‘Bupkis’ (2023) Recap And Review: Did Pete Go To Rehab? What Happened To Him?

Welcome to the world of Bupkis, which explores Pete Davidson’s turbulent life story. Through Bupkis, we ride through the highs and lows of drug use, failed romances, and contentious issues in renowned comedian Pete Davidson’s life. We follow him as he struggles to overcome the challenges of fame and the difficult terrain of personal development. Even though fans might have hoped for an appearance from the ever-controversial Kim Kardashian, Bupkis only gives us a chance to watch Pete with his two closest buddies, John Mulaney and Machine Gun Kelly, together on screen. Every episode of Bupkis deftly illuminates the severe problems that Pete has had to deal with in his life with respect to his relationships with his family, friends, girlfriends, and even himself. This partially fictionalized life story of Pete Davidson has been told to us on each of these hilarious, embarrassing, and occasionally heartbreaking occasions.


Spoilers Ahead

Plot Summary: What Happens In ‘Bupkis’ Season 1?

Bupkis starts out with the most awful, horrific thing you can imagine. Amy, Peter’s mother, saw Peter touching himself. Starting with this, Pete had to deal with a slew of strange and embarrassing events on the same day. When he saw his grandfather, Joe, that day, he learned that his grandfather had cancer. It crushed Pete’s heart, and he quickly devised a plan to do something for his poppy, Joe, before he left them. Pete planned to surprise Joe by reserving a suit and a hooker for him. Joe, on the other hand, was no longer interested in hookups. Instead, his pal Roy stepped in to enjoy the night with the hooker. Pete was having trouble dealing with the discomfort of his mother catching him in an awkward position in the morning, but Amy, Pete’s mother, was the most laid-back person alive. Since her husband passed away during the 9/11 attacks, she has suffered a significant loss in her life. She was the only caregiver for her daughter, Casey, and son, Pete. Pete was a troubled kid, but his uncle Tommy and his poppy Joe were always there to encourage him. These individuals in his life never made him mourn his father, but growing up brought Pete a lot of issues. At the same time, he encountered the blessed and cursed sides of fame. While he was prospering as a comic, appearing in various films and television series, he was a frequent target of trolls. Pete Davidson has always drawn the attention of the paparazzi due to his drug use and relationship rumors. Even one of his therapists came out as his worst bully, creating a false profile and declaring Pete Davidson dead one day. Pete’s mother desired tranquility because such news was robbing her of her sleep. She felt Pete should adopt a child or use surrogacy, but Pete was too young to raise a child on his own. Chase, Pete’s ex-girlfriend who had gotten tired of Pete’s erratic behavior in the relationship, established some boundaries between them and became Pete’s closest friend. Pete wanted to impress her little daughter to show how wonderful he could be with children, but it turned out he was terrible at it.


Did Pete Go To Rehab? What Happened To Him?

Pete Davidson was seen or heard to have gone to rehab more than once during his brief stint in the spotlight. In this series, Pete Davidson has represented a certain period of his life. Pete’s drug-abusing conduct wasn’t just a rumor; he was truly addicted to narcotics, which had a negative impact on his life. His family had grown tired of telling him that he needed to stop taking narcotics. We witness Pete in this series sometimes attending his dog’s burial and falling into the grave, and sometimes becoming involved with a deadly drug dealer in Florida. Pete’s grandfather, who had been a huge support in his life, couldn’t just see his downfall in such a way. He sternly warned him that if he didn’t stop using narcotics, no one could save him from ruin. In Pete’s case, it served as motivation. Pete knew his grandfather was dying of cancer; therefore, he was determined to make his grandfather proud of him before he died. Pete chose to enter treatment.

His grandfather, in particular, stated that he would need to distance himself from his drug-taking friends. Pete said farewell to all of his friends and looked forward to spending the next several days in treatment. When Pete arrived in rehab and started group therapy, his best friend, Machine Gun Kelly, showed up. MGK, in this scene, was humorously unaware that he was in rehab, implying that narcotics had rendered him confused to the point that he was disconnected from reality. However, regardless of who Pete met at the rehab, the therapist in that facility was quite harsh. Pete couldn’t just sneak out of rehab or try some drugs to have fun. However, the therapist later discovered Pete and MGK stealing narcotics from the pharmacy and having their little party in the rehab. He discharged MGK for carrying out the plan, but he was positive about Pete, believing that he had the potential to become sober. While Pete’s sister Casey was graduating, Pete was in treatment, where his physician brought him to the woods and ordered him to express his feelings by yelling as loudly as he could. Pete yelled, and it helped him relax. As the doctor moved on to the next process, Pete became ecstatic, clarifying that he had been cured. He rushed out of rehab, seizing his car and rushing towards his sister’s college, but he crashed and injured himself on the way. The show finished with Pete Davidson waking up in his car after suffering a severe injury.


Final Words

Bupkis is a short and enjoyable series that subtly and amusingly depicts the dark side of celebrity. Pete Davidson seems to have developed his acting abilities. But the entire supporting cast should be commended for portraying a variety of real-life personalities in an upbeat way. Overall, Bupkis provides you with a couple of hours of relaxing entertainment that is uncomplicated and full of amusing and awkward moments. The story ends on a cliffhanger, indicating that there could be a follow-up season soon, revealing what happened to Pete when he returned from rehab. Will he just go back home and change entirely, or will he go back to the therapist to gain complete insight into how to cope with the addiction and fixation on drugs?

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Bupkis is a short and enjoyable series that subtly and amusingly depicts the dark side of celebrity. Pete Davidson seems to have developed his acting abilities.'Bupkis' (2023) Recap And Review: Did Pete Go To Rehab? What Happened To Him?