‘Bujji And Bhairava’ Episodes 1–2 Recap & Ending Explained: What Is BUJZ 1?

Director Nag Aswin’s ambitious sci-fi universe, which will begin its journey with the upcoming post-apocalyptic epic Kalki 2898 AD, gets an exciting new addition in the form of the animated series B&B: Bujji and Bhairava, which acts as a prelude to the upcoming movie. Although cross-media adaptations are pretty popular in mainstream western franchises, it will mark the first time that an Indian movie franchise has opted to expand its storytelling with a prequel animated series. With the most expensive production budget among Indian movies, a star-studded cast, and a lofty, mythology-inspired vision to back it up, Kalki 2898 AD is already gearing up to be one of the most anticipated releases of the year, and the first two episodes of the animated series provide a hint about the world-building and the lore itself. Additionally, viewers are introduced to the lead protagonist of Kalki 2898 AD, Bhairava, and all these aspects will help viewers get acquainted with the newly formed universe. 


Over the last couple of decades, original Indian animated ventures have found sporadic success, but an overall lack of interest among the viewers has resulted in the medium’s scope remaining limited to badly made childish cartoons in recent years. After going through the first couple of episodes of B&B: Bujji and Bhairava, we positively consider the possibility of that trait finally changing for good. To much of the excitement of the fans, the 3D animation utilized in the series is quite similar to the Star Wars animated ventures like Bad Batch or Clone Wars. Also, the fact that Prabhas (the lead of “Kalki”) and Keerthy Suresh have lent their voices to the titular characters will contribute to a strong response among the viewers, which will hopefully amp up the hype for the upcoming sci-fi epic.

Spoilers Ahead


The World of Kalki: Complexity and Its Periphery

B&B: Bujji and Bhairava adapts a lean, fast-paced narrative progression to introduce viewers to its universe without depending on exposition-heavy dialogue or flashbacks at all. Letting viewers figure out the world on their own through visual cues is a much better approach, and some of the similarities the series shares with the recognized sci-fi classics help viewers relate to the lore as well. 

In the distant future of the late 29th century, the world has collapsed into a post-apocalyptic state in the aftermath of environmental degradation, and the autocratic, dictatorial governance of the Complex has assumed control over everything. The Complex has taken over the remaining resources and has started monopolizing them, while the rest of the hapless, destitute part of the world is forced to remain content living on scraps. In the futuristic city of Kashi, the Complex has a grand establishment where only selected people are allowed to enter based on their financial standing, where all the lost amenities of life can be enjoyed. To enforce its dictatorial control over the masses, the complex uses its own private millitia known as Raiders. In response to that, a rebel group has formed from the oppressed section of society that seeks to liberate the world from the control of the complex. The rebels seemingly have their base in a place called Shambala. 


Who are Bujji and Bhairava?

In the first few moments of the pilot episode of B&B: Bujji and Bhairava, viewers are introduced to BUJZ 1, an exceptionally intelligent AI affixed to one of the cargo vehicles of the complex. The AI is on her 100th mission for the Complex, and in the aftermath of its successful completion, she will be promoted to a private vehicle inside the premises of the Complex HQ, something she has been looking forward to for a long time. However, as the cargo ship captain ignores her warning and ventures into rebel territory during the mission, all the cargo carriers are shot down by the rebels. BUJZ 1 holds the rebels off from the main cargo vehicle by showing great tactical prowess, but eventually the main vehicle gets shot down as well. After stealing the cargo off the ship, the rebel fighters escape and destroy the vehicle, which detaches the AI from the Complex mainframe as well. 

On the other hand, in the streets of Kashi, we meet the happy-go-lucky, reckless, street-smart bounty hunter, Bhairava, who uses his skill and wits to make ends meet. Bhairava wishes to improve his life by getting a permit to enter the complex, which is not possible at the moment due to his lack of a vehicle and enough credit. Having no vehicle of his own causes a serious problem for Bhairava’s occupation, as he spends all his resources to hire one of the local transports to catch a bounty, only to get it destroyed during a prolonged chase at the end—that too without obtaining the bounty either. As Bhairava takes the scraps to sell in the junkyard, he finds the AI in the rubble and names her Bujji. After overhearing Bhairava talking to himself, Bujji proposes to make him a vehicle out of scrap and discarded materials; however, she has an ulterior motive of her own in doing so. 


Did the AI and the bounty hunter finally team up?

As Bhairava borrows, buys, and steals scrap from all around Kashi to assemble a vehicle by following Bujji’s instructions, he comes across a mysterious hooded figure who tricks him and the Complex Raiders while stealing a controller unit. As the vehicle is successfully assembled, Bujji steals it and sneaks out of Bhairava’s place to approach the complex. After the rebel attack, Bujji had lost control of her previous cargo ship, which was essentially a body to Bujji’s brain. The only reason she helped Bhairava was to gain a new body in the form of a vehicle and escape to the place she was created, as her allegiance lies with the Complex. 

However, the Complex Raiders refuse to let her enter the Complex HQ, and with her connection with the Complex mainframe severed, there is no way for Bujji to authenticate her claim of being an AI created by the Complex. All of a sudden, Bhairava uses a call-back/leash mechanism to bring Bujji and the vehicle back to their place, as it is revealed that he had anticipated something like this would happen as well. 


Soon enough, another chase ensues, this time for the mysterious hooded figure who seems to have a high bounty on his head. Bujji refuses to cooperate or accept Bhairava’s control over her, leading to a cat and mouse chase between them across the streets while the rest of the bounty hunters of Kashi begin their pursuit of the hooded man. Eventually, Bhairava temporarily convinces Bujji to assist him by stating that he will help her return to the complex. Working together, the duo manages to track the hooded man, who uses advanced holographic imagery to trick Bhairava time and time again. Eventually, Bhairava catches him, and a little street kid is revealed to be the mastermind behind the holographic imagery and the past thefts. The little sister of the kid comes to his aid as she pleads mercy from Bhairava, stating that their present condition is the reason for the crimes they have committed so far. Bhairava lets them go after taking the controller unit for himself. 

After returning to Bhairava’s place, Bujji and Bhairava seem to be on amicable terms, as the AI questions him about his sentimental side for letting his bounty escape. Although Bhairava mentions that he just recognized the kid’s talent and that letting him go was only part of a bigger plan to let his bounty increase even more, viewers surely realize that there is a personal history that influenced Bhairava’s decision after all. Thankful to the AI for the assistance, Bhairava chooses to trust her and turns off the callback/leash program in order to liberate her. Despite having differing motivations and allegiances, Bujji and Bhairava become partners and prepare for their next adventure together. In time, Bujji will become Bhairava’s close companion, and in the movie Kalki 2898 AD, the camaraderie between the two will be an enjoyable highlight. The talented techie kid and the unnamed rebel leader might have a bigger role in the upcoming movie as well, which we will get to know later this month. 


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