All Couple Dynamics In ‘Bora! Deborah’ Season 1, Explained

Bora! Deborah was all about the love and relationships of young people, and it was exciting and amusing to watch. Deborah’s life had become a mess after her failed relationship with Ju Wan, but she handled herself pretty well. The relationship was a lesson for her, and she was a changed person after going through the breakup and finally accepting the truth. In the process, Su Hyeok came into her life and unexpectedly became an important person for her. Su Hyeok himself had been going through a breakup at the time, and they both met each other at just the right time. Along with the protagonists, the supporting characters also had their own relationships, which might not have been as complicated as Deborah’s but had their own ups and downs. Let’s dive in and see the different couples from the series and how their relationship grew throughout.


Spoilers Ahead

Deborah And Su Hyeok

The main couple here were like best friends to each other before they chose to take the next step in their relationship. However, it didn’t start with the same affection. Su Hyeok didn’t like Deborah and her working style. He didn’t like the fact that she called herself a dating coach, and he believed that she was a superficial person. This was all before he even met her. When they had to work together on Deborah’s book, Su Hyeok had just started thinking that he might have misjudged Deborah, but then his then-girlfriend broke up with him, and it turned out that Deborah had suggested she do so. Deborah knew Su Hyeok hated her, but she was so busy concentrating on herself that she didn’t pay attention to him. However, she caught Ju Wan cheating on him, and Su Hyeok was also a witness to it. She started feeling insecure about herself since then, and somehow, Su Hyeok was the only one who could comfort her since he was going through a breakup too.


The hatred soon turned into friendship as they understood each other and let go of their preconceptions about each other. It didn’t take long before the friendship started blooming into something more, but neither of them was ready to name them. Deborah realized that she had started liking Su Hyeok, but she was too afraid to get her heart broken again. That’s why she continued to think that they were just friends. Su Hyeok, on the other hand, didn’t understand his own feelings. He felt affection toward Deborah but couldn’t label it as love. He had always been bad at understanding and expressing his own emotions, which is why his ex-girlfriend had also broken up with him. Deborah and Su Hyeok’s relationship started to become uncomfortable, so Deborah mustered up the courage to confess her feelings first. Su Hyeok still acted clueless about his feelings, but when he saw that Ju Wan had started pursuing Deborah again, he knew he needed to do something. He couldn’t imagine losing Deborah forever, and his thoughts were clear this time. He confessed his feelings to Deborah dramatically, just like she wanted. The two were an unusual couple, for they were very different from each other, and despite unfavorable conditions, they still got together in the end.

Deborah And Ju Wan

Deborah and Ju Wan were a couple who looked perfect to outsiders, but in reality, their relationship was childish and fragile. Both used to be college friends, but they didn’t start dating until later in life. They were busy in their careers and were bound to become a typical married couple with no time for each other if they were to get married. Though it wouldn’t have been the same for both parties, as Deborah prioritized spending time with Ju Wan while he prioritized his work. Deborah would have become the wife waiting for her husband at the restaurant, and he wouldn’t show up because of urgent work. When Deborah caught Ju Wan kissing another woman, he gave the excuse that it was a mistake. He initially tried to reconcile with her but later started keeping his distance because he didn’t have time to make an effort. While Deborah was suffering, he was going out with another woman. If Deborah had agreed to get back together, he still wouldn’t have hesitated to two-time her. He was that dense and thoughtless. Deborah was too invested in Ju Wan, and she destroyed her pride to get him back. However, when she was finally over him, he tried to come back into her life just because he was jealous of Su Hyeok, and he was still going out with another woman. This time, Deborah rejected him without any drama because she had changed. Ju Wan hadn’t been this way to begin with, but times had changed; he had changed, and Deborah needed to change too, which she did.


Yu Jeong And Jin Woo

The only married couple in the series, Yu Jeong and Jin Woo were college sweethearts and got married after many years of dating. After a few years of marriage, though, Yu Jeong started feeling stuck in their marriage. She started feeling as if they didn’t care about each other enough and that their marriage had lost its meaning. She was still optimistic and tried to bring back the spark in their marriage, but nothing seemed to be working. Both Yu Jeong and Jin Woo were loyal to each other and loved each other truly, but they couldn’t pinpoint the problem in their marriage. Jin Woo didn’t even realize that there was a problem. He was just happy to wake up next to Yu Jeong every day. After all the attempts, a fight finally broke out between the two, and Yu Jeong understood what their marriage lacked. They lacked communication. After knowing each other and living together for a long time, they started taking each other for granted. Jin Woo was a laid-back person in general, and he stopped sharing things with Yu Jeong, thinking that she understood him anyway. It looked as if they would really get divorced, but both of them talked things out. Things can become simpler with communication. It saved Yu Jeong and Jin Woo’s marriage and made them the old college sweethearts again.

Jin Ho And Bo Mi

Jin Ho believed in destiny, and Bo Mi was his love at first sight. They were the youngest couple of all, and while, among all the couples, women were the dominant partners, here, Jin Ho took the lead. From persuading Bo Mi to date him to convincing Deborah to let him marry Bo Mi, he did it all for Bo Mi. Jin Ho and Bo Mi were really destined to be together. Bo Mi was not interested in Jin Ho until he really proved to her that they were meant to be. They had left their relationship up to fate, and it brought them together again and again. Jin Ho was a sweetheart, and only he could handle rebellious Bo Mi. Bo Mi wasn’t serious about life, but Jin Ho changed her. She was financially dependent on Deborah, but thinking about having a different life with Jin Ho made her take up a job. They were still immature but crazy in love. They got pregnant eventually, but instead of getting scared, they accepted the situation as it was and decided to keep the baby. They might not have had clarity about many things in life yet, but they were always sure about each other.


Woo Ri And Sang Jin

The silent couple, whose relationship bloomed slowly and surprised everyone, The reason they were low-key about their relationship was the drastic difference between them. Woo Ri was a young intern, and Sang Jin was the CEO of the company, much older than her and divorced. Woo Ri was a simple woman who believed in fairy tale romances, and for her, Sang Jin was love at first sight. She didn’t think about their differences even once because, for her, feelings were more important. Sang Jin, however, felt uncomfortable when she showed affection to him. He couldn’t think of dating a younger girl because he was afraid that she would get tired of him someday when there were many younger men around. Sang Jin was hurt after his divorce because he could never tell his side of the story to his ex-wife and felt stuck. He needed to let her know why he could never give her time and how much guilt he felt about it, but she wouldn’t even talk to him. It was only after he finally got a chance to speak to his heart’s content that he felt all the weight on his shoulder disappear. Sang Jin had rejected Woo Ri, but he took a step toward her, and there was Woo Ri still waiting for him. Woo Ri was already in love, but Sang Jin left behind his prejudices to accept his own feelings for Woo Ri. This was not an easy thing to do, and that’s what made the couple special. Never once did they look out of place or unsuitable for each other, despite their differences. They had the least drama and yet the best chemistry among all the couples.

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