‘Breathe: Into The Shadows’ Season 2: Ending, Explained: How Did J Help Avinash And Abha To Start A New Life?

“Breathe: Into The Shadows” has released its second season; however, unlike the first, this time, the makers failed to leave an impact. The first season of “Breathe,” featuring Amit Sadh and Madhavan, was on a completely different level compared to its successors. The first season of “Into the Shadows” at least had some vibes of psychological disorders and serial killings. But this time around, the narrative gradually becomes dull with each passing episode. Recently, there has been a trend among writers to weave stories around serial killers, and because of his newfound obsession, we have recently witnessed a plethora of series in this genre. But with such abundance, such stories either fail massively or irritate viewers who have seen great serial killer films like “Memories of Murder.” Indian web series have managed to create great thrillers like “Paatal Lok,” but when it comes to a serial killing story, well, they somehow manage to mess up the whole psychology behind it. So, hoping that someday we will have more stories like “The Butcher of Delhi,” let’s start analyzing “Breathe: Into The Shadows” season 2.


Spoilers Ahead

‘Breathe: Into The Shadows’ Season 2: Recap And Ending

The season starts with a three-year jump, where we see Avinash Sabharwal (Abhishek Bachchan) in a mental clinic where his mental health is gradually improving. We learned from the doctors that, since he was doing well, he was allowed to meet with his family. When Abha Sabharwal (Nithya Menen) came to the hospital with her daughter Siya (Ivana Kaur), they brought a cake to celebrate Avinash’s birthday. However, soon after holding Siya close to him, J. Avinash’s subconscious took over his body. J started hugging Siya tight, and Siya was frightened by this incident. The doctors later informed the family that they thought J had disappeared, but he kept himself hidden in the shadows of Avinash for three years. J blackmailed Abha into killing Neel Behl, a well-known real estate developer. We learned that the modus operandi of J’s killing was the representation of the ten heads of Raavan. Neel represented “swarth” (selfishness), so J decided to kill him. One important thing to remember is that J was not doing anything to help society or anything. His main object was to avenge those who had somehow wronged Avinash throughout his life until now.


Inspector Kabir Sawant (Amit Sadh) was again brought in to investigate the case, and now he was chasing J all over again. Why? Well, J, with the help of another patient named Victor Behl (Naveen Kasturia), ran away from the mental hospital. Later, we came to know that Victor was Neel Behl’s son. Victor was a victim of his father’s torture, and he saw how Neel had drugged his mother to death. So, he talked to J about his past when they used to share their time in the mental hospital. J then decided to kill Neel Behl. Neel was probably the only victim of J who had done nothing wrong to Avinash, yet he was killed. Victor had idealized J since the very beginning and helped him get away from the hospital. Now was his time to return the favor. What did he do? He blackmailed Avinash into completing J’s mission, and he also helped him with whatever he needed for the killings. One after another, victims were dead, and Kabir could not do anything about it.

Finally, right before killing the final victim, J called Kabir and gave him some clues about the victim. Kabir decoded the clue, and as it turned out, it was Abha who was J’s final victim. Kabir went to save her, but he, too, fell into J’s trap. At that moment, Prakash and Jaiprakash, Kabir’s associates, came and tried to rescue Abha from J. When J was about to pull the trigger, Avinash took over and stopped J from killing Abha. Avinash pushed Abha away from him, and there was a huge blast in which we thought Avinash had died. However, at the end of the final episode, we see Kabir having come to realize that Avinash is still alive and is living with Abha and Siya abroad.


‘Breathe: Into The Shadows’ Season 2: Ending Explained – How Did J Help Avinash And Abha To Start A New Life?

In the middle of these killings, there was a time when Dr. Siddharth followed Victor’s trail and found out about the place where J and Victor had planned all the killings. Before Siddharth could gather the evidence and speak with Kabir about it, J spotted him and killed him. Victor then told J that killing an innocent person like Siddharth was not something he would have agreed to do. But, at the end of the episode, we learn that Doctor Siddharth and Abha had an affair that remained unknown to Avinash. Now, we know that J’s only priority was to protect Avinash from anyone who had hurt him in any way. However, J had promised everyone that once he killed ten people, representing Ravana’s ten heads, he would disappear once and for all. J also knew that once he was gone, the police would not let Avinash go that easily. So, in simpler terms, to help Avinash live a carefree life after all the trouble, everyone must believe that Avinash has died so that he can start a new life somewhere else with a new identity.

J had already bought a house abroad that had a number. The papers of house number C-16 were handed over to J by Shirley (Saiyami Kher). From the very beginning, J had everything sorted out for Avinash so that he could live a happy life away from all this chaos. So, he put Siddharth’s body in the location of the blast and covered his body with similar clothes. Then, right after the blast, when the police discovered the body, they sent it for a postmortem. There, we see Gayatri Mishra, one of the admirers of J, doing the examination of the dead body. Gayatri knew that it was Siddharth’s body. She manipulated the test results, and everyone believed that it was Avinash who had died in the blast. But, in reality, Avinash was living happily with Abha and Siya, far from the reach of the police, including Kabir. J and Abha plotted a perfect plan to help Avinash get away with all these murders. Abha never had an affair with Dr. Siddharth. She just executed the plan accordingly to make Kabir and everyone else believe that J had died along with Avinash. But everyone was fooled by the brilliant plan, however vague in reality, crafted by J.


What Can We Expect in Season 3?

Kabir never lets a criminal get away with a crime. Avinash had killed too many people, and Kabir would never let him roam around freely. So, in the upcoming series, if there is one, we will see Kabir chasing Avinash abroad. This time, however, J would devise some vicious plot to keep Avinash and his family out of Kabir’s clutches. It would be interesting to see whether Kabir is finally able to put an end to J.

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