‘Bodies’ Episode 2 Recap & Ending Explained: Who Was Iris Maplewood Working For?

Bodies episode 2 opened with Hasan and her team on the way to the foster house of Elias Mannix, the young boy in a yellow jacket previously seen with Syed Tahir. Hasan collected information on Mannix, who was raised in a care home with Syed Tahir. Mannix was adopted by the Morley family, who would probably tell the police where Mannix would be. Hasan and her team barged into the Morleys’ house and began to search for Mannix, but he was nowhere to be found. However, as Hasan looked for him in his bedroom, she found some photographs of her with her son hidden behind a David Bowie poster.


Spoilers Ahead

How Did Rick Die?

Hasan interrogated the Morley couple regarding their adopted son’s disappearance, but they seemed to be unbothered, as though they knew where Mannix had gone. Hasan asked them why Mannix was covertly keeping a watch on her and clicking her son’s pictures, but the Morley couple didn’t have any answers to this question. After returning from Mannix’s house, Hasan dove deeper into the family pictures of Mannix and his foster parents. She found some interesting details that led to her suspicion that Morley might know where Mannix could be. Ultimately, she stumbled upon a disturbing and emotional video of Mannix talking about a nightmare in which he had to kill a little baby. But at the end of the video, Mannix mentioned “Know You Are Loved,” which further intensified the mystery.


The next day, Hasan’s team member, Rick, found CCTV footage of Mannix sitting in his foster father’s truck, after which he had gone missing. Hasan realized that the Morleys were definitely lying, prompting her to bring the couple into custody for further interrogation. Mannix’s foster father was an ex-sergeant who was politely asked about Mannix’s whereabouts once again, but this time instead of refusing to answer, he handed them a card from Harker Legal. In a different chamber, when Hasan interrogated Mannix’s foster mother, Elaine, she acted in a similar way. However, after Hasan promised her that they wouldn’t harm their son, but all they were going to do was protect him, the woman mentioned a place where Mannix might be. Hasan’s force quickly arrived at the location to find Mannix, but he was not even there. Inspector Barber and Rick entered a trailer and found nothing but a gramophone playing.

In the meantime, when Hasan kept interrogating Elaine, she began to talk gibberish about the future. She said something that terrified Hasan. She thanked her because, in the future, Hassan would be the one who would sacrifice her son’s life in order to save Mannix. Hasan was deeply angered by this nonsense, but before she could ask further questions, Elaine realized that she had said too much and had revealed something that she wasn’t supposed to say. As a result, she cut out her own tongue in order to remain silent. Hasan was startled by the entire scenario and called for help. However, after this startling incident, when Hasan called Barber and informed him about all this, she realized that Morley had deliberately sent them to this location. Connecting all the dots, Barber concluded that it was a trap to get the cops killed. Hasan quickly phoned Rick, who was inside the trailer, asking him to get out, but Rick, who was fascinated by the gramophone, touched it, and a huge explosion claimed his life.


Did Hillinghead Burn The Evidence?

As a result of him knowing too much and having evidence that would go against the colonel’s son, Hillinghead was asked by the commissioner to stay off the case. Hillinghead headed back home and tried to burn the evidence containing the mysterious figure whose reflection was seen on the glass window behind the deceased body. However, he couldn’t bring himself to burn it properly. Later, Henry Ashe, who was released, visited Hillinghead and asked him to return the photo, which was the only evidence that could pin down the killer. Hillinghead kicked him out of the house, saying that the picture had turned into ashes. However, Hillinghead, who wanted to solve this mystery regarding the murder, later met with Henry and surprised him with the photograph. Hillinghead and Henry vowed to unravel the mystery behind this mysterious figure together, but they would have to be careful and discreet about it.

What Happened To Whiteman?

Detective Whiteman was instructed by the woman from the agency to kill someone to frame him as a murderer of defective Farrel. Whiteman sneaked into a man named Lea Cozen’s house in order to kill him. Lea Cozen was a convicted rapist who could be an ideal man to blame for the murder. Whiteman put a bullet in his head, making the scene appear to be a suicide, and placed a piece of evidence that would “prove” that Cozen was the murderer of Farrel. Whiteman informed the mysterious lady that he had managed to complete the task and wanted to meet her in person, but the lady hung up the phone, saying “Know You’re Loved.”


The commissioner had some suspicion about Whiteman because the last time he met with Farrel, he’d told him that he would follow Whiteman. However, Whiteman insisted he shouldn’t overthink the case, as the culprit had been discovered and the case was closed. However, on the night of the murder of Lea Cozen, a little girl witnessed Whiteman killing him. The little girl was seen in the precinct the next day, causing Whiteman great concern. The lady called him again and asked him not to leave any eyewitnesses. This seemed like an order for Whiteman to kill the little girl, but it remained to be seen if the detective could go to such lengths for his own safety.

Who Was Iris Maplewood Working For?

In the futuristic timeline of 2053, we came to know more about Iris Maplewood. Iris was actually working for a company called KYAL (Know You Are Loved). As Maplewood and her neighbor watched television, a news channel memorialized the huge bomb explosion that took place in London City in 2023, claiming too many lives. TV news also showcased the founder and executive of KYAL, whose video projection on the street walls was shown at the end of episode 1. He might be the one who saved the city from the ruins. In this bombing, both Iris and her neighbor lost significant people in their lives. The next day, in her department, Maplewood was strictly forbidden by her superior to dig deeper into the case of this person who was found shot in the eye on Longharvest Lane. According to her boss, it was a high-profile case that shouldn’t involve a detective like Maplewood, but Iris knew that there was something more to it.


Determined to uncover the identity of the man, she decided to run a DNA test on her own clothes, which had some stains from the man’s blood. She gave that piece of clothing to her half-brother, with whom she didn’t get along very well. But as the guy had some equipment at his place, Iris decided to ask him if he would run the DNA. In their conversation, we came to know that both of them were seriously injured by the bombing, but after Iris was hired by KYAL, the competent scientists of the institution fixed her with the help of advanced medical technology. Iris wanted her brother to undergo the same treatment for his own good, but her brother preferred to be in a wheelchair than to work as a slave for the people at KYAL. However, her brother managed to uncover the identity of the man. His name was Gabriel Dafoe, working as a professor. He was born in 2022 in London. This much information was enough for Iris, so she just got out of the house. But even though she wanted to go back to her home, her car detected a new destination and took her to the headquarters of KYAL. There she found the CEO of KYAL, Commander Mannix, who let her know that, as he had helped Iris recover from her injuries and stand on her own two feet, he demanded the same kind of help and dedication from her. Iris found Defoe was actually dead as his body was under observation, and scientists at KYAL were experimenting on it. Commander Mannix manipulated her into dedicating her own life to serving him and his organization. Understandably, commander Mannix was none other than Elias Mannix, the young boy Hasan and her team were desperately searching for in the 2023 timeline. Mannix probably had grown up to be this megalomaniac individual who was on his voyage to gain more power and wealth by exploiting ordinary people.

Afterward, Iris visited the college where Dafoe used to work as a professor. But as she went there and began to interrogate people, Dafoe walked in. incredibly alive. Iris pointed her gun at him, asking him about his real identity. Startled by Iris’s actions, Dafoe told her that he was still alive and had no idea what happened to him. Iris informed him that she wanted to talk to him regarding his own murder, which would probably unfold in an upcoming episode of Bodies.


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