‘Big Bet’ Season 1: Ending, Explained – Who Tries To Kill Cha Moo Sik? Will There Be A Season 2?

Cha Moo Sik has made it big in the world of gambling in the Philippines, and as much as he’s made big connections, he’s made enemies as well. He is rich and powerful, with connections to big politicians, officials, and even the mafia. However, his decade-long business in the Philippines is in danger as a special officer arrives from South Korea to investigate the crimes perpetrated against the Koreans in the Philippines. “Big Bet” Season 1 shows Moo Sik’s journey from a bright but poverty-ridden kid to a successful businessman who is now on the radar of the police with a murder allegation.


Spoilers Ahead

‘Big Bet’ Season 1: Plot Synopsis: What Happens In The Series?

Moo Sik gets arrested for allegedly murdering Min Seok Jun, a casino owner who was also Moo Sik’s mentor. The story takes us back to Moo Sik’s past and shows his journey to becoming the most powerful Korean in the Philippines. Moo Sik was once abandoned by his mother because she didn’t have the money to raise him. Moo Sik grew up doing many petty jobs, but he was a bright child who successfully built up his business, an English Language Academy. However, later, he tried to run a casino in Korea, which was doing well initially until the tax department put Moo Sik’s name on the tax evaders list. Moo Sik ran away to the Philippines to avoid getting caught and lost almost all of his money in gambling. That’s when Min Seok Jun helped him by making him the manager of one of his casinos.


Moo Sik grows the casino business and becomes a business partner with Seok Jun. He manages to do so by holding big parties for important officials. As his business grows, he faces betrayal from some of his loyal people. Moo Sik moves fearlessly, as his big connections even give him a free pass to meddle in the Filipino police investigation. However, Oh Seung Hoon, a police officer dispatched from South Korea to the Philippines for a special investigation, could be a big threat to Moo Sik. Seung Hoon has already introduced himself to Moo Sik, and he has his eyes on all of Moo Sik’s activities because he finds him extremely suspicious.

Does Seung Hoon Catch Kyung Young?

Seung Hoon hasn’t been able to catch Kyung Young yet, as he went into hiding after seeing the police at his place. Moo Sik doesn’t have to involve himself anymore, but he is still searching for Kyung Young. Kyung Young is unreachable, so Moo Sik tries to trace his girlfriend, Rose, by stealing her friend Vienna’s phone. Seung Hoon has found evidence that Kyung Young bought a gun, and his partner, Du Seok, who fled to South Korea, gets caught and confesses that he and Kyung Young are the murderers. However, the Filipino police still haven’t issued an arrest warrant against him because Filipino cases are the first priority. On the other hand, others find out about Sojung’s murder and believe that Ms. Ko is behind it. Moo Sik tells Jung Pal that they can’t interfere much in the case as it was a police officer who shot Sojung and Philip and took the money. Jung Pal trusts Moo Sik, but Moo Sik is fooling Jung Pal. Moo Sik had given the order to kill Sojung, and he’d hid the money he got from Sojung’s car. Moreover, he is also looking into the bank account of those murdered by Kyung Young.


Moo Sik finds out Kyung Young’s location and tips off Seung Hoon anonymously. He needs Kyung Young arrested to have the investor’s money all to himself. However, Seung Hoon fails to catch Kyung Young because he has already checked out from the hotel by the time he gets there, but Seung Hoon at least gets to confirm that the tip he got is correct. Moo Sik is a busy person and has to deal with some difficult customers sometimes. When Jung Pal informs him that he has to come and deal with a certain customer, Moo Sik goes and picks up the customer, pretending to be a chauffeur. The customer, Ham Deok Bae, is giving all sorts of reasons why he can’t pay them money now and will send the money when he is back in Korea. Moo Sik kidnaps Deok Bae and hands him over to the gangsters, seemingly to have him killed. However, it is only to scare him, and Moo Sik returns the next day. He gives two phones to Deok Bae- one his own and another with the numbers of the embassy and of Korean international police. He leaves the choice up to Deok Bae, to call his acquaintances to give him money or call the police for help.

