‘Bora! Deborah’ Episodes 11 And 12 Recap & Ending: Has Su Hyeok Started Liking Deborah?

Previously, in Bora! Deborah, Deborah and Su Hyeok’s relationship took a step further as they went from hating each other to realizing that they had been each other’s support system since they met. Moreover, both of them received a wedding invitation from Su Hyeok’s ex-girlfriend, Yu Ri. Su Hyeok was out of sorts after he received the invitation, so Deborah couldn’t tell him that he didn’t need to feel so hurt because Yu Ri was two-timing him. A few days before her wedding, Yu Ri called Su Hyeok because she missed him. Deborah knew she had to stop him because she couldn’t see Su Hyeok being any more miserable than he already was.

Spoilers Ahead

Will Su Hyeok Keep His Promise To Deborah?

Deborah had to attend a friend’s engagement, and Su Hyeok had agreed to tag along with her to make things less uncomfortable for others as Ju Wan was going to attend as well, and also to make Ju Wan jealous. However, as they are on their way to the engagement ceremony, Su Hyeok tries to bail on her to meet Yu Ri. Deborah lets him go at first but later stops him because she is worried that he might get hurt more. She doesn’t tell him the real reason, but she urges him to keep his promise to go to the ceremony. They get into a fight over it, but Su Hyeok won’t back down. He decides to go and meet Yu Ri but also promises Deborah that he will attend the engagement ceremony as well. Deborah goes to the ceremony as she had already promised her friend, and she gets ridiculed over her breakup with Ju Wan, as she expected. Meanwhile, Su Hyeok meets Yu Ri, who is drunk. She called Su Hyeok after running away from her boyfriend while trying on wedding dresses. She is scared and anxious, but seeing her in this state, Su Hyeok becomes calm and collected, as he needs to handle her. Yu Ri and Su Hyeok needed closure in their relationship so that Yu Ri could stop hating Su Hyeok, and he could stop regretting losing her.

Su Hyeok and Yu Ri talk things out and say everything that was left out. Both of them are finally free from the burden of their breakup and wish each other well. Yu Ri notices that Su Hyeok has changed a lot, and he also realizes the same and wonders if it is because of Deborah. He goes to the engagement ceremony just in time for Ju Wan to arrive as well. Su Hyeok not only makes Ju Wan jealous, but the rest of the women are jealous of Deborah as well. However, they do not declare that they are dating, and Deborah just introduces him as a friend. Their chemistry is so good that even Yu Jeong feels that something is really going on between the two. Their plan works, and Ju Wan starts messaging Deborah. They end up meeting each other, and Deborah feels relieved after talking to him. It puts her heart at ease knowing that he was never the right guy for her, and neither was she the right woman for him. Meanwhile, her sisters, Bo Mi and Jin Ho, are having a good time as their young love blooms. Su Hyeok has been happier since he sorted things out with Yu Ri and is flirting more with Deborah. Both of them don’t understand what’s going on between them, but they are too afraid to tackle that question.

Why Does Sang Jin Reject Woo Ri?

Deborah and Su Hyeok go on a movie date with the excuse of doing research. It was Su Hyeok’s idea, and lately, he has been coming up with many innovative ideas to spend time with Deborah. They accidentally run into Su Hyeok’s parents, but neither of them is awkward. Su Hyeok’s mother is happy to finally see her son with a woman. Su Hyeok never talks about his parents, but he tells Deborah that he has a stepfather. He is on good terms with his stepfather, but seeing his mother get divorced affected him deeply. He became reclusive at the time, and since then, he hasn’t been able to express his feelings freely because it made him anxious. However, he has decided to change himself now. Meanwhile, Sang Jin finally finds the courage to clear things up with Woo Ri over her one-sided crush on him. Woo Ri has been hinting at him for quite some time, and even though he likes her, he finds it wrong to date her. He is way older than her and is also divorced. He rejects her even before she confesses her feelings. On the other hand, Su Hyeok won’t stop flirting with Deborah and even asks her to pretend to be his girlfriend at Yu Ri’s wedding. When he went to meet Yu Ri, her fiance saw them together, so he lied about being high school friends and said that he would bring his girlfriend to the wedding.

Sang Jin and Su Jin are also at Yu Ri’s wedding, as they are mutual friends. They meet their old friends at the wedding, but they start mocking Sang Jin for his divorce and keep pestering him to give them the reason. Sang Jin doesn’t know how to respond to them, so Su Jin comes to his rescue. She mocks all the married couples in return and leaves the wedding hall with Sang Jin. Sang Jin had been trying to talk things out with Su Jin, but she never gave him a chance. He finally has a chance now, and he speaks up. Right before their divorce, Sang Jin’s business was on the verge of going bankrupt, and he was struggling to pay debts to many people. He wasn’t mentally well enough to spend romantic time with Su Jin. Su Jin feels upset and realizes that she is also at fault. Sang Jin couldn’t rely on her when he was going through a tough phase in his life, but she blamed him for all the wrong reasons. However, this conversation leads them to resolve all their hard feelings toward each other. Su Jin apologizes to him, and they are back to being friends.

Su Hyeok’s flirting game is going well, and he is giving Deborah every reason to get flustered. He compliments her when she says that she doesn’t feel confident about herself. He is also subtly hinting that he likes her, but Deborah is not getting it. She still wants to believe that Su Hyeok is just a good friend. However, at the end of Episode 12 of Bora! Deborah, Deborah finds out something that she thinks is too good to be true. While going through an old collection of pictures from another friend’s wedding, she sees Su Hyeok in one of the pictures. At her friend’s engagement ceremony recently, Su Hyeok mentioned how he fell in love at first sight with Deborah when he saw her at a wedding a few years ago. Now, Deborah can’t help but wonder if his story was true and not really made up.

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