‘Bring Back Alice’ Episode 5 Recap & Ending, Explained: What Does Alicja Find In Janek’s Laptop?

Episode 4 of Bring Back Alice ended with Michael digging in the woods. Alicja and Tomek have met Olivia, who we know has connections with Weronica’s disappearance. Michael has already provided Patryk’s name to the police as the one who deals drugs. Paula finds out from Tomek that it was Alicja who took his packet of pills. Alicja still has no idea what happened to Weronica, and all she has are vague flashes from the past. It is frustrating, both for her and for us. Let us see what Bring Back Alice Episode 5 has in store.


Spoilers Ahead

The Party

Alicja invites Monica, Paula, Tomek, Janek, Patryk, and Michael to a party the same night. But where? All that they know is the time, i.e., 10 p.m. Michael’s parents leave for work (probably for any occasion), after which he tells his brother that Weronica’s grave is empty [so this is why he was in the woods digging]. The question is, where did Weronica’s body go? Has Michael’s brother removed it? Or was there no body in the grave at all? The latter would mean that she is still alive and is being held somewhere under Michael’s brother’s orders. All that Michael’s brother tells him is that the less he knows, the better. Alicja’s father visits Milena and tells her that he wants to help Alicja but doesn’t know how. Alicja has returned to normal life sooner than she should have, and it is taking a toll on her. Milena tells him that all he can do is take care of her and let her vent her stress. Night falls. Cops knock on Patryk’s door, but before they can find drugs on him, he flushes them all down the toilet. Alicja takes Monica, Michael, and Janek to a surprise party at the ship where they were partying on that fateful night a year ago. Patryk hasn’t turned up. Monica thinks it’s too traumatic, but Alicja tells them that it might help her remember stuff. All of them eventually arrive at the party.


Seeing Tomek, who has already arrived with Paula, Monica tells Janek to be cool and not raise any suspicion. Later on, Paula tells Janek that somebody has seen Tomek’s sister at a gas station in Szymbark and asks if he can pull CCTV footage. Janek tells her that he will look into it. But will he really, and even if he does, will he bring it to everyone else’s attention? As everyone is dancing, Alicja remembers Patryk offering her and Weronica some “serious dope” at the party for which they went to the beach. This, accompanied by more flashes, takes a toll on her, and she leaves the party. Tomek finds her at the dock and uses her phone to call a cab that will take her home. He manages to check her browsing history, which reveals a place named “Farma Flis” [Flis Farm]. Monica, Paula, Michael, and Janek come down as well. Janek starts to vomit, and Alicja decides to drop him home too. She tells them that she will meet them at the beach the next day. In the cab, Janek, under the influence of alcohol, tells Alicja how last year was perfect, but then everything got messed up. Alicja realizes that Janek knows at least something about that night. The RJ on the radio in the cab announces that Alicja Stec is soon going to organize a fundraiser for Weronica Bielecka.


Alicja puts Janek to bed at his house and accesses his laptop. There she finds videos from May 2021 (the party) and sends a copy of them to herself. While leaving the party, Paula tells Tomek that he should be wary of Alicja because she isn’t the person she was before she disappeared. Tomek returns home and looks up Farma Flis on Google Maps. The next day, he sets off in his car for the place. Alicja arrives at Tomek’s house and asks his mother for some pictures of Weronica, saying it is for the fundraiser. She tells Alicja that Tomek still texts and voicemails Weronica. He even pays her phone bills. He is hopeful that she will come back one day, and so is his mother. The whistle from the kettle that Tomek’s mother has put on brings back more flashes. This time it’s of someone making tea for her, someone carrying her, and Weronica calling out to her [these must be from the place where she was for the whole year she was missing]. Alicja leaves Tomek’s house. Tomek has now reached Flis Farm. The house there is completely empty, although it is clear that someone lives there. Failing to find anything, Tomek returns sad and doubtful over whether he can find his sister at all.


At the beach, Alicja tells Monica that someone spotted Weronica in Szymbark, and she feels that she is close to finding her. At the bar, Patryk tells Paula that he was questioned by cops regarding the pack of pills in Michael’s bag. That’s when Paula tells him that Alicja took a pack of pills from Tomek’s garage. Patryk realizes that it was Alicja who put the drugs in Michael’s bag. He follows Alicja to the restroom and confronts her for what she has done. Alicja utters the same words that he used on that night a year ago in his ears, making it clear to him that she remembers what he and the others did. After this, she starts banging her face on the wall and screaming, making it seem as if Patryk is beating her. Monica rushes in to find Alicja bleeding through her nose. Patryk tells Monica that Alicja is tricking them all before scurrying away. Alicja settles herself, tells Monica that she’s going home, and leaves. The locket that Weronica gifted her was ripped in the scuffle with Patryk.

That night, Monica meets Michael outside her house. Michael asks for a second chance, but Monica doesn’t answer. She does, however, tell him that she saw Alicja and Weronica kiss at the party, and it made her jealous. The two girls knew each other before they met at the party. Michael reveals to her that Weronica’s grave is empty. But the question is, why did Monica feel jealous? And jealous of who? Alicja or Weronica? Things are getting more complicated with time.


Did Patryk Kill Weronica?

Patryk returns home at night and finds that his father has just bought a car using the money he made from selling drugs that he was saving for college. He and his father get into a scuffle. His mother separates them, and Patryk walks off. Sometime later, he gets a text from the drug dealers asking him to come to the docks. At the docks, they ask him about the cops and beat him up for having lost all the drugs. He later video calls Paula, in his bruised state, and tells her that Alicja is messing with them all and tells her not to trust her. The next day, Alicja goes live for her fans, asking them to come to the fundraiser as well as share their videos addressing the issue. The more people share, the more the media will care. A bruised Patryk returns home and finds all his stuff outside the building. His father has been throwing them out of the window. He has disowned him. Realizing that he has just lost his home, he manages to grab the keys to the car his father bought and escapes. With nowhere to go, he roams around the city in the car, drinking and thinking about what he did. Weronica died of an overdose from the drugs he gave her. If they had taken her to the hospital or called the cops, they would all have ended up in jail. Patryk has no place to hide. If he manages to escape from the cops in the drug case, they will eventually find out that he killed Weronica since Alicja remembers everything now (or so he thinks). In a state of utter panic, he drives the car through the railing of the flyover he is driving on. A crash is heard.

Bring Back Alice Episode 5 ends with the sound of a car crash but we do not know for sure if Patryk is dead. For his sake, he better be. If he’s not, he will probably have to open up about why he tried to take his own life. This means that the truth will come out. And if he dies, Alicja will have one less person to pull the truth out of. On the other hand, we have a house in Farm Flis that is empty. Is this where Alicja and Weronica were held by the mysterious guy, who is probably the same guy who delivered packages to Olivia in Szymbark? We also need to remember that Patryk has told Paula about Alicja and her intentions. Will Paula do anything about it? Will she tell Tomek about it? How will that turn out? Only Bring Back Alice Episode 6 can tell.

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