Big Sun In ‘The Brothers Sun’ Explained: Will Da Sun Survive?

The Brothers Sun, a Netflix series, has just introduced to us an entertaining and action-packed thriller with some interesting characters to discuss. One of them is the main antagonist of the story, Big Sun, the patriarch of the Sun family. At the very beginning of the series, Da Sun, aka Big Sun, was shot by some assassins, leaving Big Sun’s elder son Charles in grave concern. The responsibility fell on Charles’ shoulders to track down the enemy who tried to kill his father. Although Big Sun fell into a comatose state and was absent for almost half of the series, his eventual return brought a twist. Let’s see how things ended up for Big Sun and if there is any chance for him to return in the next installment.


Spoilers Ahead

Did Big Sun Really Want To Protect His Family?

Big Sun was the Red Pole of the Jade Dragons, one of the fierce gangs under the Triads in Taipei. Big Sun, aka Da Sun, had always been the leader of the gang as well as the decision-maker in his family. He’s a megalomaniac, narcissistic, and selfish man who has always prioritized his business over anything else. Despite the fact that he had always taught his son to value his family and try to protect it from any harm, he never prioritized his wife’s or son’s life. He made his elder son, Charles Sun, a fierce warrior who’d be his protective shield. To make his son a stone-cold murderer, Big Sun had also put him through a murderous test to make his son taste blood for the first time. But Charles never doubted his father’s affection for him. Big Sun didn’t even have a good connection with his wife, whom he had always belittled, therefore causing a rift in their marital relationship. He always tried to shape everyone around him in his own mold; therefore, he could have never imagined that his own wife and son could go against him. However, by the end of the series, his expectations were shattered. 


Who Attempted To Assassinate Big Sun?

The Brothers Sun opened with Big Sun getting shot by a group of rebels called the Boxers, which was revealed later in the series. Big Sun was severely injured and fell into a comatose state. Initially, Charles believed it was their known enemy named Sleepy Chan, so he set out on his mission to take him out. However, when Eileen was kidnapped by the Boxers, the Sun family realized who was behind the assassination attempt. Even after facing a lot of enemies on their way, the Sun family survived, but Eileen had different plans ahead. She went back to Taipei to pay a visit to her mother, but her heart was shattered into pieces when she learned the truth about her husband. Big Sun was the man behind Eileen’s sister’s death, which came as a shock to her. Realizing that her husband had betrayed her all her life, Eileen finally decided to take over the gang. Although she paid a visit to her husband, she whispered in his ears, saying that she’d grab the whole empire of the Triads. As Big Sun might have recovered from the injury, he woke up from his comatose state, and within a few days, he was finally back on his feet. He made a surprise visit to Eileen and his sons in LA and ensured that Eileen wouldn’t get to lead the gang so easily. Big Sun was planning to get reelected as the head of the Triads, so he set up a meeting with all the Triad members in LA. With his son, Charles, as a protective shield, Big Sun was confident enough that nothing in this world would be able to harm him, but it came as a shock when Eileen appeared there as a new candidate for the Dragon Head. Moreover, surprisingly, thanks to Bruce, the Boxers orchestrated an attack on the Triads, killing almost everyone in the group.

While Big Sun managed to survive owing to his son, he realized that his biggest enemies were Eileen and Bruce. As he was betrayed by his own wife, he didn’t even hesitate to order Charles to punish his own family. Big Sun didn’t want Charles to kill Eileen, but he wanted to make her suffer diabolically, so he commanded Charles to kill Bruce, who was his own flesh and blood. Charles was startled to see the real face of his father, whom he had idolized his entire life, which also brought a change in his conscience. Charles couldn’t bring himself to kill Bruce, and he discussed it with his brother and Eileen. As Charles was in a great dilemma about whether to comply with his father’s command or to betray his trust, Bruce decided to step in.


Did Big Sun Survive?

Bruce decided to put an end to his tyrant father, who had made his mother’s and his life a living hell. So, taking up the gun, he mustered up the courage to face his father and shot him in the stomach. However, Bruce was not inhuman like Big Sun, so he rushed him to the hospital and alerted the police. It became easier for Alexis, the Deputy DA, to make Big Sun’s arrest, but the authorities couldn’t put him in prison due to his injury. Meanwhile, Eileen came up with a cunning plan to give her husband a slow death. Disguising herself as a nurse, she faked the medical chart of Big Sun and mentioned that he had diabetes. She started giving Big Sun insulin at a high dosage, which would be enough to render him unable to talk or walk. However, just as Eileen thought she had been victorious in her attempt to grab the throne of the Triads, it didn’t seem so easy. Now that she moved back to Taipei with her son, Charles, she wouldn’t have any information about whether Big Sun would die or survive.

Will Big Sun Return In The Upcoming Season?

It remained a major concern if Big Sun would really die out of the insulin running through his veins or if his loyal minions would hatch a plan to revive him. Apparently, Frank Ma, the sole survivor from the Triads group, was probably also after the throne of the empire, so he managed to make a deal with Alexis. He promised to give Alexis every possible piece of information about their gangs in exchange for Big Sun’s arrest, but Yuan, Big Sun’s most trusted assistant, was looming as a threat over his shoulder. In the post-credit scenes of the show, we saw Yuan having a conversation with a cop and found out that Frank Ma’s testimony was the sole evidence to arrest Big Sun. Therefore, if he managed to kill Frank Ma, the authorities would be forced to set Big Sun free. Meanwhile, if Yuan managed to find out that the insulin dose given to Big Sun was a murderous scheme planned by Eileen, he would probably try to get rid of the dosage to save his boss’s life. So, there’s a high chance for Big Sun to reappear in the upcoming season of The Brothers Sun to take his revenge on Eileen and Charles. Let’s hope for a banger in season 2 of The Brothers Sun, where we’d probably get to see a father-son altercation between Charles and Big Sun.


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