‘Big Bet’ Season 2: Ending, Explained – Who Killed Cha Moo Sik?

“Big Bet” Season 2 continued from the first season when Moo Sik was arrested for murdering Min Seok Jun. However, Moo Sik manages to get acquitted of the charges and returns to the Philippines to search for the real murderer of Min. In this season, things have changed for Moo Sik, and he’s got more enemies than ever. While he sets out to find Min’s murderer and build his business back up, people are planning for his downfall, and some of them are those he’d trusted the most.


Spoilers Ahead

‘Big Bet’ Season 2: Brief Summary

Cha Moo Sik gets deported to Korea, and he uses his connections to get acquitted of charges for Min Seok Jun’s murder. He is banned from entering the Philippines, and even after using all his connections, it takes him a year to return. His casino business is in shambles, and he has to deal with gangsters who think that Moo Sik doesn’t have the same influence anymore. However, he builds up the business only in a few days as he has Big Boss’ support. Moreover, he finds out that the real culprits behind Min Seok Jun’s murder are Choi Chil Gu, Jo Yoon Gi, Jin Young Hee, and her boyfriend. This puts Moo Sik in a difficult spot as Jin’s boyfriend works with Big Boss.


Inspector Oh Seung Hoon is close to the end of his term in the Philippines and needs to finish off his ongoing cases before leaving. His very first unsolved case in the Philippines is the murder of Sojung and Philip. He suspects Moo Sik but doesn’t have evidence. He returns to Korea after his term ends but continues to investigate the cases in the Philippines. He is adamant about solving them, and nabbing Moo Sik is his biggest goal. Meanwhile, Moo Sik’s sins are coming back to haunt him. His friends are turning their backs on him, and he has no idea about it. Moo Sik doesn’t realize how big of a mistake he’s made when he messes with Big Boss’ family recklessly.

Who Is Jang Joon?

After Sang Gu reveals to Jung Pal that Moo Sik instigated Sojung and Philip’s murder and that he is the one who stole the money from them, Jung Pal is initially in disbelief, but later that night, he breaks into Moo Sik’s home. Sang Gu, who is searching for evidence at Moo Sik’s home, hears noises and finds Jung Pal in the basement, trying to break open a door. He shows Sang Gu the heap of cash lying behind the door and hands him Sojung and Philip’s passports along with the video evidence. Sang Gu passes the evidence on to Seung Hoon, who happens to have returned to the Philippines to arrest Jin Young Hee. He gets permission from both local and Korean police to arrest Jin. He sends her back with other officers and stays behind to finish his final case—arresting Moo Sik. Meanwhile, Moo Sik is in Korea and meets with the owner of an online gambling site, Jang Joon. They make a deal because Jang Joon wants to expand his business to the Philippines. However, on the day they’re supposed to seal the deal, Moo Sik finds out that Jang Joon tried to scam him. Jang Joon escapes, but Moo Sik finds out that Ms. Ko is the real mastermind. She still holds a grudge against Moo Sik because she lost her money at his casino.


Jang Joon is a free-spirited man who left his job as a game developer to start his own business, which he has been running successfully. He calls Moo Sik to inform him that he is leaving for the Philippines and has a business plan in mind. He asks Moo Sik to become his business partner. Moo Sik considers his offer, but he decides to go back to the Philippines after he gets a call from Big Boss. Moo Sik is absolutely clueless and trusts Big Boss’ words, but only after arriving at the airport does he realize that he has been trapped. He sees Big Boss’ men with John, his right-hand man waiting for him and escapes them somehow. While he is hiding on a faraway, secluded island, he wonders if this is the end for him. He remembers how Jung Pal once told him that everything comes to an end eventually. At this moment, when he needs to protect himself, Jung Pal is the only person he trusts. He calls him and tells him to bring his money from the casino. Little does Moo Sik know that his most trusted friend, Jung Pal, is no longer by his side.

Seung Hoon gets an arrest warrant against the mighty Cha Moo Sik and goes to the casino to arrest him. Sang Gu informs him of Moo Sik’s location as he accompanies Jung Pal there. Moo Sik is unaware that he is soon going to get caught when he expresses his surprise to see Sang Gu with Jung Pal. Nevertheless, he prepares a meal for them, but soon enough, he notices the tension in the air. He sees Sang Gu staring outside and realizes someone’s after him. It’s Seung Hoon and his Filipino police friend, Mark. Mark didn’t want to go in without backup, but Seung Hoon was desperate. As soon as Moo Sik gets up to run away, Seung Hoon and Mark barge in to arrest him. However, to everyone’s surprise, someone starts firing from outside, and the first bullet kills Mark right away. It is John, and he fires at Seung Hoon next. Seung Hoon gets shot as well, but before John can hurt him further, Sang Gu shoots John dead. In this series of getting shot dead, Sang Gu is the next in line as Moo Sik gets his revenge for his betrayal. Jung Pal pleads to Moo Sik that he wasn’t a part of Sang Gu’s plan, and Moo Sik trusts him. However, as they proceed to leave, Jung Pal shoots Moo Sik dead.


‘Big Bet’ Season 2: Ending

Only Jung Pal and Seung Hoon came out alive from the massacre in the Philippines. It’s been six months since the incident, and a young police officer who is going to be dispatched to the Philippines comes to Seung Hoon. Seung Hoon has become a legend for his operations in the Philippines, and he wants to know what really went down. Despair is visible on Seung Hoon’s face when the Philippines is mentioned. He looks at his picture with Mark on his desk and, again, regrets taking Mark with him to capture Moo Sik. Seung Hoon was elated when everything was going his way, but it all ended badly. Even though he caught Jin, Chil Gu, and Yoon Gi, none of them confessed to their crimes either. He lost his friend and achieved nothing. Back in the Philippines, Jang Joon built up his business, in which he had offered a partnership to Moo Sik. His business is burgeoning, and he is going to receive a new investment from a Korean casino owner in Las Vegas. Yang Jung Pal, who worked as an agent for Moo Sik, now owns a casino in the USA.

The second season of “Big Bet” had an unexpected ending with the rise of an underdog. The series proceeded with slow yet engaging episodes, a pattern that leaves the door open for more episodes. The end was satisfying and raised expectations for “Big Bet” Season 3. With Lee Do Hwi as Yang Jung Pal, a casino owner in the USA, and Choi Je Hoon as the new virtual casino owner, Jang Joon trying to do business together makes the best main characters for a new season. Meanwhile, Seung Hoon gets a report about Jang Joon’s casino business in the Philippines, and he looks determined to bring it down, more so for his friend Mark, who died an undeserved death because of the people in the casino business.


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