‘Bora! Deborah’ Ending, Explained: How Does Su Hyeok Confess His Feelings To Deborah?

Yeon Bo Ra, popularly known as Deborah, is a writer and a social media influencer. She proclaims herself a dating coach and a relationship advisor, but she faces challenges in her own relationships in Bora! Deborah. Deborah was expecting a marriage proposal from her boyfriend of three years, but instead, she caught him cheating on her. Devastated by the humiliating breakup, Deborah got herself into trouble and almost destroyed her career. Later, she met Lee Su Hyeok, who helped her recover from the rough phase of her life. However, due to the complications of their past relationships, both of them failed to understand the feelings they developed for each other.


Spoilers Ahead

What Note Has Su Hyeok Written For Deborah?

Deborah confronts Su Hyeok about his feelings toward her, but Su Hyeok is not good at expressing himself and becomes speechless. Deborah verbally attacks him, and he gets offended. They are in the office, and all the staff can hear them fighting. Now, everyone knows that the two kissed. Deborah leaves the office in a rage, saying that she will not go through with their contract. Deborah is enraged, but Su Hyeok is disturbed because he knows he has messed up. He likes Deborah, but he is not able to put his feelings into words. Sang Jin takes him out for a drink, and after enough glasses, Su Hyeok starts crying. Even when he is crying, he can’t really express his feelings. He only keeps saying that he misses Deborah. Sang Jin knows what to do and leaves drunk and passed out Su Hyeok alone at the restaurant. As expected, Su Hyeok calls Deborah after waking up and asks her to take him home. Deborah refuses to do it, but the owner of the restaurant himself tells her to pick up Su Hyeok soon because he is totally out of his senses.


Deborah is left with no choice but to pick up Su Hyeok and take him home. This is when she finds out that Su Hyeok doesn’t live in her neighborhood but far away. Su Hyeok kept on telling her that he missed her and requested that she not go back to Ju Wan again. Deborah doesn’t take him seriously because he is drunk. However, at his apartment, she reads a note that Su Hyeok wrote for her. In the note, he confesses his love for Deborah in a poetic manner, but she is not impressed. She doesn’t want a fancy, indirect confession. She wants a direct, face-to-face confession. Meanwhile, Yu Jeong has completely lost her mind after her fight with Jin Woo. Thoughts of divorce are coming and going through her mind, but Su Jin suggests she talk it out with Jin Woo first because that’s what she regrets not doing with Sang Jin before their divorce. Sang Jin has been upset over his divorce for a long time, but after clearing things out with Su Jin, he feels free. He had been avoiding Woo Ri, but he finally confessed his feelings to her. Bo Mi and Jin Ho, on the other hand, are acting childish as ever, but their love for each other is loyal. They thought Deborah was mad at them and dramatically kneeled before her to get her approval for their relationship, which she obviously gave.

Who Reveals Their Feelings First?

Su Hyeok barely remembers anything about what happened after he passed out, but his call records let him know that he definitely bothered Deborah with something. He meets with Deborah to apologize to her, but Deborah wants to hear more than that. She reveals to him everything that he said to her while he was drunk and asks for an explanation. As usual, Su Hyeok has none. Deborah, however, opens up to him. She reveals to him that he is special to her and that she likes him. He is not just any other guy to her because of everything that she has done together with him; she cannot imagine doing it with someone else. After confessing her feelings, she also gives a reality check to Su Hyeok. She knows that he likes her, but he needs to say it confidently and own up to his feelings. Romantic notes with an unclear message are just not enough. Deborah walks away from Su Hyeok, hoping he will follow her, but he doesn’t. Meanwhile, Yu Jeong returns home to talk with Jin Woo and is touched after overhearing Jin Woo’s talk with Jin Ho. Jin Woo is explaining to Jin Ho what love means to him and how much he loves Yu Jeong. Later that night, Jin Woo apologizes to Yu Jeong and explains his side of the story to her. This time, Yu Jeong understands him, and they agree to figure out a solution to their problems mutually and without fighting.


After Deborah and Su Hyeok’s fight, Sang Jin is going to give Deborah’s project to someone else, but Su Hyeok insists that he will finish what he started. The final chapter of Deborah’s book talks about Su Hyeok and how much he has impacted her life. She mentions how much she waited for him to confess his feelings, but in the end, she realized that she had to do it herself because her feelings were valid even if the other person wouldn’t reciprocate them. She ends her book with an open ending, and Su Hyeok knows he has the chance to change that ending now or never. He goes looking for Deborah when she doesn’t pick up his calls, and he finds out from Yu Jeong that she is having dinner with Ju Wan. Su Hyeok needs to hurry, or he will lose Deborah forever. During the dinner, Ju Wan proposes to Deborah, but she rejects him. She went to meet him only to say the final goodbye to him, and Ju Wan himself gave her the reason to end things once and for all. In Bora! Deborah Episode 14, Deborah gets the dramatic confession that she wanted from Su Hyeok. Su Hyeok reaches the restaurant and takes Deborah out with him in front of Ju Wan. He is still not able to express himself properly, but Deborah makes him speak up about everything he likes about her, and that’s enough for her to understand how much he loves her.

What Can We Expect From Season 2 Of ‘Bora! Deborah’?

Bora! Deborah ended with Deborah and Su Hyeok finally confessing their feelings and getting into a relationship. Both of them had a bad dating history, and their flaws were always highlighted as reasons why their relationships failed. However, with each other, they overcame their flaws and accepted each other with their faults. Yu Jeong and Jin Woo also reignited the lost spark in their marriage. Sang Jin and Woo Ri have become a couple who look like they are made for each other. Sang Jin is no longer afraid that Woo Ri might regret dating an older man like him. The most erratic yet loving couple among them—Bo Mi and Jin Ho—get married in a cozy wedding at home. All the characters found their perfect partners and gave us a lovely and cute happy ending, leaving no room for a second season. A different type of romantic comedy, Bora! Deborah is successful in incorporating different kinds of romantic relationships without complicating the plot and making it enjoyable to watch.


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