‘Cabinet Of Curiosities’ Episode 7: Recap & Ending, Explained: Why Did The Creature Come Out Of The Stone?

The 7th episode of “Cabinet of Curiosities” is titled “The Viewing” and mostly deals with one of the inner demons of humans, i.e., temptation, which may have disastrous outcomes to the extent of destroying one’s life completely. Human beings are driven by a continuous obsession with acquiring knowledge but tempering with the unknown can come with a price. Let’s dig into the 7th episode to find out what happened.


Spoilers Ahead

‘Cabinet of Curiosities’ Episode 7 ‘The Viewing’ Recap and Ending

Four talented humans were summoned by Lionel Lassiter, a very rich guy with an unending ambition to achieve even more. The invitees, naturally, were pretty excited about being called upon as his guests. They were Guy Landon, a renowned novelist; Randall Roth, a very popular singer; Charlotte Xie, an astrophysicist; and Targ Reinhhard, a psychic by profession. Each of them was very successful in their respective fields. They were brought to Lionel’s house in a van by Hector, Lionel’s butler. Upon arrival, they were completely taken aback by the grandeur of the beautiful place. There was a long walk through the garden before entering the living rooms. The garden was filled with the rarest of flowers, and their fragrance was spreading all over the garden. In between, we get a glimpse of Lionel Lassiter and his private doctor, Zahra. Zahra gave him some sort of injection that perhaps helped him to move freely. There might be a chance that he was unable to move his limbs and the injection helped him with his paralysis.


Anyway, after they all arrived in the drawing room, they found the perfect drinks according to each of their preferences. In other words, their temptations were well monitored by Lionel. Lionel introduced himself later, after which they started getting to know each other. Soon, Lionel told them that he had brought them there to get an opinion about a unique thing he had collected. They went into the Obelisk Chamber and saw a big stone-like structure. Lionel said that it did not respond to X-rays, and even magnetic fields and carbon dating were useless. Charlotte said that it showed the signs of fragmented meteorites, but they were never as large as this structure. Lionel said that the structure was made of something that did not even exist on the periodic table. Lionel touched it. Targ then tried to sync with it with his psychic abilities. Suddenly, there was an electric charge flowing all over the stone structure, which caused it to break. Within it was a creature that did not look like it belonged on earth. The creature used psychic powers to help him see through people present in the room using its tentacles Naturally, Targ could not handle the pressure it brought upon him, and his whole body started to melt. The next victim was Guy, who just blasted off.

Later, the creature covered Lionel’s whole body and started to control his mind. As a result, the little conscience left in Lionel was soon gone. Lionel even sought help from Hector, who arrived on time and helped Charlotte and Randall flee from the place. However, Doctor Zahra was killed while she tried to touch the creature. She had said earlier that she had been a physician to Gaddafi. She found Gaddafi charming even though he had a history of conducting brutal violence. Zahra even said that sometimes she felt sorry for him. Gaddafi was a cruel man, and if she could feel sorry for him, touching the creature that was trying to kill her was not a surprising event. She probably wanted to hold the thing close to her, but unfortunately, the creature did not agree with her.


Anyway, Lionel’s injection might have stopped working, and that was the reason why he could not run away from the creature, unlike Randall or Charlotte. We can assume that Lionel was traumatized by seeing the creature and that it affected his motor nerves. The injection could have lasted longer, but such traumatic events might have worn off its effects sooner. The creature took over Lionel’s body and confronted Hector. Lionel tried to seek help from him, but at that moment, Hector tried to shoot the creature he was covered with. The bullets perhaps took Lionel’s life, but the creature kept his mind alive. It killed Hector with its tentacles. Later, we find that Charlotte and Randall were successful in running away from the creature. And the creature somehow ended up right outside the city through a tunnel.

‘Cabinet of Curiosities’ Episode 7: Ending Explained – What Made The Creature Come Out Of The Structure?

Randall could be seen smoking weed, and it’s likely that the smoke went into the stone and was taken in by it. After that, Targ wanted to make a psychic link with it right away. The thing felt it and tried to connect with it. Because of the weed and the psychic link, the creature was weak at that moment. It felt like something that it had never felt before. So, when Lionel touched the stone for the last time, the creature was finally able to establish a connection with humans. Lionel might not have been hurt because the creature had already decided to take over his body when everyone else was killed. Maybe the creature knew that people are easily swayed by temptation, which is why it was so easy for it to kill everyone. They were killed because they wanted to know what was inside the stone. Randall and Charlotte could get away in time. However, they would also have to deal with that trauma for the rest of their lives. And most importantly, if they told anyone what happened that night, no one would believe them.


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