‘Brain Works’ Episodes 9 And 10: Recap And Ending – Did Joon Young Really Murder His Mother?

Ha Ru got to examine some of the rare neurological phenomena, and yet he decided to leave the neurological investigation team. “Brain Works” has an equal amount of suspense, thrill, and amusement, and Ha Ru is a key member in solving complex cases, so the neurological team needs him. Myung Se is the only one who can pursue him, but something refreshing has happened in his life after a long time. Captain Seul confessed that she had feelings for him, and he was lost as to how to respond to it.

Spoilers Ahead

What’s Wrong With Joon Young’s Brain? 

Myung Se has closed himself off from relationships since his wife cheated on him, and he doesn’t understand why Seul would like a boring person like him. Seul has an answer to his question: she likes the warmth that Myung Se has. When she was unconscious in the hospital, she wasn’t awake, but she still felt someone’s warmth beside her. When she woke up, she felt the same warmth from Myung Se, and she had liked him ever since. However, Myung Se is not sure about his feelings yet, so Seul gives him some time to think about it. On the other hand, Ha Ru also runs into his old friend, who has had a crush on him for a long time, but Ha Ru still hasn’t caught on. Ha Ru is getting bored reading research papers and wondering about how the investigation team is doing.

The neurological investigation team has a new case about a son who killed his mother. Kim Joon Young surrendered to the police after murdering his mother, but the police are confused because Joon Young claims that he doesn’t remember anything. Moreover, he keeps asking the same questions over and over again and calls himself a 17-year-old when his real age is 22. The team needs Ha Ru in such cases. Ha Ru is visiting Hwang in prison, and Hwang asks him whether he is having fun working on the new case. When Ha Ru tells him that he has quit the team, Hwang tells him that he is missing a chance to explore rare neurological cases. Ha Ru cannot join the team again since he left voluntarily, but to his surprise, Myung Se comes to him and asks to work together. However, Ha Ru doesn’t agree right away and only joins the team after Myung Se signs the brain donation consent form.

According to Joon Young’s younger brother, Ho Young, Joon Young is a social recluse and a gaming addict who hasn’t stepped out of the house in 5 years. However, the day before their mother’s death, he had a huge fight with her. Ho Young reveals that Joon Young is his half-brother and that his mother abused Joon Young a lot. After their father passed away, she tortured him more. Ha Ru tests Joon Young first and diagnoses him with Anterograde Amnesia, which makes him forget everything after 30 minutes. Joon Young’s brain had stopped making new memories and is still stuck in the time when he was 17. This makes Ha Ru suspect Ho Young because the difference between the time of the murder and the time of the report is one hour. Seul thinks that Joon Young is able to remember significant events for more than 30 minutes, so Myung Se runs another test on him, which proves to them that he can remember certain significant moments for a longer time.

Joon Young gets charged with murder, but Ha Ru is still not convinced, and he calls over the witness who had seen the murderer when he returned home. The woman does not remember many details, so she volunteers for hypnosis herself because she is a fan of Ha Ru. However, she remembers nothing more than a certain smell that came from the culprit. The team has reached a dead end again, but as Myung Se and Ha Ru discuss the sense of smell, Ha Ru comes up with a method to evoke the witness’ memories. As the woman goes through the hypnosis again, Seul makes her smell a glass of water, and the woman recognizes the smell. She remembered that the man she saw had blood on his hand and a big scar. Ha Ru’s method works as the water he brought was from the swimming pool that Ho Young goes to, and Ho Young has a big scar on his hand.

How Does Ho Young Get Caught?

Myung Se calls Ho Young to meet him, but he refuses. Ho Young has brought the murder weapon with him and gets a call from Myung Se just as he is about to enter his home. He lies to Myung Se that he is at the swimming pool, but Myung Se is staking out his house and catches him lying. Ho Young gets scared and runs away from him. Myung Se loses him while trying to save a baby who got into danger because of Ho Young. He continues the search and finds the motel he is staying at. He is staking out the motel with Ha Ru, but Myung Se doesn’t like the sight of motels. He shares with Ha Ru that he caught his wife cheating on him when he was staking out a motel. However, their conversation gets interrupted when they receive a report that Ho Young is trying to jump off the building.

Ho Young wouldn’t let anyone come close to him, nor was he in the right state of mind to talk. Myung Se tries to persuade him, but Ha Ru understands that it is not going to work. He runs toward Ho Young and jumps down with him, and they land on the inflatable mat. Ha Ru scares everyone with his move, but thanks to him, Ho Young survives and gets arrested. When Joon Young sees his brother in handcuffs, he starts protesting that Ho Young hasn’t murdered their mother. However, Ho Young confesses the truth. Ho Young didn’t intend to kill his mother, but he wanted to kill himself. He had seen his mother put detergent in Joon Young’s food, but he couldn’t dare confront her. He used to warn Joon Young every day not to eat the meal given by their mother and buy him bread and milk. When he finally talked to his mother about it, she told him that she was doing it all for his sake. Ho Young thought that he was the root of the problem, so he tried to stab himself with a knife in front of his mother. His mother tried to stop him and got herself killed instead.

Ho Young’s confession turns this case from murder to manslaughter, which means a reduced punishment for Ho Young, but the question still remains why he tried to frame Joon Young, who cherished him a lot. It turns out that Ho Young didn’t frame Joon Young, and Joon Young purposely turned himself in to save his brother. Even Ho Young doesn’t understand why he would do that, but Ha Ru has the answer. When Ha Ru asked Joon Young about his fondest memory, Joon Young told him about going to swimming classes with Ho Young. Though his mother never treated him well, Ho Young was his best friend. Based on that fond memory, Joon Young tried to help his little brother. He might have a weak memory, but he still has emotions attached to people.

‘Brain Works’ Episode 10: Ending

After the case is closed, Ha Ru helps Myung Se get rid of his traumatic memories of his ex-wife cheating, as promised. Myung Se thought that it would be some complex process, but Ha Ru first made him face the memory and then explained to him that his experience was just a lesson that he should learn and move on. Ha Ru is a smooth talker and a skilled neurologist; he easily talks Myung Se out of his lingering fear. Later that day, Myung Se asks out captain Seul and confesses that he always had feelings for her but was not ready to accept it. However, his heart is open for her now. Ha Ru initially comes off as cold-hearted because he is not used to emotional communication. He is changing now, but he needs to beware of Dr. Hwang.

“Brain Works” has shown great character development so far, but Ha Ru has a complex personality, contrary to what he believes. Dr. Hwang has caught onto this, and he is slowly manipulating Ha Ru to unleash forgotten memories of his past. Hwang seems to be a part of Ha Ru’s traumatic memory that has been distorted. As Ha Ru goes home after meeting Hwang, he sees a man waiting for him with a knife in his hand. At the same time, Myung Se gets a call from his ex-wife that she has found a dead body. Will there be a connection between the two incidents that happen, and most importantly, who would attack Ha Ru and why? The episode ended with much anticipation for what’s going to happen next.

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