‘Bora! Deborah’ Episodes 3 And 4: Recap And Ending: Why Does Su Hyeok Go To See Yu Ri?

Deborah’s career is soaring as a dating coach and a social media influencer, and now she wants more from life. In “Bora! Deborah,” Ju Wan and Deborah had been dating for three years, but they never talked about getting married. Deborah expected Ju Wan to propose to her on their third anniversary, but he didn’t. She wanted to take their relationship a step further and hoped that Ju Wan would make the first move. After getting tired of waiting, she decided to propose to him first, but she saw a shocking scene. She caught Ju Wan cheating on her red-handed.


Spoilers Ahead

What Does Ju Wan Feel About Deborah?

Ju Wan tries to explain to Deborah that it was just a one-time thing, but there’s no way she is going to believe him, not after she recognizes the woman in his car. Ju Wan had introduced that woman as his cousin to Deborah, but it was a lie, and he had been cheating on her. He still shamelessly blames her for not trusting him, and Deborah feels as if he never really cared for her. She leaves, and Su Hyeok, who is watching them from afar, follows her. Deborah is already drunk and trips once, which makes Su Hyeok worry that she can’t go home safely alone. Su Hyeok doesn’t want Deborah to know that he saw everything and tries to keep his distance, but she sees him anyway, and they exchange their phone numbers. Deborah is too exhausted to tell anyone what happened the previous night. Her friend, Yu Jeong, believes that Deborah got proposed to. Her sister, Bo Mi, notices that she is not in a good mood but thinks that she has just fought with Ju Wan. She blames Deborah for it, saying that she is too spoiled by Ju Wan, but she doesn’t make any effort for him.


Yu Jeong is in disbelief when he learns that Ju Wan cheated on Deborah. However, Deborah is still in denial and thinks that Ju Wan will come back and ask her for marriage. Yu Jeong thinks it’s unlikely but can’t say anything to Deborah at the moment. They go to Yu Jeong’s husband’s bar to drink and see that Ju Wan is already there as well. He is talking with Yu Jeong’s husband about him and Deborah. Yu Jeong’s husband tries to convince Ju Wan that losing a spark in a relationship is normal and that he has also lost the spark with Yu Jeong. Ju Wan explains that this is more than losing the spark. If he is to go back to Deborah, he has to marry her, and he cannot imagine doing that. He cannot imagine waking up next to her or returning home after work and seeing her waiting for him. He feels suffocated next to Deborah. He feels that even if they get back together, Deborah won’t forgive him right away and will guilt-trip him. Deborah hears everything and heads back home with a heavy heart. She is unable to believe what she heard. She wonders if she was blinded by love so much that she missed all the signs that Ju Wan was cheating on her. She is crying alone in her bedroom when she gets a message from Ju Wan that he’s waiting outside her apartment. Deborah refuses to meet him, but he insists on it. Deborah puts on makeup because she doesn’t want to show him that she is crying. However, she only gets more disappointed after meeting him. He has nothing more to say than ‘I’m sorry’ and tells Deborah that he came to meet her only because her sister texted him that Deborah wasn’t able to sleep. Ju Wan doesn’t leave space for any hope for Deborah and makes her feel even more miserable.

How Does Deborah Ruin The Party?

President Han Sang Jin of Jinlee Publishing is already frustrated over his staff not following his orders, and now Deborah is not responding to him. She still hasn’t signed the contract and is unreachable. Sang Jin finds a solution to get in touch with Deborah again because he can’t lose the contract. He receives an invitation to a fashion magazine’s party, and Deborah happens to be the special guest there. The fashion magazine is owned by Sang Jin’s ex-wife, but he doesn’t hesitate to attend the party if it’s going to help him get his work done. Sang Jin and his ex-wife share an awkward conversation at the party to show people that they are still on good terms. He drags Su Hyeok along with him even when he isn’t interested, but he convinces him by saying it’s for work. They are waiting for Deborah, who is not in the right state of mind to carry a show but has to be professional. Moreover, rumors have spread that she is getting married soon, and that’s why she also has offers from wedding dress designers. She cannot even turn them away at the moment as she needs to prepare for her talk show for the guests. However, instead of preparing, she starts drinking alcohol in the waiting room. By the time she is supposed to speak to the people, she is drunk. She has to talk about love and relationships and give them tips, but Deborah is hopeless right now. She messes up and speaks disrespectfully about both men and women wanting relationship advice.


Not only does she disrespect others, but she also humiliates herself when she trips over on the stage. The event is ruined, and so is Deborah’s career. The next day, she sees her videos going viral on the internet and barely remembers that Su Hyeok helped her during that embarrassing moment on stage. There is an outpouring of hateful comments against her, and Ju Yeong suggests she release an apology letter. Deborah writes a sincere apology letter in which she mentions her breakup, which causes the issue to worsen. People criticize her for blaming her wrong actions on her breakup and call her immature. It doesn’t help her image as a dating coach, either. Su Hyeok somehow finds himself feeling bad for Deborah and keeps on disliking the hate comments against her. Just like Deborah was not ready to give up on Ju Wan until she heard him say that he didn’t want to marry him, Su Hyeok, surprisingly, hasn’t gotten over Yu Ri, his ex-girlfriend, yet. Sang Jin had noticed it already, but he caught Su Hyeok red-handed while stalking Yu Ri’s account. He wants Su Hyeok to get over her and tries to prove to him that Yu Ri has a new boyfriend based on her profile picture. He accidentally calls her, and after hearing her voice for the first time in a while, Su Hyeok misses her even more.

‘Bora! Deborah’ Episode 4: Ending

Deborah finally decides to go out and get some fresh air after being stuck for a few days. She goes shopping, eats out alone, and enjoys a busker’s performance, but it doesn’t make her feel any better. On the other hand, Su Hyeok is heartbroken after seeing Yu Ri with another man. After hearing her voice, he went to her apartment building to meet her but saw her with a man instead. While he is on his way to the office, he hears a song on the radio that reminds him of Yu Ri. However, he is dragged down memory lane when he hears someone crying out loud. He is waiting at a traffic signal, and it is Deborah, who is strangely crying while peeking outside the window of the bus.


“Bora! Deborah” has two heartbroken people now. Deborah is suffering visibly, and Su Hyeok keeps it all inside him. Su Hyeok’s relationship failed because he never expressed his true emotions. He should’ve told Yu Ri how much he cared about her and missed her when they were still together, not after she left him. Su Hyeok cares about others but fails to show it. After seeing Deborah’s messy breakup, he has been considerate towards her, but he never showed it outright. He has been keeping her breakup a secret, even from Sang Jin. These two, who are supposed to fall in love later, are currently in no position to think romantically about each other. However, it is a great chance for them to become friends who can rely on each other when both of them are going through heartbreak. This can further bloom into a romance, but for now, they would make a rather comic duo of heartbroken people.

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