‘Bora! Deborah’ Episodes 5 And 6: Recap And Ending: Does Deborah Get Over Ju Wan?

Deborah went through a humiliating breakup in Bora! Deborah when she caught her boyfriend cheating on her red-handed. She was heartbroken and got drunk at an event where Deborah was the chief guest. She took out all of her frustration at the event, and her drunken fiasco went viral on the internet. Deborah is a social media influencer, and her image and career are ruined. However, she has Su Hyeok, who can understand her pain because he is also going through a breakup.


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Why Does Deborah Meet Ju Wan Again?

After wandering alone for some time, Deborah realizes that people are too busy to care about her and gets a little bit relieved, but the very next day, she receives a parcel from the magazine in which her article is published. She panics, thinking that people will start talking about her again, and impatiently buys all the magazines that she sees. It doesn’t help her in any way, as the magazine gets sold out in two days, and the next edition is already in print. Deborah is not reading any online articles about her, but Sang Jin of Jinlee Publishing thinks that Deborah’s public image is improving and wants to sign a contract with her again. Su Hyeok doesn’t like Sang Jin’s fickle behavior, but Sang Jin just calls it business. They are arguing over whether to sign her or not when Deborah goes to their office to return Su Hyeok’s coat that he lent her after the humiliating event. She hears them talking about how she humiliated herself, but it doesn’t hurt her. She is used to it by now. However, she leaves the coat with an employee and steps out without meeting Su Hyeok. Su Hyeok gets annoyed at Sang Jin, as this is the second time Deborah has heard them talking like this. He meets Deborah later to apologize to her, and the small meeting turns into a whole act when Deborah and Ju Wan see each other in the same cafe.


Deborah pretends to be happy and asks Su Hyeok to act the same way. Su Hyeok and Deborah smile at each other and hold hands as Ju Wan stares at them. Deborah is not happy and feels like crying. After leaving the cafe, she goes to a chicken restaurant, and Su Hyeok can’t leave her in such a state. He can feel her pain, and to make her feel better, he reveals his own breakup story to her. It helps Deborah feel better after hearing about Su Hyeok’s misery, and Su Hyeok even gives her hope that it will all get better. Deborah says that she cannot write about love anymore, but Su Hyeok pushes her to write her story about coping with a breakup and finding love again. However, Deborah is not in the right state of mind to even think about writing. She doesn’t understand her feelings yet and is confused. She thinks that she is the loser in her relationship with Ju Wan because thinking about it gives her sad memories, while for Ju Wan, she is just his past lover. Su Hyeok doesn’t agree with her initially, but later, even he thinks that he is a loser because memories of Yu Ri make him sad. Deborah felt hope only for a little while, but she couldn’t stop overthinking. She has been drinking continuously, and her sister is concerned about her. Drunk Deborah calls Su Hyeok to ask him if he saw regret in Ju Wan’s eyes. Su Hyeok had just seen Ju Wan with his new girlfriend, and he firmly told Deborah that Ju Wan was happy without her. Deborah cuts the call and goes straight to Ju Wan’s house, only to get the same answer from him. She begs him to get back together, but he closes the door in her face.

How Does Deborah Lose Her Money?

Su Hyeok knew Deborah would do this, and he finds her crying near Ju Wan’s house. He comforts her, but she starts crying again. Su Hyeok tells her to stop thinking too much about it and just drops her off at home. Deborah goes home and enters the bathroom directly. Her sister, Bo Mi, is worried about her, and when she doesn’t open the door for a long time, Bo Mi gets scared, thinking that Deborah has hurt herself. She unlocks the door and sees red stains on Deborah’s clothes, but they are just stains from the wine that Deborah threw up. Bo Mi starts crying, and Deborah gets back to her senses. She felt hopeless, but after hearing Bo Mi say that she would always have her family, her heart felt at ease. She reassures Bo Mi that she will never hurt herself, but for a little while, she feels like she never wants to wake up again. After crying her heart out that day, Deborah finally accepts her breakup with Ju Wan. She cleans up her house and throws out everything Ju Wan gave her, which Bo Mi sells on an online reselling site. Meanwhile, Su Hyeok also goes back to the jewelry shop to get a refund on the ring he bought for his ex-girlfriend, but to his disappointment; the shop has no refund policy. He has to live with the ring and the memories associated with it. He can’t throw away such an expensive thing.


Deborah is in search of a new house as her current rental house is being sold. After wandering for an entire day in search of a house, she finally finds one. She grabs a drink with Yu Jeong to let off the stress, as it is her longest day out ever since her breakup. While they are talking, Yu Jeong gets a message on her phone under Deborah’s name, but she is sitting right in front of her. Someone is phishing using Deborah’s name, so Deborah sends a message to all her contacts to not fall for it. However, two people have already fallen victim to it. Deborah returns home to find out that Bo Mi sent a whopping 40 million won from Deborah’s account to another account because she received a message from Deborah saying it was for the housing deposit. Su Hyeok also transferred 5 million won to an account under the impression that it was Deborah’s account.

‘Bora! Deborah’ Episode 6: Ending

Deborah reports the scam to the police, but it is too late to track the scammers now, and it’s almost impossible for Deborah to get the money back. Su Hyeok blames Deborah for his loss, and Deborah blames him for not being careful and sending money recklessly without confirming with her first. Their relationship had just started to improve, but this incident ruined it. Deborah lost more money than Su Hyeok, and those were all of her savings. She has to find work now, or she will soon go broke and homeless.


Deborah is back to being herself after getting over her hideous breakup in Bora! Deborah and is ready to start anew. She mustered up the courage to read through people’s messages for her on her social media account. She felt comfort knowing that many people empathize with her because they went through miserable breakups as well and continue to suffer due to them. After reading those messages, she thought about writing a book again, but now that she’s broke, it’s not like she has any other choice. Money, indeed, makes the world go round. Deborah is ready to sign a contract with Jinlee Publishing now, even though she had disagreements with them before. However, she needs to get on Su Hyeok’s good side and resolve their issues first.

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