‘Bodies’ Episode 6 Recap & Ending Explained: Did Whiteman Kill Julian Harker In 1941?

Bodies Episode 6 opened with the timeline of 1941, when an elderly and bedridden Julian Harker was recording his voice to send a message to Shahara Hasan. Hasan took those recordings to two other officers, explaining to them the potential danger that was looming in London. Initially, the officers struggled to believe her words, but seeing the photographs from 1890 and 1941, they tried to understand the situation. As Hasan also got an old vault key from Barber’s apartment, she wasted no time and hurried towards the Harker Bank. There, the bank manager told her that a vault in the name of Shahara Hasan had already existed there from 1941. Hasan and another officer went to look for the vault and found that inside a chamber of the bank, there was a huge bomb. As they entered the chamber and found the bomb, a telephone began to ring, and just as Hasan picked it up, Elias’s voice was heard saying that on the 14th of July, this bomb would be detonated, causing major destruction.


Spoilers Ahead

Who Killed Julian Harker In 1941?

Whiteman was arrested by a senior officer, who was the son of Polly Hillinghead. Whiteman was determined to take revenge on Polly for the murder of Esther. He managed to attack the senior officer and kill him. Collecting some information about Harker House, he went there in the dead of night and killed the butler to enter the mansion. First, he was confronted with Polly Hillinghead, who was playing piano at the moment. Whiteman put a bullet in her head and walked into Julian Harker’s room, where he found him confined to bed. Before Whiteman put him to death, Julian seemed unbothered, as he knew it was inevitable, and that’s how this loop would be continued over and over again. Whiteman turned himself in and was given a death sentence.


What Happened To Hillinghead?

We go back to the timeline of 1890, when Hillinghead was told by Julian Harker that he had only two options in his hand. Either he would have to turn himself in for the murder of the deceased man found on Longharvest Lane, or he would have to frame Henry Ashe for it. Hillinghead couldn’t bring himself to accuse Henry of the murder, so he first met with Henry and asked him to run away. Henry decided to fight this injustice instead of escaping, but Hillinghead knew what the consequences would be. After meeting Henry for the last time, he handed an envelope to the commissioner stating that it had evidence against the man who committed the murder. Hillinghead returned home and wanted to talk to his wife for a while. He confided in Charlotte, revealing his homosexuality and how he fell in love with Henry. Charlotte forgave him, but the truth deeply saddened her. Just then, police officers knocked on his door. As they entered their house, they arrested Hillinghead for the murder of Defoe. The envelope actually carried the confession letter signed by Hillinghead, who turned himself in in order to save Henry as well as his family.

Did Elias Detonate The Bomb?

After the huge bomb was discovered inside the bank, Hasan received a call from Barber, who told her to come to meet him and Elias on a boat, far from the city. Hasan promised them she would come alone, but she brought the other officer with her. While Hasan went to meet Barber and Elias, the other officer sneaked onto the boat and managed to knock out the boat captain. Barber and Elias shared some emotional moments, as it was the first time the father-son duo had met with each other. Barber handed Elias a piece of paper that contained the bomb denotation code, telling him that it was his choice to do it or not. Hasan tried to convince Elias, but Barber played the recording of Julian Harker from 1941, asking Elias to do it for the sake of his own future. He tried to manipulate the younger version of himself by reminding him how much his parents had neglected him. However, Elias still didn’t possess the mindset to orchestrate an explosion that would claim so many lives. In the meantime, when the bomb detonator was in Elias’s hand, the other officer barged in to attack Barber. Barber was shot to death in the process, which devastated Elias. He couldn’t accept the death of his father because he had just started to get along with him. However, as Hasan wanted him to hand the detonator to her, Elias complied with her command.


Hasan believed the problem had been solved. She called her son to check on him and felt relieved that she had managed to prevent the explosion from happening. Before taking him to prison, Hasan took Elias to Sarah so that Sarah could meet her son for the last time and let him know that his mother loved him. But tragically and surprisingly, Sarah refused to meet him because of her guilt. She had never been there for her son, and at this crucial moment, when her son needed her the most, she chose to abandon him. Elias lost his mind. He had hoped to restart his life with the love of his actual family, but everyone ended up hurting him. He took the piece of paper and dialed the number on a cell phone. He made an escape from the car, and even though Hasan chased him to stop him, Elias, who was deeply traumatized by the negligence of his mother, snatched a cell phone from the children playing nearby and dialed the code, causing a huge explosion to destroy the entire city of London.

Did Elias Mannix Travel Back In Time?

In the timeline of 2053, KYAL had managed to capture Chapel Perilous. Hasan tried to prevent Elias from using the Throat again but failed in her attempt. Iris Maplewood was still obeying Mannix’s orders and wanted to help him. Elias Mannix entered the room and vanished in a matter of seconds. Defoe and Hasan tried as hard as they could to stop them, but they were all stuck in a loop that was indestructible. Finally, when Defoe attempted to travel through time, it was Iris who had to shoot him in the eye to send him back to those four different timelines. At the end of Bodies episode 6, we saw the naked body of Elias Mannix lying on the streets of Whitechapel. As he woke up, some children covered him with clothes. Because he’d traveled through time, he got a mark of the Throat on his wrist. As Elias noticed the mark on his wrist, he realized that his travels were successful.


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