‘Bora! Deborah’ Episode 13 Recap & Ending: Who Creates Distance Between Su Hyeok And Deborah?

Both Su Hyeok and Deborah helped each other face their pasts, and they were able to move on. In Bora! Deborah, Su Hyeok is clearly falling in love with Deborah, and Deborah has similar feelings, but neither of them is able to understand them. They called each other their best friends, but now they don’t know if that’s how they really feel. Moreover, Deborah saw Su Hyeok in one of her old pictures from a friend’s wedding, and she wondered whether Su Hyeok’s fake story about falling in love at first sight was true.


Spoilers Ahead

Why Is Ju Wan Clingy Towards Deborah?

Deborah is thinking about what kind of relationship she wants to have with Su Hyeok, and being close friends is just not it. She would rather walk down the aisle with him than have him escort her to her groom. She now feels free and powerful enough to achieve anything she puts her mind to. She is happy that she has Su Hyeok now. She finally agrees to do the radio show that she had hesitated to do. Everyone tunes into her show on her first day back, but Deborah gets a surprise from an unexpected person. The first listener she interacts with is Ju Wan, and he announces that he is going to persuade his ex-girlfriend again. The call is anonymous, but she recognizes his voice and tells him not to make a hasty move. However, after the show ends, Ju Wan shows up at the radio station. Deborah obviously doesn’t like it, but she doesn’t want to create a scene at the radio station, so she gets into his car. Su Hyeok has just reached the radio station to congratulate Deborah on restarting her show, but he gets upset after seeing her with Ju Wan. Su Hyeok acts differently with Deborah during their meeting the next day, and to make things worse, Ju Wan interrupts them. He is acting as if he is already dating Deborah. Su Hyeok ends the meeting to leave them be, but Deborah gets agitated. She warns Ju Wan to stay within his limits and not ruin her life, which is going well without him. Ju Wan is clingy with Deborah and even tells Su Hyeok to stay away from her.


Su Hyeok tells Sang Jin that Deborah and Ju Wan might have gotten back together, and Sang Jin gets happy because it would be a good promotion for her new book. However, Su Hyeok doesn’t participate in his happiness because he clearly doesn’t like it. He wishes it was a misunderstanding, but he doesn’t want to have false hopes either. Meanwhile, Deborah’s sister, Bo Mi, has gotten herself into trouble and is afraid to face her sister. Bo Mi is pregnant, and Yu Jeong finds out in the weirdest way possible. Yu Jeong finds out about her husband’s secret hideout, where Jin Ho is currently staying, and when she examines the place, she finds Bo Mi hidden in a closet with her pregnancy test. Jin Ho and Bo Mi are both young and lack the financial stability needed to have a baby. They gave each other three minutes to decide whether they wanted to keep the baby or not, proving their immaturity. Jin Ho didn’t need to give it a thought and made the decision to have the baby right away, but Bo Mi took all three of her minutes to decide. She is hesitant but still agrees to keep the baby, seeing how excited Jin Ho is about the baby.

Why Do Yu Jeong And Jin Woo Get Into A Fight?

Bo Mi tries to threaten Yu Jeong, but it doesn’t work, and she gives the news to Deborah. After Deborah takes Bo Mi away to give her an earful, another war breaks out at Yu Jeong’s house. Yu Jeong has been having problems with her marriage for some time, but she thinks that it is time they address the issue. Jin Woo’s secret hideout is full of a collection of things that he has bought without telling Yu Jeong. Yu Jeong knows his habits and doesn’t really mind that he has bought many expensive things for fun, but it upsets her that he has been hiding them all along. Both of them are always busy with work, and they come together only to sleep. Jin Woo is quiet throughout their conversation, but when Yu Jeong asks him why he is married if he doesn’t want to lose his personal space, he breaks his silence. Yu Jeong and Jin Woo were very compatible and couldn’t get enough of each other when they were dating. However, after getting married, Jin Woo started thinking that they were going to stay together for a lifetime, so they didn’t always need to be together. This is what upsets Yu Jeong the most: that he takes her for granted. As for his hideout, he has a valid explanation. Yu Jeong always criticized Jin Woo for buying expensive video games, figurines, and sports items, so he had no choice but to hide them from her. He couldn’t give up on his hobbies just because Yu Jeong didn’t like them. Both Jin Woo and Yu Jeong had been tolerant in their marriage, but what they really needed to do was communicate. Now that they have finally done it, the future of their marriage is uncertain.


As the series is coming to an end, things have become intense, and it is a decisive moment for all. Woo Ri has told Sang Jin that she has gotten over him, but he has feelings for her and is wondering if it will be too late if he confesses now. Jin Woo and Yu Jeong need to come to a conclusion about how to continue their marriage. Despite being excited at first, Jin Ho is now having second thoughts about the pregnancy. Su Hyeok has been acting so professionally with Deborah as if they are strangers and not even friends. Deborah doesn’t understand what’s wrong with him and needs answers. At the end of Bora! Deborah, Episode 13, Deborah confronts Su Hyeok about his real feelings towards her. She can’t play the guessing game anymore. It is time for Su Hyeok to speak the truth, or his relationship with Deborah will be ruined in the same way it happened with Yu Ri.

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