‘Big Bet’ Season 2, Episode 7: Recap And Ending: Why Does Moo Sik Run Away To Korea?

Moo Sik returned to the Philippines after proving his innocence in Min’s murder case. Everything had changed in the Philippines for Moo Sik in just a year. Previously, in “Big Bet,” Moo Sik reestablished his presence in the casino world, but his brother-like friend, Jung Pal, is no longer his successor. Jung Pal got himself in trouble by dealing with a fraudster and got himself arrested. Moo Sik saved him, but Jung Pal lost his position. Sang Gu, whom Moo Sik trusts now, has conspired with the police against Moo Sik.

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What Does Moo Sik Do To Raul?

Seung Hoon has returned to Korea, but he hasn’t stopped investigating the cases in the Philippines. He is determined to find Min’s murderer first before going after Moo Sik. Sang Gu is still helping him, and he has sent him the CCTV recording of Jin, her boyfriend Jose, Chil Gu, and Yoon Gi together. Seung Hoon already has Jin’s bank transaction records, so he is planning his next step. He needs to get an arrest warrant against Jin and get her deported to Korea so that he can interrogate her, Yoon Gi, and Chil Gu together. Back in the Philippines, Jin hasn’t stepped out of the house, scared for her life. She is worried that someone is keeping a watch on her after someone tried to barge into her house the previous night. Her boyfriend, Jose, looks around and finds two gangsters actually keeping a watch on her. Moreover, Jin gets an alert that her bank account is being examined. She doesn’t have any idea that this is just the beginning of her tragedy.

The arrest warrant gets issued against Jin in Korea, and Seung Hoon heads to the Philippines to carry out the further process. However, the very same night, he gets the news that Jin has disappeared. She must have sensed the danger and run away. Even John, Big Boss’ right-hand man, couldn’t find her. Moo Sik told John that Jose was involved in Min’s murder, and Jose told Moo Sik not to inform Big Boss. Jose works with Raul, Big Boss’ cousin, and he doesn’t like anyone messing with his family. John wanted to take care of it himself, but Jin’s disappearance made it difficult. Seung Hoon thinks that Moo Sik is responsible for it and warns him to keep still. Additionally, he asks Sang Gu to have a meal with him, which makes Moo Sik suspicious. Sang Gu convinces Moo Sik that he has nothing to do with Seung Hoon, but Moo Sik is alert now. Moo Sik moves quickly and gets Jose when he is about to flee as well. Jose reveals that it was Raul’s plan to kill Min. Moo Sik then kidnaps Raul and confronts him. Raul explains to Moo Sik that he doesn’t like the fact that he is closer to Big Boss than himself. He wanted to show his power to Moo Sik so that Moo Sik would know his place. Raul keeps foul-mouthing Moo Sik and getting enraged; Moo Sik sets Raul on fire when he is still alive.

‘Big Bet’ Season 2 Episode 7: Ending

Big Boss is looking for Raul and asks John if he has any idea where he is. It is news to John, and both Big Boss and him begin to suspect Moo Sik. John calls Moo Sik to meet Big Boss, but Moo Sik tells him that he’s going to Korea for some urgent business. He knows he has made a big mistake by messing with Big Boss’ family. Big Boss is the most powerful man in the Philippines, and Moo Sik can run his business only with his sanction. However, he is in Korea now and has reunited with his old friends, suggesting a new beginning. He tells them that he can never settle down in Korea because all of his business is in the Philippines, but right now, it’s dangerous for him to return.

Seung Hoon has been looking for Jin ever since he arrived and has started thinking that she might have fled the country. Surprisingly, he sees her when he least expects it. While Moo Sik is in Korea, Sang Gu and Jung Pal have turned against him. Sang Gu tells Jung Pal that Moo Sik is behind Sojung and Philip’s murder. Sang Gu is looking for the deleted CCTV recordings on Moo Sik’s computer when he hears loud noises. Following the noise leads him to a basement, and he sees Jung Pal trying to break open a door. He knows that there’s money hidden behind it—the same money that Moo Sik got after killing Sojung and Philip. As “Big Bet” season 2 is closer to its end, Moo Sik has started paying for his sins. He never wanted to be a thug who kills people, but he has become one. The final episode will reveal if Moo Sik will return to the Philippines and face Big Boss or if he will stay hidden in Korea.

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