‘Brain Works’ Episodes 5 And 6: Recap And Ending – Does The Cult Leader Get Caught?

Ha Ru has taken an interest in solving criminal cases as he likes the thrill that it gives him. “Brain Works” has made criminal investigation interesting by giving it a neuroscientific angle, and Shin Ha Ru is one entertaining character despite his eccentricities. However, he has a secret that many aren’t aware of. It is evident that he has an extraordinary brain, but his aunt knows how gullible it is as well. Hwang Dong Woo has been trying to contact Ha Ru, which worries her as Hwang is a proven psychopath.

Spoilers Ahead

Why Do Myung Se And Seol Go Undercover?

Ha Ru is unaware of what kind of person Hwang Dong Woo is. All that he knows is that he was a neurologist who killed seven of his patients by morphine overdose just to serve his own pleasure. Ha Ru finally meets Hwang, and both of them are happy to see each other. Ha Ru has been looking for a psychopath’s brain for his research, and Hwang’s brain is an ideal candidate. He promises Hwang that he will give him credit where it is due, but Hwang doesn’t care about that. Instead, he has a condition. Hwang wants Ha Ru to be his friend and spend four hours with him every month. Ha Ru doesn’t believe in friendship, but he sees it as an investment to get access to Hwang’s brain and agrees to it. Hwang is elated that he has a new toy to play with now. He tells a guard that he will instill Ha Ru with negative emotions like pain, anger, and fury and have fun watching him suffer.

The neuroscientific investigation department has a new case about a young girl named Han Ji Yul, an aphasia patient who allegedly murdered her own father. Ji Yul’s father fell down from the rooftop and Ji Yul’s mother saw him fall as she returned home at night. She ran to the rooftop and saw Ji Yul with a knife in her hand. Ji Yul’s mother tells the detectives that Ji Yul’s father was physically abusive to her, and she must have killed him out of anger. However, Myung Se finds her statement extremely irrational. Ji Yul is unable to speak because of aphasia, so she answers Myung Se’s questions by writing and nodding. When asked about who was with her on the rooftop, she writes down ‘devil,” but when Myung Se asks her to describe the devil, she gets scared and faints.

Myung Se takes Ji Yul to the hospital against her mother’s wishes, as her mother still refuses to treat Ji Yul. She has already tried to treat Ji Yul, but nothing has worked. She gives them the CD of Ji Yul’s MRI, and Ha Ru finds nothing wrong with it. That’s why Ji Yul’s mother believes that Ji Yul has been possessed by an evil spirit. Myung Se finds out from Ji Yul’s aunt that Ji Yul’s mother has become obsessed with a cult, and she has had a lot of arguments with her husband because of it. Moreover, she reveals that Ji Yul’s father was not abusive at all but rather had tried to save Ji Yul from the cult. Myung Se finds out about the cult and visits it with Ha Ru. However, the cult ladies wouldn’t let Myung Se meet the cult leader, so Ha Ru steps up and easily manipulates the cult ladies by talking like he is one of them and calling them sisters. They get to meet the cult leader and interrogate her about Ji Yul’s case. Right after they leave, the cult leader meets Ji Yul’s mother and convinces her to perform an exorcism on Ji Yul soon.

The detectives think that the cult leader must have manipulated Ji Yul into killing her father, but Ha Ru thinks otherwise. Aphasia patients are good at detecting lies, and it is difficult to manipulate them, so he finds a way to see who Ji Yul saw on the rooftop. He uses a high-resolution, one of its kind MRI machine to develop an image of Ji Yul’s thoughts. When Ji Yul thinks of the person she saw on the rooftop, an image is generated from the machine, but it is Ji Yul herself, and that disappoints Ha Ru. Myung Se still doesn’t believe that Ji Yul could kill her father because he had seen the terrified look on her face when he mentioned the devil. He goes back to the rooftop and notices something odd. There is a mirror that clearly reflects the door to the rooftop. Myung Se speculates that Ji Yul must have seen the cult leader in the mirror. When he checks the generated image again, he sees a blurred figure behind Ji Yul, furthering his speculation.

Captain Seol gets a confession from Ji Yul that it was indeed the cult leader whom she saw on the rooftop. Seol shows Ji Yul’s confession to her mother, but she is not ready to accept it. She doesn’t want the cult leader to get into trouble because of her, and she makes that clear. Myung Se tries to tell her that her daughter will live her life as a murderer if she doesn’t help her now instead of the cult leader, but Ji Yul’s mother doesn’t dare to betray her leader. Ji Yul’s mother has been brainwashed, and the only way out for her is to see reality. To do that, Myung Se and Seol decide to go undercover and join the cult. After careful examination by the cult leader, Seol, and Myung Se enter the cult to treat Myung Se’s fake paralysis. To be able to join Ji Yul’s exorcism, Seol and Myung Se have to level up their games, and Seol manages to do it easily by bragging about her money.

