named the house in his wife’s name, and now his own kids are homeless.


Dong Jin started his business with his friend Sun Woo, who only goes to the office when there is a problem. Lately, their problems have increased as their previous boss has been creating obstacles because he holds a grudge against them. Their company is facing financial issues, and Dong Jin is unable to get a loan. To help him his mother helps him with the money. Dong Jin meets his mother after five years just because she offers him financial help. His mother is none other than Shim Chul Min’s wife, and just like Woo Joo, Dong Jin also suffers because of his mother. He doesn’t even ask her where she got the money because he is simply not interested. On the other hand, Woo Joo’s older sister, Ye Won, who is a bank clerk, has a horrible experience. A woman comes to the bank and accuses her of having an affair with her boyfriend. Ye Won has no idea about it and is a victim as well, but she lets the woman abuse her as if she is at fault. However, Woo Joo arrives just in time to save her. Ye Won has always been unfortunate in her relationships. Yoon Joon has to deal with her tantrums while Woo Joo is busy somewhere else. Woo Joo and her siblings have moved into Yoon Joon’s neighborhood after they were kicked out of their house.

Woo Joo got Dong Jin’s business card from her aunt, who told her that he was the reason the house was sold off. She was going to ask him to give them their house back, but after seeing his lifestyle, she believes that he is doing just fine and that his mother didn’t really sell the house for him. To get revenge on him and his mother, she joins Dong Jin’s company as a part-timer. She keeps an eye on Dong Jin and even follows him to his home. However, it doesn’t take Dong Jin long to notice her. He catches her red-handed when she tries to go through the letterboxes to find Dong Jin’s apartment number.


What Does Woo Joo Get Accused Of?

Woo Joo tells Dong Jin that she is interested in him, and that’s why she followed him home, but her expressions say otherwise, and Dong Jin doesn’t believe her either. However, he is not interested in knowing the real reason. He is not interested in anyone else’s life, and he tells Woo Joo to stay away from him. Dong Jin has not kept in touch with his college friends, but Sun Woo asks him to show up for the reunion if he doesn’t want the rumors to spread that their business is going under. He goes to the reunion only to hear people gossiping about his ex-girlfriend, Min Young. Min Young has returned to Korea after spending years abroad. Contrary to what others believe, Dong Jin and Min Young didn’t break up on good terms. That’s why the topic is uncomfortable for Dong Jin. However, he still hopes to see Min Young someday. He even follows a woman, believing her to be Min Young. Meanwhile, Woo Joo has made it her mission to get their house back. She goes to see the house but hears that someone has already moved in, so she returns. Only if she’d waited a little longer, she would have found out that Dong Jin’s mother had moved into their house and didn’t really sell it.

At the office, Dong Jin gets the tragic news that their company’s confidential information has been leaked. The top officials are discussing what to do in this situation, and they do not want to fire the employee seen as a suspect because they trust him. However, another employee reported to Dong Jin that she saw Woo Joo enter their office at night when she was going back home. The suspect, Kang, also remembers that Woo Joo knows his laptop’s password. Now, everyone starts seeing Woo Joo as a spy for their opponent and wants her to get fired. However, Dong Jin doesn’t want to make a hasty decision. He takes Woo Joo to a place without telling her where they are headed. Woo Joo doesn’t recognize the place, which is Dong Jin’s opponent’s office. It is true that Woo Joo went to the office to collect data for future purposes, but she didn’t send it to anyone. She doesn’t like that she is being called a spy. Nevertheless, Dong Jin still fires her from the job, but something she says doesn’t leave his mind. She told him that he would rather be betrayed by a new employee than by an employee who has worked for him for many years.


‘Call It Love’ Episode 2: Ending

Dong Jin feels that the way he treated Woo Joo is unfair, and he needs to find the truth. He checks the CCTV recordings and finds out that the real culprit is not Woo Joo but his sales manager. Dong Jin doesn’t understand Woo Joo, but he is impressed by her straightforwardness. After reading her resume, he calls her to meet him. He first apologizes to her for being rude to her and firing her for no reason. He tells her about reading her resume and laughing. Woo Joo doesn’t understand why he would laugh at the resume, but she looks at him with curiosity because she doesn’t seem to believe that she will ever see him laugh, let alone meet him again.

“Call It Love” has main characters who have an intense aura. Both Woo Joo and Dong Jin are tired of life and are just pushing each day as it passes by. Dong Jin still has no idea that Woo Joo is out to take revenge on him and seems to have made up his mind to recruit her as an employee again. Woo Joo thinks that Dong Jin is a petty man who gives in to difficult situations and cannot defend himself. While they have a meeting, the sales manager who has gotten fired comes to Dong Jin to attack him. Seeing Dong Jin won’t save himself, she meddles and pushes the manager away. Woo Joo is hellbent on getting revenge, but on the other hand, her different side, which comes out while defending her enemy, surprises even her.


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