‘Bodies’ Episode 4 Recap & Ending Explained: What Did Andrew Morley Show Hasan?

Bodies episode 4 opened with Hasan discussing the name “Hillinghead” with Maggie, who discovered by running a search on the name that there was no bricklayer in the name of Hillinghead. Alfred Hillinghead was revealed to be a detective inspector who worked in Whitechapel in 1890. Hasan began to delve deeper into Hillinghead’s identity and tried to find the archive files from 1890. In one of those 1890 case files, Hassan discovered a newspaper clip of this same deceased man being found in Longharvest Lane. However, not only that, but the records manager showed Hasan something that she couldn’t ignore. It was the 1941 case file of that same naked, deceased body being found in Longharvest Lane. While in 1890 the investigator was Alfred Hillinghead, in 1941 the investigator was Charles Whiteman, and it was his last case. Hassan began to believe in every word that Elias Mannix had told her.


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What Did Andrew Morley Show Hasan?

Hasan met with Chief Inspector Barber outside of the precinct over some drinks. She showed him those case files from 1890 and 1941, when the same deceased naked body was found in the same exact place. It was very difficult for Barber to believe in all these. Initially, he thought these photographs were all digitally altered, but they weren’t. Both of them discussed further these eerie happenings that couldn’t be explained logically. However, the card of Harker Legal, which Andrew and Elaine had shown them earlier, stuck in Hasan’s mind.


As Barber and Hasan began to look for Harker Legal, they found that it was founded by Julian Harker in 1894. Finding out the location, Hasan sneaked into Harker House in order to find something useful for the investigation, but suddenly some footsteps were heard. As Hasan hid herself and waited to see who the man was, it was revealed to be Andrew Morley. Andrew knew that Hasan was there, so he just asked her to show herself. As Hasan mustered up the courage and appeared in front of Andrew, she asked him about everything that was going on. Andrew gave her the same lecture about the inevitable future and how Elias would be responsible for the loss of many lives. As Hasan couldn’t understand and demanded further explanation, Andrew took her to a dark room where several dead bodies of Gabriel Defoe from different timelines were being stored inside a preservation tank. Hasan once again demanded the reason and purpose behind all these, but Andrew began to get emotional and asked her to tell his son that he apologized for what he had to do. As Hasan tried to console him, Andrew captured her and locked her up in a dark room. Hasan began to shout for help, but no one seemed to be there to let her out.

What Happened To Esther?

Fortunately, Whiteman didn’t kill the little girl, whose name was Esther. Rather, seeing the car following him, he just pretended to kill her, but actually, he just made her unconscious and brought her secretly to his apartment. Whiteman asked Esther not to make any noise so that they could secretly get out of this apartment and move out of the city. But Whiteman was constantly under the surveillance of an inspector sent by the commissioner. He didn’t recognize him and thought he must be from the secret organization. However, one night, after a massive bombing took place on Whitechapel, Whiteman took Esther along and made an escape from his place. He and Esther blended into a crowd who were all running for their lives and heading to the station to catch a train. Amid the crowd, Whiteman found an elderly lady who seemed curious about him and the little girl.


Meanwhile, when the lady was having a conversation with Esther, Whiteman found the guy who was following them. Whiteman trusted the elderly lady and asked her to keep a watch over Esther until he came back. While Whiteman looked for the guy, the elderly lady introduced herself as Polly Hillinghead and showed Esther the locket she was wearing. This locket carried pictures of her father, Alfred Hillinghead, and mother, Charlotte. However, Polly, who was revealed to be one of the members of the secret organization, offered Esther chocolate laced with poison. It was probably Polly who was previously seen calling Whiteman and instructing him to commit one crime after another. As Whiteman managed to kill the police guy and found that he was not from the secret organization but rather an inspector, he regretted his decision. However, after he came back to check on Esther, the elderly lady bid him goodbye, saying the familiar line, “Know You are loved.” Whiteman realized that he had messed it up and rushed toward Esther to see if she was alive, but the poison had already spread throughout the little girl’s body, eventually killing her.

Who Was Maplewood’s Neighbor?

Irish attended Gabriel Defoe’s lecture and found that he believed in the theory that humans could travel back in time. Irish and Defoe met over coffee again and discussed their contradictory beliefs in this regard. However, Defoe was actually more concerned about his safety than the doppelganger he had spotted at KYAL headquarters. He wanted to stay at Irish’s place for a while so that he could feel safer. Irish agreed to his terms and took him to her place. However, there, the two of them began to develop a sweet chemistry.  Over some French wine, they discussed their beliefs regarding the progress of London City in 2053. Defoe asked her what her feelings were about those people who didn’t want this progress, to which Irish replied that the progress was helpful and was even better than the state London was in before the 2023 bombing.


The world had changed for the better, and in 2053, starting from the environment to the class system, everything was changing and evolving. Defoe began to enjoy Irish’s company, but all of a sudden, when he found out how kind and generous Irish was, he stopped the conversation and wanted to go to the washroom. While he was in the washroom, Irish’s neighbor, Lorna, came to her apartment to look for her cat. As Lorna kept Irish busy, Defoe grabbed the opportunity to escape her place. Irish heard him running away and chased him. But even though she was successful in capturing him, she was shot by Lorna, who was revealed to be someone from the Chapel Perilous. It also turned out that Defoe was actually working for Chapel Perilous. He asked Lorna about their next step, to which she responded that they needed to take her to the Chapel.

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