‘Big Bet’ Season 2, Episode 5: Recap And Ending: Will Moo Sik Return To The Philippines?

Previously in “Big Bet,” Moo Sik was framed for the murder of Min Seok Jun by businessman Chil Gu and embassy consul Jo Yoon Gi. The NBI agent, Terrence, did the rest of the work for them by arresting Moo Sik and forcing him to hold a press conference. Moo Sik had become infamous in the Philippines and wanted to go back to Korea to clear his name. He pulled strings to make it happen, but before returning, he told Inspector Oh that the real culprit was still in the Philippines.


Spoilers Ahead

How Does Moo Sik Get Acquitted Of Murder Charges?

After the press conference, Moo Sik is taken to the international airport to be sent back to Korea. Moo Sik is finally free from Terrence, who annoyed him a lot throughout the entire process. He is happy and orders food for the Korean police officers who arrive to get him and the Filipino police protecting him. He even upgrades his and the officers’ plane tickets to business class. Nothing changes for Moo Sik, even when he is arrested. He is going back to Korea with the confidence that he is going to be acquitted of the charges against him. The reason is obvious. It’s his home country, and he knows how things work there. Additionally, he has connections. As soon as he lands in Korea, his only childhood friend, Jong Hyun, who is now a police officer, comes to pick him up. As if he were not an international criminal, he treats him to a meal. Obviously, he is going to help Moo Sik to get out of this situation.


Moo Sik’s case has already been transferred to a prosecutor, and Moo Sik goes to prosecutor Park’s office for interrogation. The prosecutor brings out all his crimes from the old days, and Moo Sik admits those he really committed and refutes others with evidence. The real deal happens when the murder of investors in Hong Kong comes up. Moo Sik is not responsible for it, but he has a hand in money laundering. Moo Sik doesn’t even try to hide it, and he declares directly to the prosecutor that he will get him that money. The prosecutor accepts Moo Sik’s bribe, but Moo Sik has also prepared evidence to defend himself. Moo Sik’s friend Jong Hyun helped him get Chil Gu’s bank transaction details, which show that he transferred 10 million pesos to Jin the day before and after Min’s murder. Even the prosecutor finds it odd, and he now believes that Chil Gu also had a motive for murder. He wanted Min’s hotel.

Back in the Philippines, Terence still hasn’t given up, and has fabricated the whole case to blame it on Moo Sik. He made his informant, who is a murderer, confess that Moo Sik ordered him to kill Min. Seung Hoon is not happy with it, but the embassy also tells him to get over the case. However, his colleagues in Korea allow him to continue his investigation without reporting it to the embassy. Moo Sik pulls his strings, and the prosecutor writes a petition for him. Due to the petition written by the prosecutor himself, Moo Sik gets acquitted of the charges of Min’s murder and gets a year of probation for his other charges.


‘Big Bet’ Season 2 Episode 5: Ending

Although Moo Sik has been banned from entering the Philippines, he thinks he can probably still get in because of his connections. He sends an application, and the big politicians in the Philippines hold a meeting to discuss it. Some of them think if they don’t let Moo Sik enter the country even after he has been acquitted of the charges, it will create a diplomatic issue. Public sentiment is also a problem since the media has constantly been reporting on Moo Sik. The big boss takes care of it and stops writing news articles about Moo Sik. Moo Sik also has to take care of the business, as the Bolton casino is making a loss. To stay afloat for the time being, Moo Sik tells Jung Pal about his secret stash of money, and Jung Pal is beyond surprised after finding it. He seems to have been thinking about something else instead of helping Moo Sik.

Moo Sik finally gets to enter the Philippines after a year, and the first thing he does is inform all his enemies that he is back. Chil Gu gets scared and decides to take the first flight back to Korea. He calls Yoon Gi to inform him, but Yoon Gi has already faced the consequences. He has been suspended for taking bribes and has to go back to Korea. On the other hand, Moo Sik’s allies have been acting unusually. Moo Sik notices that Jung Pal doesn’t look happy with his return and even ignores him to go somewhere else. Sang Gu and Sung Il are also acting suspiciously. It looks like Moo Sik is up for a big surprise in “Big Bet,” as Jung Pal is seen telling his friend that a lion has entered the tiger’s den. The lion in question here is Yang Sang Su, the owner of the Golden Hotel. Sang Su calls Sung Il to bring Moo Sik to him, and Jung Pal sees it all happen.


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