‘Blind’ (2023) Ending, Explained: Does Gia Catch The Killer?

Sonam Kapoor has the huge task of carrying the new film Blind on her shoulders, and she seems to be falling short of the chops required to pull it off. An official remake of the 2011 thriller of the same name, Blind, does most things right, but at the end of it, the characters’ portrayals by the actors are too thin to deal with the emotional heft of the film. The fight sequences are messy, and Sonam’s expressions leave much to be desired.


The story revolves around Gia, a cop of Indian descent working in Glasgow, Scotland. Gia, in an attempt to ground her brother, Adrian, cuffs him in her car but meets with an accident which takes Adrian’s life and Gia’s eyesight. Blind and hopeless, Gia resolves to pick herself up and tries joining the police force again, but is declined. Living with the darkness seems to be her fate until one day, her path collides with a serial killer who poses a challenge to her that might just be what Gia needs to regain her faith in life. 

Spoilers Ahead


Plot Synopsis: What Happens In The Film?

Gia, a young cop working for the Scottish police force, is a smart and conscientious worker, but she never suspected that her qualities would work against her the day she went looking for her brother, Adrian. Actually, Gia and Adrian aren’t related by blood. They were left at an orphanage twelve years ago, and since then, she has been taking care of younger Adrian just like a real sister would. When she finally finds Adrian in a local club where he is enjoying a concert by his favorite artist, she takes him away against his will and cuffs him to the car after he tries to flee. Adrian tries to get the key while Gia is busy driving the car, and in a momentary loss of concentration, Gia takes her eye off the road to stop Adrian and meets with an accident. She didn’t know that the night would end in Adrian’s death, while she would be left with permanent vision loss and a pang of guilt that would weigh heavy on her heart for the next three years.

Alone, living away from the orphanage, she has only her guide dog Elsa to ensure she manages to navigate the city all by herself. In the aftermath of the accident, the police force could not let Gia go unreprimanded for the misuse of the law, which might have resulted in Adrian’s death. Firstly, she had wrongfully used her cuffs on him, for he wasn’t a criminal, and secondly, she had taken her eyes off the road, which was a case of negligence on her part. Her visual impairment meant she couldn’t return to work in the field, but even after three years of learning braille, her request to be of use to the police force at a desk job was also not entertained. Her record as a cop was forever tainted. The police force was not going to pardon the fact that she had broken the law to use the cuffs for personal reasons, and restrained Adrian to keep him acting like an impertinent child a day before his exam. If Adrian was alive, he would testify to that fact. But he is no more, and Gia has to live with the fact that she will never work for the police force again.


The orphanage’s caretaker, Maria, who had been a mother figure to Gia, regularly kept in touch because she knew that Gia was not in a good headspace. She knew that Gia needed assistance but wouldn’t accept it, as she thought it would keep a shred of dignity alive. Maria tried her best in the last three years to make Gia turn to religion again and reconcile with God, but she had completely lost her faith. Was her crime so grave as to merit such a harsh punishment? With no way to rejoin the police force, everything seemed lost for her. She doesn’t know that her future has her coming face-to-face with a serial killer.

How Does Gia Come Into Contact With The Serial Killer?

With not much else to do the whole day, Gia keeps herself busy by listening to the news broadcast. The disappearance of a young woman keeps running through her mind. One day, while returning from Maria’s orphanage, Gia boards a taxi, completely unaware that she is moving towards her painful death. The driver of the car was a serial killer who had kidnapped the missing girl and was going for his second victim that night. He underestimated Gia, who was as much a cop now as she was before her accident. When the driver gave her the drugged water, she refused to drink it and started questioning him about the sound coming from the trunk of the car. The driver raises the volume of the car’s speakers, but when her attention isn’t diverted from the open trunk, he tries to force the bottle on her and ultimately runs over a woman. Gia’s belongings fall on the car’s floor due to the impact; she picks them up, leaves behind her disability card, and goes to check up on the driver. She realizes he put something in the trunk and proceeds to call the police, but the driver attacks her. Gia is able to use her skills to save herself from being abducted.


How Does Gia Help Police Officer Prithvi?

Having gone through the harrowing experience of nearly getting abducted, Gia was a little shaken up, but that didn’t stop her from contacting the police when she heard the news of a second missing girl. This was her chance to help the police nab whoever the kidnapper was. She had a hunch that the two disappearances were linked and the driver was possibly a serial killer, which meant she had to act fast if she was to save those girls. The trouble for her was that the police officers were not taking her report seriously. She was determined not to let her impairment come into play in this case. She persisted until Prithvi Khanna, a food-loving officer of Indian descent, took an interest in her unique abilities. At first, he was like all the other officers, not paying any heed to her account of the incident, but when she accurately describes Prithvi’s age, height, and food habits, he is amazed by her sensory deduction skills.

