‘Bodies’ Episode 5 Recap & Ending Explained: Who Was Elias Mannix’s Father?

Bodies episode 5 opened with the 1941 timeline. After Esther’s death, Whiteman, with a stab wound in his stomach, entered a synagogue. Whiteman was actually a Jewish man, Karl Weissman, who took this British name to fit in better with the British people. The rabbi of the church consoled Whiteman after he confessed that he was the reason for the death of a little child.


Spoilers Ahead

Who Saved Polly Hillinghead?

Whiteman sneaked into the commissioner’s office and threatened him with a gun. But Whiteman didn’t want to do any harm to him; rather, he wanted his help. He told Commissioner Calloway everything about his past. He revealed that he was in gambling debt and did the job of a middleman to pay his debts. When the lady from the secret agency called him and asked him to kill Cozen, he did, but he couldn’t bring himself to kill Esther. Calloway believed in his words and tended to his stomach wound. As he asked Whiteman what he wanted, he said that he demanded justice for Esther. But all he needed to do was remain discreet, as there were many rats inside the department. So Whiteman came up with the idea of tapping each of the employee’s calls and found that it was the receptionist who informed the lady about Whiteman confessing to his crime, saying that Cozen was framed. The receptionist was interrogated by the police, leading her to reveal that she’d talked to someone from Harker Bank. As the police barged into Harker Bank and met with an elderly Polly Hillinghead, Whiteman grabbed the opportunity to take the matter into his own hands. He punched Calloway in the face and took Polly into his car in order to take revenge. Whiteman took Polly to a desolate place and asked her why she killed Esther. As Polly confessed her crime and said that she had no choice other than to kill her, Calloway showed up. He arrested both Polly for the murder of Esther and Whiteman for the murder of Cozen, but right at that moment, a senior officer named Hayden Harker, arrived at the spot. He shot Calloway to death and arrested Whiteman. He uncuffed Polly, whom he referred to as his mother, and said the same line: “Know You Are Loved.”


Who Was Elias Mannix’s Father?

The next morning, Chief Inspector Barber and his team looked for Hasan, and they found her inside a locked chamber in Harker House. But as Hasan tried to show them the bodies in the preservation tanks, she couldn’t find any of them. The whole place seemed to have been wiped clean overnight. Barber decided to draw the line, asking Hasan to stay off the case as her mental and physical condition was deteriorating. However, as Hasan went back home, on the way, she received a call from Maggie, who informed her that those fingerprints, which were collected from Julian Harker in 1890, matched Elias Mannix. Hasan later met with Elias in prison and asked him if he had any knowledge about Julian Harker, but Elias said he’d never heard of him. Hasan showed him some of the pictures of Julian Harker, and described how he died in 1941 at the hands of a cop, but it didn’t ring any bells for Elias. Hasan finally showed him that Julian Harker’s fingerprints matched his, which surprised him. Hasan asked Mannix about his birth parents to figure out how Mannix was related to Julian Harker, but Mannix could only remember his mother, who was an addict. He believed that she’d probably OD’d by now.

However, as Hasan ran a search, she found Elias’s biological mother, Sarah Mannix, to be very much alive and clean at the point. She met Sarah and told her everything about her son’s being arrested for murder, causing Sarah to have a breakdown. Hasan asked her about Elias’s father, and Sarah told her that his name was Danny. He was the son of some rich posh banker, who was none other than Julian Harker, but Hasan doubted if it was true because she had never found anyone by the name of Daniel Harker in the family tree of the Harkers, so Sarah said that Danny didn’t use his father’s name but used his mother’s, which was Barber. Hasan freaked out, knowing that Chief Inspector Barber was the biological father of Elias Mannix. Just at that moment, she received a call from Barber, who asked her to give his love to Sarah. Hasan rushed to the precinct, where she came to know that Barber had taken Elias Mannix with him, and the police were not able to trace them. Having no other way out, Hasan barged into the apartment of Barber, where she found a gramophone playing and an old vault key kept on the table. She heard the voice of an elderly and bedridden Elias Mannix on the gramophone, telling her that he knew she was in his father’s apartment, but no matter what she did, she couldn’t stop the inevitable future, and they would eventually meet with each other. 


What Did Harker Say To Hillinghead?

Hillinghead’s constant efforts to get Harker interrogated for his presence at the murder scene turned out to be futile. But Hillinghead was hellbent on proving that Julian Harker was the murderer. Julian Harker was eventually summoned to the precinct, where, in front of the commissioner, he admitted that it was him in the photograph, hiding himself. However, he also demanded to talk to Hillinghead alone and tell him about everything. After the commissioner departed, Julian Harker revealed his true face. He showed Hillinghead some of the pictures of him lying with the dead body of Defoe, taken on that night of the séance. Julian asked him to frame Henry Ashe for the murder of Defoe; otherwise, these photographs would be leaked, causing severe damage to Hillinghead’s reputation. Hillinghead was devastated to learn that he had been trapped by Julian and felt powerless to go against him. However, before Julian left the place, he told the detective that he didn’t kill Defoe, nor did he know who killed him.

What Was The Throat?

Iris Maplewood was handcuffed and seen inside a truck with Lorna and Defoe. Defoe apologized to her for lying and assured her that if she ever learned the truth, she would understand what the purpose of Chapel Perilous was. As the truck reached its destination, Defoe covered Iris’s face with a hood and led her to a secret, desolate place. Just as Iris’s hood was pulled off, she was confronted by a woman, who was none other than an elderly version of Hasan, the leader of Chapel Perilous. Hasan assured Iris that in the Chapel, they didn’t torture anyone but rather educated them. She told Iris that she was not the one and only one who had discovered the dead body of Defoe on Longharvest Lane, but she was one of the four. She showed her the photographs of 1890, when DI Hillinghead was the one who found Defoe’s body, and from 1941, when DS Whiteman found the same body in the same exact location. And last but not least, it was Hasan herself who found the same body in 2023. Iris asked if she was a cop, to which Hasan answered that she was a Whitechapel cop who had interacted with Elias Mannix in 2023, when he was only a teenage boy. But after he grew up, Mannix traveled back in time and formed a cult in 1890 to create some chain of events that would lead him to detonate a bomb in London in 2023.


After the entire city is ruined, his plan is to come up with a fix and create his own utopia. Hasan even told her that in 2023, Mannix had mentioned her name, saying that Iris Maplewood would be important, but Iris refused to believe all this, causing Hasan to hold her hostage. Hasan and Defoe later took her to a room to show her the time machine named Throat, which generated an energy field using a Deutsche particle that was causing some timing glitches to make a human journey through different timelines.  Faced with the Throat’s immense energy, Iris threw up, but she still couldn’t bring herself to believe that this could make her travel back in time. However, she pretended that she had believed everything they told her and finally got her hands uncuffed. But right after this, she told Hasan not to consider her a friend, as she had already called the KYAL to rescue her from Chapel. The rescue team was sent by KYAL, and even Commander Mannix himself showed up there. Hasan, taking Defoe and Lorna with her, left the place in a hurry, while Mannix managed to find Iris Maplewood. Iris led him to the room where the Throat was kept, but there she found Mannix actually believing in this machine and seeking to control it.

In the upcoming episodes of Bodies, we may get some answers to these already convoluted and mind-boggling developments. There are probably more turns and twists yet to unfold in the series, further deepening the mystery.


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