‘Blackout’ Ending Explained & JioCinema Movie Recap: What Did Lenny Find About Bewdya?

Blackout wanted to be a comedy thriller, but it totally missed the mark. Most of the characters felt unnecessary, and the story itself was just pointless. Every character’s motive and their journey’s end seemed random and out of the blue. The story follows a guy named Lenny (played by Vikrant Massey). On a blackout day with no power, he leaves his house and gets hit by a car, which turns out to be full of thieves. But Lenny thinks he has hit the jackpot! Why? Because even though the car is now full of dead bodies, it’s loaded with money and jewels. But his luck doesn’t last long because his night turns into a nightmare thanks to the people he meets along the way. What happens to Lenny? Let’s dive into the movie Blackout by Devang Bhavsar, now streaming on Jio Cinema, to find out.


Spoilers Ahead

Why did Bewdya get inside Lenny’s car? 

It was a day of load-shedding all over Pune. Most people thought it was because a big transformer had busted, but something else was going on: Operation Blackout. A gang wanted to rob banks and steal jewels to get rich, and guess what? They were actually successful. Meanwhile, we meet Lenny, a crime journalist. Lenny was always looking for the truth, even if it meant pretending to be someone else to get information. At home, he was a loyal husband who loved his wife, Roshni, deeply. On the day of the blackout, he came home to freshen up and grab some food. He discovered that his wife, who usually cooked terrible food, wanted him to buy food from outside. Despite just getting home and noticing the power outage, he happily went out because he thought he was going to get lucky that night—there were candles everywhere, wine bottles, and glasses set up for a romantic evening. But little did he know, his wife was cheating on him with his best friend, Ravi. When Lenny went to buy food, he ran into Ravi. From their conversation, it was clear that Lenny had no idea what Ravi was doing behind his back. Lenny, a journalist who trusted nobody outside his circle, never suspected his own people. After helping Ravi get home, Lenny went out again to buy food. It started raining, and he got hit by a car. Thankfully, he was okay, but the other car had tipped over at the side of the road. Inside the car were jewels, money, and thieves dressed in black.


Lenny thought he had hit the jackpot. Being a normal middle-class man striving to live an honest life, his excitement at the idea of becoming the thought of becoming rich was understandable. Without much thought, he grabbed some jewels, money, and a big suitcase, thinking it was full of cash. He left the rest in the car, feeling he had taken just enough without being greedy. He was excited to go home and share the news with Roshni, but fate had a different plan. He accidentally hit a man with his car. Just when he thought his luck was changing for the better, it turned out to be a nightmare. People gathered around the scene, and he couldn’t run away. Pretending to care so they wouldn’t call the police, he put the injured man in his car. Then, a drunk man named Bewdya took charge of the situation and got into Lenny’s car without an invitation. Bewdya, who looked like he survived only on alcohol, told Lenny it was pointless to take the man to the hospital since he was already dead. Instead, he suggested finding a graveyard and burying the body. Surprisingly, Lenny thought it was a good idea and even offered Bewdya money to help. At the graveyard, they met two smugglers, Theek and Thak, who also offered to help in exchange for money. As they were digging a hole to dump the body, it suddenly came to life. Terrified, they all ran away. Little did they know, Detective Arvind, Pune’s very own Byomkesh Bakshi, was watching them. Arvind was there to find dirt on Lenny because Roshni had hired him. She wanted to leave Lenny without any blame for cheating on him. But the night was far from over; it had just begun.

What did Lenny find about Bewdya? 

As Lenny, Theek, Thak, and Bewdya ran away from the graveyard, they met a girl named Shruti on the road. She seemed like a damsel in distress because her car wasn’t working. Being the “gentlemen” they were, they decided to help her. But little did they know, she was also working with the detective and wasn’t as innocent as she seemed. As they continued their journey, Inspector Patil was hot on their trail. News of Lenny’s car accident had spread. They also had a dangerous killer among them they didn’t know about—Bewdya. He wasn’t just a drunk; he was actually Don Asgar, a notorious gangster who had killed hundreds with his famous golden revolver 14 years ago. The police have been after him ever since. Just when they thought they had escaped the police, they were attacked by Bewdya’s enemy gang. Mugil Anna, the gang leader, had a score to settle with Bewdya. As they fought, Bewdya showed his courage and tried to take them all down, but he got hit by a bullet and died. Then they encountered the gangster of all gangsters, Mr. X, who was the same person who had come back to life in the graveyard. He planned to kill them all until Detective Arvind showed up, following their trail. Arvind, who was hired by Roshni to find dirt on Lenny, revealed his true agenda. Instead of busting Lenny, Arvind decided to steal the jewels and money for himself. Arvind and Shruti managed to take the loot and try to flee. But Lenny, Theek, and Thak caught up with them. In a final showdown, Lenny killed Arvind and Shruti, taking the jewels and money for Theek, Thak and himself.


The story didn’t end there. As they opened the suitcase, thinking it was full of jewels, they found it was packed with arms and ammunition instead. They were busted! All their dreams of becoming rich vanished. But Lenny wasn’t ready for what he was about to discover. When Lenny went to dig a hole to bury Bewdya in the graveyard, he had no idea what he would find. The ground was filled with gold bars! He was shocked. Maybe that’s why Bewdya wanted to be buried there—so Lenny could find the gold. His dream of becoming king finally came true. But making Roshni his queen was a dream he’d have to abandon, since she was cheating on him. That night taught him to never trust anyone. It was ironic—he had been in the dark for so long, but the blackout night actually opened his eyes! Lenny went to Inspector Patil and told him he would expose his bribery if he didn’t help him frame his wife and best friend. Lenny planned to show that the ammunition was found in Ravi’s car and link both Roshni and Ravi to the case. He sure knew how to take revenge! We can now hope that Roshni and Ravi will end up behind bars for a long time. But just as the story seemed to end, it didn’t. Bewdya was still alive; he hadn’t been killed. So, who would end up with the gold bars? We don’t know. Hopefully, they would split it 50/50 and live peacefully. But we know that’s not going to happen. Another drama would probably unfold between Lenny and Bewdya, where friends might turn into enemies. After all, greed changes people.

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