Korean embassy consul Jo Yoon Gi and Seo Tae Seok, the gangster working for Min, both don’t like Moo Sik. Tae Seok, especially, doesn’t like the treatment that Moo Sik gets from others because he wants the same for himself. He proudly claims to Yoon Gi that he holds a higher position than Moo Sik and that he should contact him if any problem related to the casino arises. Tae Seok runs into Moo Sik at a new hotel’s inauguration but doesn’t show him any respect as his senior. Moreover, he curses at Jung Pal and Sang Gu, but they keep quiet because of the occasion. Moo Sik doesn’t like this and asks Min if he has to keep Tae Seok by his side, to which Min replies that Tae Seok’s face keeps a lot of thugs away, so they have to bear with him for now. However, Moo Sik has had enough of him when he sees bruises on Jung Pal’s face because Tae Seok beat him. He calls Tae Seok to meet him and gives him a final warning. Moo Sik gives him a reality check, saying that Min trusts him more and that he can easily be replaced by many others.


Consul Jo Yoon Gi gets a sudden call from Korea that a war veteran’s son, Ham Deok Bae, has been kidnapped, and his first suspicion goes to Moo Sik because Deok Bae stayed at Bolton Hotel. Yoon Gi calls Seung Hoon right away and tells him to find Deok Bae. Seung Hoon has been suspicious of Moo Sik in Sojung’s case, and Yoon Gi tells him to look out for Moo Sik again. All the cases that Seung Hoon has handled so far are connected to Moo Sik somehow. Yoon Gi tries to solve the matter himself by asking Moo Sik to let Deok Bae go, but Moo Sik gets enraged and curses at him that he doesn’t even earn enough money close enough to what Deok Bae owes to him, so he shouldn’t tell him what to do. Moo Sik goes to Deok Bae, but he has already transferred the debt amount to Moo Sik’s account and pleads that he didn’t report him to the police. Moo Sik believes him and lets him go. However, he still needs to find Kyung Young, so he gets Vienna speaking for a huge sum of money. He tips off Seung Hoon again, and this time, Seung Hoon and the Filipino officer catch Kyung Young after a long chase.

‘Big Bet’ Season 1: Ending Explained – Who Tries To Kill Cha Moo Sik?

Moo Sik has let Deok Bae go, but he still gets a call from a Filipino officer that they have received an order from the Korean embassy to arrest him and that they have been given permission to kill him if he resists. Moo Sik calls Yoon Gi and threatens him that he will make him regret his decision within three days. Seung Hoon, who almost got killed while trying to catch Kyung Young, buys a gun illegally to keep himself safe. As the season comes to a close, a lot of things happen, making way for the plot of the “Big Bet” Season 2. Moo Sik’s declared enemy- Seo Tae Seok, barges into Moo Sik’s house when Moo Sik is asleep, but Moo Sik is a light sleeper and opens his eyes as soon as Tae Seok enters his bedroom. Tae Seok still shoots the bullet, but the episode ends without showing who gets shot.

It is likely that Tae Seok gets shot or no one gets shot since Moo Sik will soon get arrested on the charge of murdering Min Seok Jun, as seen at the beginning of this season. However, Tae Seok needs to be alive as the villain in the next season, or the build-up around his character will go to waste. Moo Sik’s character grows from a hero to an anti-hero throughout the series, and in the next season, Seung Hoon and he are sure to come face to face. “Big Bet” would have looked better if the story was continued over the course of few more episodes rather than splitting the series into two parts. The story has just begun, and “Big Bet” Season 2 looks promising already with all the suspense and thrill that is to unravel when the anti-hero, Cha Moo Sik, the new hero, Oh Seung Hoon, and the villain, Seo Tae Seok (If he is alive), come face to face.

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