‘Big Bet’ Season 2, Episode 6: Recap And Ending: What Does Jung Pal Get Arrested For?

In the previous episode of “Big Bet,” Moo Sik got deported to Korea to undergo a trial for Min Seok Jun’s murder, and he used his connections to speed up the investigation. He was acquitted of the murder charges, but it took him a year to return to the Philippines because he was banned from entering the country. Meanwhile, Jung Pal and Sang Gu had been running the casino, but it wasn’t doing well. Jung Pal discovered Moo Sik’s hidden cash stash and betrayed him. He started dealing with other businessmen while neglecting Moo Sik’s casino.

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Why Does Sang Gu Meet Seung Hoon?

Moo Sik has just returned to the Philippines, and other businessmen think that he doesn’t hold the same power now. One of the businessmen, Yang Sang Su, whom Jung Pal and his friend are dealing with, calls Moo Sik’s friend Sung Il to bring Moo Sik to him, saying that he needs to get beaten up. Jung Pal hears of it as well and later tells his friend that Sang Su has made a mistake by messing with Moo Sik. Sung Il calls Moo Sik right away and asks him if he has done anything to offend Yang Sang Su, but Moo Sik doesn’t even know who he is and gets offended. He goes to the restaurant Sang Su is at right away, but Sang Su has already left. Moo Sik calls him and finds out that he is at a nearby restaurant. He catches Sang Su, who is wearing a suit and is hiding his face from Moo Sik, who is wearing pajamas. Moo Sik was so offended by Sang Su’s words that he didn’t care about dressing up. However, he didn’t forget to bring his gun. Sang Su gets intimidated by him and has no choice but to apologize to him.

Moo Sik needs to get back into business as soon as possible to avoid more incidents like with Yang Sang Su. He invited all the agents who left the casino for dinner and offered them a higher commission than before and an incentive as well. He even gives them money to make up for their loss during his absence, and all the agents happily agree to join his casino again. Lee Sang Gu, who has been second in line after Jung Pal, doesn’t seem pleased with it. He knocks on Inspector Seung Hoon’s door late that night. He informs Seung Hoon that Moo Sik must have ordered Johnny to kill Philip and Sojung. He tells him that he had seen Johnny at the site but didn’t know he had a connection with Moo Sik until recently. As much as Seung Hoon wants to get to the bottom of this case, he cannot do anything without solid proof. He asks Sang Gu to bring the CCTV footage in which Johnny is visible, which Seung Hoon wasn’t able to get his hands on. Sang Gu was close to Philip, and he was deeply hurt when he realized that Moo Sik could be connected to his murder. On the other hand, Moo Sik is digging into Min Seok Jun’s murder and orders Sang Gu to bring the CCTV recordings from Jin’s restaurant. He doesn’t tell Sang Gu the reason behind it, but he asks him to trust him because he sees him as his successor. From the recordings, Moo Sik gets what he wants. He finds the footage of Jin with Yoon Gi, Chil Gu, and, surprisingly for him, her boyfriend.

‘Big Bet’ Season 2 Episode 6: Ending

Moo Sik is upset with Jung Pal, but still, Jung Pal goes to Moo Sik to ask him for help shamelessly. His friend has been arrested by the police, and he wants Moo Sik to help him. Moo Sik straight-up refuses to do so, and right at that time, Seung Hoon comes to the casino with the Filipino police to arrest Jung Pal. He gets arrested for embezzlement, and only after that does Moo Sik discover what Jung Pal has been up to all this time. Jung Pal had been helping his friend do business in the Philippines, not knowing that his friend had committed multiple frauds and been flagged by Interpol. Only once, Jung Pal had received money from his friend, and now he has been arrested as an accomplice. It was Seung Hoon’s final case in the Philippines as his term came to an end, and he returned to Korea. However, even after returning, he still hasn’t given up his investigation into Moo Sik. He has promised Sang Gu that he will come back. Jung Pal has been well-trapped by Seung Hoon, and it is almost impossible for him to get out of it, but Moo Sik still considers him his younger brother and decides to help him. He asks Big Boss for help, and Big Boss makes the impossible possible. He gets both Jung Pal and his friend out. However, Jung Pal’s friend had to give up his Korean citizenship to do so.

After Jin’s restaurant was broken into by Sang Gu, she got so scared that she closed the restaurant and put it up for sale. She didn’t bother to report it to the police because she knew she would be getting herself into trouble if she did so. She also broke up with her boyfriend, as she believes Moo Sik to be behind it and is worried that they might get caught. Her boyfriend, on the other hand, is not worried at all. He doesn’t even remember having a conversation with Yoon Gi and Chil Gu at Jin’s restaurant. However, Moo Sik remembers him well. Jin’s boyfriend works with Big Boss, and Moo Sik has to make sure he has the right person first. In “Big Bet,” Jin disappears out of fear, and she is the most crucial culprit in Seok Jun’s murder. She was the mediator, and once Moo Sik had her, he would get to Yoon Gi and Chil Gu in no time.

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