Seol and Myung Se join the cult members on the day of Ji Yul’s exorcism, but their small mistake turns the game on them. The cult members have to take a pill as a part of the activity, but Seol makes Myung Se spit it out as she knows that the pill causes hallucinations. However, Myung Se is not subtle at all and shows everyone that he is unable to eat the pill. The cult leader announces that Myung Se needs salvation more than Ji Yul, as he cannot even swallow a pill, and postpones Ji Yul’s exorcism to treat Myung Se first.

What Condition Did Ji Yul Have?

Myung Se has no choice but to cooperate with the cult leader if he wants their undercover operation to be successful. The cult leader strikes him with a whip until he bleeds, and Myung Se tolerates it until tears stream down his face. The cult lady assures Myung Se that he will start walking in no time and proceeds with Ji Yul’s exorcism. Ji Yul cannot speak, but she is whimpering out of fear. Her mother is also worried for her but again, doesn’t dare to stop the exorcism from happening. Just when the cult leader is ready to hit Ji Yul with the whip, a hooded figure enters the hall. He calls himself the savior who came to salvage Ji Yul. His mysterious appearance makes the cult members believe that he is someone in a higher position than their leader and start hailing him. The savior picks up Ji Yul and prepares to leave, but the cult leader won’t let him leave easily. When she tries to stop him, Seol shouts that Myung Se has recovered and starts walking. The savior, who is none other than Ha Ru, runs outside and locks the door. He leaves with Ji Yul and her mother before the cult members can catch him.

Seol and Myung Se arrest the cult leader on the charges of special physical assault as they do not have enough evidence to prove her other crimes, but she gets out on bail right away as she has a connection with a big lawyer. Ha Ru has kept Ji Yul and her mother at his home, and Ji Yul’s mother is locked inside a room alone. It is a part of Ha Ru’s plan to empty Ji Yul’s mother’s mind so that she can accept new ideas. He sends Ji Yul inside her room only after she gets restless to see her. That’s when Myung Se also meets her and executes the next step in their plan. He talks to Ji Yul’s mother all night about the struggles of being a single parent and makes her believe that he is on her side. As the final step, Ha Ru makes Ji Yul’s mother promise him that she will confess the truth about her husband’s murder if he saves Ji Yul from the evil spirit she believes Ji Yul possesses.

Ha Ru runs a lot of tests but doesn’t find any direct issue with Ji Yul’s brain, so the only possible condition that remains is Encephalitis, which causes the brain to swell due to problems in some other organ. That’s when Ha Ru remembers Ji Yul’s mother telling him about Ji Yul’s constant stomach ache. After doing a sonography of Ji Yul’s stomach, Ha Ru finally finds the answer to Ji Yul’s sickness. Ji Yul has a rare condition called a teratoma, which caused a huge tumor to grow in Ji Yul’s ovary, which generated a large number of antibodies inside her and caused swelling of the brain. Ji Yul starts speaking after the removal of the tumor, and her mother believes that Ha Ru is the real savior. The cult leader tries to brainwash Ji Yul’s mother again, but Ji Yul’s mother reveals everything about how the cult leader convinced her to put the blame for the murder on Ji Yul, giving the reason for her salvation when she was the one who killed her husband. However, there is still no evidence to prove that she is the murderer, so Ji Yul’s mother tells them a cult secret. The police find the skeleton of a teenage girl who died during an exorcism session hidden right next to the cult’s building. It is enough to get the cult leader arrested.

‘Brain Works’ Episode 6: Ending

The neuroscientific investigation department gets applauded for their work, and the police department announced a special award to Myung Se for his bravery in the undercover operation. Moreover, Ha Ru’s video of persuading Ji Yul’s mother to turn away from the cult leader also goes viral. Ha Ru brags about his achievement to Hwang during their monthly meeting, but Hwang tells him that he ruined Ji Yul’s mother’s life by taking away her hope. According to him, Ji Yul’s mother was born a coward and could not live without relying on others. Ha Ru is already disturbed after thinking about that when Ji Yul’s mother goes to his office and begs him to become her savior because she cannot trust anyone else. However, he tells her that she only needs to love and trust herself, as that is the only way she can save herself.

Ha Ru is getting more and more involved in solving the cases, but he hasn’t forgotten one of his main purposes for coming to the police department. “Brain Works” has as much comic rivalry between Ha Ru and Myung se as it has their camaraderie while solving the crimes. Ha Ru finds a rather controversial video on Myung Se’s tablet, and he plays it in front of all the police officers while Myung Se is getting awarded. This is Ha Ru’s second attempt at ruining Myung Se’s career and reputation, but given Myung Se’s altruistic nature, it looks less likely that Myung Se would do something heinous. Odds are that Ha Ru’s plan will fail again.

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