‘Bring Back Alice’ Episode 4: Recap & Ending, Explained: What Evidence Do Alicja And Tomek Find About Weronica?

At the end of Episode 3 of Bring Back Alice, Michael is arrested for the possession of drugs that Alicja put in his locker. She then goes live with Tomek on her YouTube profile, asking people to help her find Weronica. There is also the mysterious woman with braided hair we see at the end of the episode. Bring Back Alice Episode 4 shows Alicja and Tomek inching toward the mystery behind Weronica’s disappearance while Michael struggles with his imminent prison time that he can avoid only after he gives the cops a name.


Spoilers Ahead

Deal Or No Deal?

Michael’s brother and father tell Michael that the only way for him to survive and not go to jail is if he gives the police the name of the person who put the pills in his locker. If he doesn’t do that, he will be serving five years in prison, and worse than that, his father’s image will be compromised forever. The cops want a name, and he has to go give them one.


Alicja visits Michael’s house and denies having any idea who put the bag of pills in his locker. However, she asks him if he has anyone in mind who has access to those kinds of pills. The first name that comes to mind is Patryk’s. Meanwhile, Patryk’s friends, who used to call him up for drugs and pills, count themselves out of his services. They are scared that they, too, might end up like Michael.

At school, Alicja takes a dig at Monica by telling her that Michael proposed to her. She knows that Monica will be disheartened by this, and that is exactly what happens. Monica walks away without reacting to Alicja, and Janek finds her crying.


After school, Patryk returns home to an unemployed father, a hard-working mother, and a grandfather, who probably has Alzheimer’s. He brings out some cash from his hidden box and gives it to his mother. That is the sole source of income for his family, which comes from the drugs he sells. All that his father does is sit and watch television and drink beer. We realize that Patryk is making money the only way he can so that he can help his mother. Later on, he goes and meets his drug dealer and hands over the money that he has made of late. Unfortunately, it is not enough, and the dealer tells him to get lost. It seems that he has just lost his only chance at making more money. The next day at school, Michael asks him if he knows someone else who is dealing drugs at school. Patryk thinks that Michael is mocking him and is basically pointing the finger at him as the one responsible for putting the pills in his locker. Patryk snaps at him and reminds him that he isn’t the only one who can potentially ruin someone’s life. What did Patryk mean by this?

Traps And Tracks

Monica returns home and finds Alicja in her pool. Alicja reminds her that she has her keys. Monica joins her in the pool and informs her that Michael is going to take Patryk’s name to the police. That’s when Alicja tells her that it wasn’t Patryk who put the pills in Michael’s locker. It was Janek who was jealous of Michael for being Monica’s lover. Alicja also Monica her that she knows that Monica has been sleeping with Michael. With Monica freaking out and feeling guilty, Alicja uses the opportunity to ask her what happened on that fateful night a year ago. Yet again, Monica tells her that all she knows is what happened. Alicja leaves. She returns home and hires a sex worker for her next plan, which involves Patryk. The same night, Patryk is offered money by that very male sex worker at a disco in return for some fun. The guy takes a picture of Patryk going down on him and sends it to Alicja, who now has something to blackmail Patryk with. She has already taken care of Michael, and now she is after Patryk. Clearly, she is taking down one friend after another, and she won’t stop until she finds out what happened that night and what they did to her.


The Woman With Braided Hair

The next day after school, Paula arrives at Tomek’s garage and finds that he is away with Alicja, who got a text from some girl saying that she met Weronica. Alicja and Tomek are going to meet that girl. Paula informs Michael about it. Michael meets Monica and tells her that Alicja and Tomek have gone to see a girl named Weronica. Monica asks Michael if he believes that Weronica is still alive. Michael shakes his head. This proves that they know what happened to Weronica as well.

Alicja and Tomek arrive at a cafe and meet the girl, Oliwia. Oliwia is the same girl whom we saw at the end of Bring Back Alice Episode 3, watching Alicja’s live stream and then handing a guy an envelope in the middle of the night. She definitely knows something. Alicja undergoes yet another flashback, and she sees Weronica inside the cafe. Perhaps Weronica visited this cafe. Oliwia reveals that she saw Weronica a year ago. That’s all she knows. As they’re leaving the cafe, Alicja notices a truck with the words “Farma Flis” on its tailgate. She remembers that the same words were written on a truck that she saw the night she disappeared. They visit Detective Werner and tell her about Oliwia. Werner tells Sergeant Laura to pick her up. On the way out of the police station, Alicja comes across a wall full of posters of missing girls. One of them is Weronica. She has another flashback and breaks down in front of Tomek. Her memories are in pieces, and she is unable to make any sense of them, and it hurts.

 Tomek returns to his garage and finds Paula waiting for him. He tells her about Olivia and that he believes that Weronica is alive. Paula finds their packet of pills missing from the drawer. Tomek tells her that Alicja stole it. Meanwhile, Michael’s brother takes him hunting. Michael mentions his doubts about Patryk telling the police about the night of Alicja’s disappearance. Michael’s brother cleaned up the mess that Michael and his friends made that night. Now Michael has to do what’s necessary as well. So, the brother is also involved in Alicja’s case.

‘Bring Back Alice’ Episode 4: Ending Explained – Does Werner Find Any Info On Oliwia?

Michael and his brother walk into the police station. It seems that Michael is ready to submit Patryk’s name in order to clear his. Meanwhile, Werner and Laura find the CCTV footage from the cafe where Olivia works. In it, they come across a guy whose face is not visible, who visits the cafe every month and hands Olivia an envelope that most probably contains cash.


Alicja tries to reach Farma Flis by looking the company up on Google Maps, but their number is unreachable. Werner arrives at Tomek’s garage and shows him the CCTV footage. The guy visited the cafe every month but stopped the week Alicja reappeared. The same night, we see Michael digging the ground somewhere in the woods. Bring Back Alice Episode 4 ends with a man pointing a flashlight in the direction of the woods after he hears his dogs barking outside. They must have noticed something. Did they spot Michael? Has the man spotted him too? If he has, he might just go and tell the police about it. And the report might just end up on Werner’s table. We know that Michael’s brother is involved in getting rid of whatever evidence there was on the night of Alicja’s disappearance [and we also know that Weronica was with Alicja on that night]. Can it be that Michael’s brother paid Oliwia to get rid of the evidence? And maybe Oliwia wanted to know just how much Tomek and Alicja knew about Weronica, so she texted Alicja. We also have to find out whether Michael told the cops about Patryk or not. Well, all this is just conjecture, and that’s all we can do while waiting for the next episode for at least some answers.

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