‘Cabinet Of Curiosities’ Episode 6: Recap & Ending, Explained: Did Keziah Return To The Mortal World?

Episode 6 of “Cabinet of Curiosities,” called “Dreams in the Witch House,” revolves around a twin brother and sister who are tragically separated from each other and therefore yearn to get together once again. Rupert Grint, who plays the role of the brother in the episode, has made an appearance on screen after a very long time. So, without further ado, let’s dive deep into “Cabinet of Curiosities” Episode 6 and find out what happened at the end of it.


Spoilers Ahead

‘Cabinet Of Curiosities’ Episode 6: “Dreams In the Witch House” Recap And Ending

The story begins in the early 1900s when we see a twin brother and sister living by themselves in a large house. The tragedy strikes when the sister, Epperley, dies suddenly after a fierce battle with a fatal illness. On the day of the sister’s death, Walter, the twin brother, witnessed a ghost dragging Epperley’s soul away from him and taking it to a different dimension. Since then, Walter had been obsessively trying to find a gateway to the other realm so that he could bring his sister back to the mortal world and reunite with her.


In 1933, we saw a grown Walter visiting different wizard shows with his friend Frank in order to find a suitable person to help him in his cause. Walter believed that there might be a key to opening the gateway between two realms; however, his friend Frank thought Walter was just wasting his time as he couldn’t accept his sister’s tragic demise. Both Walter and Frank were members of the Spiritualist Society, where one day, Walter came across a painter named Mariana. In her hands, Walter saw a painting that caught his attention. Mariana had come to meet the head of society, whom she told that there was demonic power residing inside Keziah Mason’s old house. However, the head of the Spiritualist Society dismissed her claims without a second thought, but Walter was intrigued by the painting and hence stole it from the society.

Later inside the bar, Walter came across two vagabonds who were discussing some magical forest in another dimension. Walter curiously inquired about it, after which one of the guys gave him a portion of Oola ditlee, extracted from cactus flowers, to drink. As soon as Walter drank it, he lost consciousness, started hallucinating, and found himself standing in a dark forest, where he saw his sister, Epperley. The vision gave a ray of hope to Walter, and thus he started taking the portion again and again to meet his sister and even brought back a part of Epperley’s skirt with him during one of his trips. Walter had also seen Mariana in the forest once, where she was painting, and thus he started to believe that Mariana could help him bring back his sister. He found out about the owner of the house where Mariana was living and finally learned about Keziah Mason.


Keziah Mason was a wizard who believed that there were more dimensions to the world than the human one. However, she was brutally murdered by the locals after they found out about her dark magical powers. Walter believed that Keziah Mason could help her, but she had ulterior motives of her own. From Mariana’s paintings, we came to know that Keziah was planning to return to the mortal world, and for that, she needed a twin. It was Keziah who visited Epperley at the beginning of the episode and killed her. Keziah and Epperley were connected, and to bring herself back into the mortal world, Keziah needed the sacrifice of a twin, which was Walter. In other words, if Walter wanted his sister to come back to the human realm, he would need to sacrifice himself. However, his sacrifice would bring back not only Epperley but also Keziah. Epperley probably knew of this entire scheme, which was why she tried to stop Keziah from hurting Walter. However, in the end, the ghost of the pet mouse, Jenkins Brown, killed Walter and possessed his body. Hence, Walter failed to escape the devil’s grand scheme of things.

‘Cabinet of Curiosities’ Episode 6: Ending Explained – How Did Keziah Plan Her Return To The Mortal World? Was She successful?

Keziah had a vast knowledge of different dimensions and how these dimensions functioned. When Walter first visited the magical forest, he met Keziah, and ever since, Walter has been able to hear Keziah, who communicated with him on occasion, plaguing his mind and soul. Keziah was most likely locked or banished to the other dimension, and she needed assistance from the outside, from someone who could create a portal between realms and help her return to the mortal world, and Walter appeared to be the best puppet for her plans.


The only possible way to resurrect oneself in the human world was through the sacrifice of a twin, and Walter again fit the bill. Keziah took away Walter’s dear sister, after whose death Walter obsessively started looking for ways to bring her back as he was certain that her death was not natural and a certain magical being had taken away her soul. She might have tried this bait with other twins as well, but no one might have loved their twin sibling more than Walter did. Hence, against all odds, Walter crossed the bridge between the two worlds and finally came in contact with Keziah. After Keziah found Walter in the magical forest, she started to feed Walter’s greed to bring his sister to the mortal world, and Keziah knew that from thereon, it would be easy to manipulate Walter to give away his own life to save his sister.

However, there was one flaw in this well-thought-out plan. Keziah didn’t even bother to consider Epperley’s love for her brother. It was Epperley who convinced Walter to accept her death and let her go, as resurrecting her would lead to many grave consequences that could threaten the entire human race. Keziah whispered some magical words, and right before she could execute the plan, Epperley interfered and stabbed Keziah’s eye with her own wand. Keziah’s magical ritual was interrupted, and her soul was destroyed once and for all.


At the end of the episode, Frank found Keziah’s skeleton in the attic, and beside her was the skeleton of Jenkins, her pet. While Frank and Mariana were trying to understand the secrets of the house, they heard Walter screaming down below. As soon as they ran down, Walter, in a very painful voice, told them there was something crawling inside him. Epperley was probably able to save Walter from Keziah, but her pet, Jenkins, possessed Walter’s body and tore apart his stomach as he came out of it. Walter died soon after, and as soon as Frank and Mariana left the room, Jenkins returned and captured Walter’s body to use as his own vessel to roam freely in the human world without any suspicion. Hence, the devil finally triumphed, and Epperley failed to save her brother even after sacrificing herself.

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