‘Brain Works’ Episodes 13 And 14: Recap And Ending – What Does Dr. Hwang Reveal To Ha Ru?

In the previous episode of “Brain Works,” Ha Ru revealed himself to be a psychopath and caused a stir among the public. He was pushed into doing it because Hwang set him up to do so. His aunt is worried that Ha Ru is slowly falling into Hwang’s trap. On the other hand, Myung Se’s love life is ruined because his ex-wife’s illness is surprisingly cured, and Captain Seul breaks up with him because she gets insecure. Ha Ru had not seen Myung Se upset like this before, so he consoled him like a friend. However, more trouble lies ahead for Myung Se as his daughter, Yi Na, was seen crying while her friend lay on the floor bleeding.


Spoilers Ahead

What Is Yi Na Being Accused Of?

A father of a teenager interrupts Myung Se and Ha Ru’s conversation to ask Ha Ru for advice on how to deal with his teenage daughter. He is tired of his teenager’s tantrums, and other parents join him in complaining about their teenage kids. Ha Ru explains to them how a teenager’s brain is mature and immature at the same time and should be dealt with patiently. As Myung Se gets drunk, they have to leave the restaurant, and Ha Ru takes him home. Myung Se wants Yi Na to greet Ha Ru, but she has locked her room door and won’t answer him. It worries Ha Ru, and he tries to break open the door, but Yi Na opens it. She is scared and has already called the paramedics. Ha Ru and Myung Se are shocked to see her friend, Eun Ho, bleeding, but Ha Ru confirms that he is still alive. While Eun Ho receives surgery, Yi Na gets interrogated by the detective. She tells them that bullies from their school barged into her house and started drinking alcohol. They forced Eun Ho and Yi Na to drink as well, and Yi Na doesn’t remember what happened after that. She only remembers waking up and seeing Eun Ho unconscious. All the other kids tell the same story: that they left after Eun Ho and Yi Na get into an argument. A girl even shows the message she got from Yi Na, in which Yi Na confesses that she hurt Eun Ho.


Yi Na doesn’t remember sending a message, and she volunteers to give her phone to the forensics team to find out the truth. Even though the message doesn’t show up on Yi Na’s phone, it is visible in the forensics report. It makes strong evidence against Yi Na, which disturbs Yi Na’s whole family. Even though Myung Se is a detective, he is a father first. He is lost at what to do and calls Ha Ru to ask for help. Ha Ru brings him back to his senses and suggests he use his detective skills to find any discrepancy in her phone records. As Ha Ru suggested, Myung Se checks the records all night and finds something odd. The difference in time between the message sent by Yi Na and the call made by her is too less for a heavily drunk person to doze off and wake up. However, Myung Se hesitates to directly report it to the detective in charge because it would seem like he was interfering in the investigation for personal means. Captain Seul helps in delivering his message to the detective. It is easier for Myung Se to be of even a little help in this case because it is at the same office, but Eun Ho’s mother demands to transfer the case to another station because she thinks Myung Se will manipulate the case. Yi Na has one last chance to prove her innocence, but she confesses that she sent the message and messed up. The kids have been blackmailing her by threatening to release her drunk photos, and that’s why Yi Na lies.

Apart from his work at the police station, Ha Ru is also working on his project, and he is happy that Kang In Ho has agreed to sign the consent form to donate his brain. Ha Ru gets a petition from Dr. Park after promising him that he won’t meet Dr. Hwang again if he gets In Ho’s brain. However, before Ha Ru could get In Ho’s consent, In Ho took his own life.


Ha Ru is sure that Hwang is responsible for this, and he calls him in a rage to ask for clarification. Hwang doesn’t admit to doing anything to In Ho, but he tells Ha Ru that he will have to visit him now. He provokes Ha Ru more by suggesting that he is afraid to meet him because he cannot handle pain. Ha Ru is already in a bad mood when he sees Yi Na’s bullies getting interrogated. They are annoying, disrespectful, and shameless, which infuriates Ha Ru because he can see through them, and they are obviously lying. One of them even threatens the detective that he’ll kill himself and put the blame on her if she confiscates his phone. The detective cannot handle this case anymore and decides to hand over the case to the prosecution. The evidence is already against Yi Na, and going to prosecution won’t benefit her.

Yi Na wouldn’t open up to Myung Se or her mother, so Ha Ru takes the responsibility to get the truth out of her, as he is not her parent, and she can talk to him unburdened. It works, and Yi Na admits that one of the guys claims to have indecent pictures of her and is demanding money in exchange for deleting them. Ha Ru knows very well that people like him don’t get fazed easily, so he decides to use neurological torture on him. He sends him a message from Yi Na’s phone asking him to meet her alone, and when he arrives, Ha Ru ties him up to a chair and prepares to torture him.