Gia had vital clues that could narrow down the list of potential suspects. She had talked to the driver, and he had revealed himself to be of Indian descent. By his voice, she could tell his age. He wore a unique perfume and wore a watch on her right wrist, implying he was a lefty. The scuffle revealed the driver’s height and build. Prithvi notes all this down and starts to track all the taxis in Glasgow that were run by men of Indian descent. If what Gia was saying was correct, the killer would be caught in no time. There was a problem, however: The driver did not drive a regular taxi, and this fact was known to only one other eyewitness, a young man by the name of Nikhil.


Who Is Nikhil? How Does He Help Gia And Prithvi?

On the night when the driver tried kidnapping Gia but instead ran over another girl, Nikhil was on his way home when he saw the accident. When he sees the second girl’s ‘missing’ poster, he contacts Prithvi. He tries narrating his eyewitness account but falters at one point. According to him, the driver ran over the girl and put her in the back seat, while Gia countered that it wasn’t possible as she was sitting in the backseat, so he must be lying. She dismisses him as just an opportunistic fellow trying to cash in on the reward for giving any information about the missing girl. Nikhil is livid with Gia’s attitude but later calls Prithvi to admit that he was lying about the part about the backseat, as he ran away after seeing the accident. He does assert that Gia’s information about the driver’s vehicle being a regular taxi was completely incorrect. His rant leaves Prithvi and Gia doubtful of their strategy because if it wasn’t a taxi, then their whole hunt would be useless.

How Does Gia Catch The Killer?

The driver had Gia’s disability card, and he started toying with her mind because he liked torturing his victims before he finally killed them. First, he starts to harass her by delivering the card in person, ensuring to send the waves of terror quite deep into Gia. Next on his list was Nikhil, who was an eyewitness and had to be eliminated. He attacks Nikhil, but he survives the blow, ending up in the hospital. Gia feels extremely upset, as she didn’t trust him before, and the whole fiasco reminds her of how she was a little harsh with Adrain too. She started to care for Nikhil as if he were Adrian. She realized that the killer coming to her doorstep was an act of posing a challenge, and she wasn’t one to simply back down from it. Sensing Nikhil to be deeply hurt and in danger, the sisterly love in her galvanized to take the shape of a mission—to stop the killer at all costs.


Before she could do that, Nikhil went away, as he was still upset by Gia’s attitude toward him. He didn’t understand that she just cared for him, sensing that the killer would attack him again. She had lost Adrien, and she didn’t want to lose Nikhil as well. Meanwhile, the mental games being played by the killer did not seem to end. But this time, Gia was prepared. When he calls her, thinking he would torture her further by repeating to her the incident of handcuffing Adrian, which possibly led to his death, Gia gives him an earful about how he was simply an impotent fellow who could gain pleasure only by torturing helpless women. She manages to get under his skin, which also means he could come back with a vengeance, and unsurprisingly, he does. This time he attacks Gia, but her guide dog Elsa becomes his victim. Elsa’s death almost breaks all her resolve. She starts to accept the darkness and begins treading the path of hopelessness when another girl is kidnapped. This time, Prithvi and Nikhil try to solve the case together and almost nab the killer. Nikhil identifies his vehicle, and Prithvi tries to narrow it down to owners of Indian descent. He discovers that whoever the serial killer is, he works in the hospital because the drug he tried to use on Gia to subdue her was available nowhere except in hospitals. They were on the right track, as the killer was a gynecologist who, in a chilling fashion, was possibly scouting for his next victim among his clients.

Prithvi asks Nikhil and Gia to go to the orphanage while he goes to check on the last few remaining suspects. The killer, however, manages to kill Prithvi and uses his phone to find out where Nikhil and Gia are hiding. Back at the orphanage, Nikhil and Gia bond over Adrian’s music and his love for rap and concerts. Adrian’s death anniversary was coming up, and a concert was to be organized in his memory, but Gia had refused as she couldn’t forgive herself for what had happened that day. With Nikhil by her side, it was as if Adrian had come back, but the killer was coming to destroy that sentiment. He reaches the orphanage and, in an intense battle, stabs Nikhil and goes to hunt Gia. Blind and terrified, Gia manages to help Nikhil out of the orphanage, but she knows that if she doesn’t end the killer’s chapter right now, she will be haunted for the rest of her life. Mustering courage, she goes back to the orphanage and uses her own techniques to sense the killer’s whereabouts, ultimately killing him with such ruthless bashing that his eye pops out of his skull. She didn’t wait for the law, which again implied her same tendency to go overboard with her righteous mission as she did by cuffing Adrian. After facing malevolence, she may have become the devil in disguise herself, following the principle of “an eye for an eye”, but killing him was the best thing she had done in a long time. In the end, Nikhil helps bring Adrian’s music to life, taking Gia along with him to Adrian’s memorial concert, and gives Gia a new guide dog named ‘Hope,’ literally implying she has overcome her guilt and found the faith she had lost.


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