Why Does Myung Se Resign?

The kid, Kim Hyun Jun, is already scared, and Ha Ru brings out a hammer. As if running a scientific project, Ha Ru sets up a partition between Hyun Jun’s hands and begins his neurological torture. Ha Ru doesn’t hurt Hyun Jun physically, but his methods induce pain in Hyun Jun’s brain. Hyun Jun doesn’t understand what’s happening to him, and Ha Ru tells him he is a psychopath who can control another person’s brain. Ha Ru brings out another instrument, and Hyun Jun begs Ha Ru to spare him. He is scared for his life. Ha Ru asks him to hand over all of Yi Na’s pictures, but Hyun Jun claims that he doesn’t have any other than the one Ahn Hye Young sent. Ha Ru doesn’t believe him, so Hyun Jun lets him check his phone. He doesn’t really have Yi Na’s pictures and confesses to Ha Ru that he framed Yi Na to get revenge. He had confessed his feelings to Yi Na, but she’d rejected him and started going out with Eun Ho. To teach Hyun Jun a lesson, Ha Ru makes him repeat “When a woman says no, she means no” a hundred times so that it gets engraved in his brain. Ha Ru’s method works, and Hyun Jun confesses to the detective that he had hurt Eun Ho and framed Yi Na for it.

Yi Na is finally free from the accusations, and Myung Se is relieved. They are thankful to Ha Ru and want to invite him to dinner. However, knowing that Ha Ru will never accept their request, Myung Se, Yi Na, and her mother go to Ha Ru’s home with an already-prepared meal. Ha Ru doesn’t like uninvited guests, but he lets them in anyway. As the family keeps on talking continuously and Yi Na even asks Ha Ru to marry her, he gets fed up and searches on the internet for ways to send away guests. However, he doesn’t need any special methods, as Myung Se himself gives him one. Myung Se tells his daughter that she can’t marry a jobless man, which infuriates Ha Ru, and he directly tells them to leave. Myung Se is aware of Ha Ru’s personality, so he doesn’t get offended and just leaves. However, the next day, Ha Ru finds something against Myung Se. He had forgotten about his revenge against Myung Se, but he was reminded of it again by Myung Se himself. Ha Ru picks up a call in their office, and it is about collecting call records for Kim Hyun Jun and Ahn Hye Young. Since it is illegal to get call records related to another detective’s case, Ha Ru thinks he has finally found Myung Se’s weak point.


Ha Ru tells Myung Se that he knows about his illegal access to call records and that he will report him. Myung Se is confused at first, but soon he requests Ha Ru not to do it. He brings up the idea of resigning himself, and Ha Ru is happy with it. He wants Myung Se to understand what it feels like to get the job you like snatched away from you. Ha Ru thinks that Myung Se won’t resign for real, but the next day, he hands in the resignation. His team doesn’t understand his sudden decision, and he can’t even tell them the real reason. He subtly tries to persuade Ha Ru by saying how his life will be ruined when he doesn’t have a job and will turn into a depressed alcoholic, but Ha Ru won’t give in. Though Ha Ru has gotten his revenge by making Myung Se jobless, just like him, he doesn’t feel happy. To understand what’s going on with him, he visits his aunt, who runs an MRI on his brain. She tells him that his brain has registered Myung Se as a friend, and that’s why he doesn’t feel happy when his friend is suffering. Ha Ru is genuinely worried that Ha Ru has resorted to alcohol and even tries to go to his home to check on him. On the other hand, captain Seul finds out that Myung Se resigned because of the call records she had asked for. She wants to take the fall, but Myung Se won’t let her do it because she took that step for his daughter’s sake.

‘Brain Works’ Episode 14: Ending

Before leaving the office, Myung Se gave Ha Ru a bunch of signed consent forms for brain donation. It makes Ha Ru feel even more guilty for making Myung Se resign. However, he immerses himself in work to distract himself from unnecessary thoughts. He ignores the calls by Dr. Hwang, who gets offended and sends a parcel to Ha Ru. Ha Ru has been told a lot of times not to contact Hwang because of how obsessive and destructive he is. He won’t leave Ha Ru until he is satisfied playing with him. The parcel has a news article about the murder of a doctor and his wife, who happened to be Ha Ru’s parents.


In “Brain Works,” Ha Ru had always been told that his parents had died in a car accident, but lately, he had started doubting it. He gets a part of his lost memory back after reading the article. He remembers his mother screaming at him to run away. He visits Hwang to find out more about it, but Hwang wants to make a deal with him. He wants Ha Ru to write a petition that will not only get Hwang out of prison but also prevent him from getting executed. Ha Ru desperately wants to know about his parents’ murderer, but he cannot afford to make such a reckless decision.

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