‘Big Bet’ Season 1, Episode 6: Recap And Ending – How Did Seung Hoon Meet Moo Sik?

Cha Moo Sik made big connections in the Philippines and ran the biggest casino in the country. He didn’t just become rich all by himself but made his agents rich as well. Moo Sik would target rich businessmen in Korea and trap them slowly into a gambling addiction. Many of his big and long-time customers had fallen into Moo Sik’s scheme. The casino business was not only about money; politicians, gangsters, and government officials were all somehow involved in it for their own benefit. This led to an increase in crimes, and the Korean embassy got concerned. The Korean government and the Philippines government signed a special deal to allow a Korean police officer to investigate Koreans in the country, and consequently, “Big Bet” brought on a new character, Major Oh Seung Hoon, who was dispatched to the Philippines.

Spoilers Ahead

What Was Seung Hoon’s First Case In The Philippines?

Jung Pal was distracted from work for some time because of his girlfriend Sojung, but he noticed Sojung’s strange behavior and guessed that their relationship wouldn’t last for long. He took an interest in work again and found out that Moo Sik had laundered money for a Korean man named Kyung Young so that he could open a casino in the Philippines. Jung Pal didn’t understand why Moo Sik would create a rival for himself, but it turned out that the investors only trusted Kyung Young because he used Moo Sik’s name. In the end, it was only going to benefit Moo Sik, and he could easily take over the casino later if he wanted. Moo Sik made sure the investors experienced the best hospitality in the Philippines and took them out for dinner at a Korean restaurant. However, what unfolded at the dinner was different from what Moo Sik expected. Investors were trying to discuss something with Moo Sik that he wasn’t aware of, and it turned out that Kyung Young had lied to them. He told them that Moo Sik had been managing their money when in reality, Kyung Young had kept it in his casino account.

Oh Seung Hoon arrived in the Philippines, but he wasn’t really aware of what he had to do. He had very little field experience, and the new office was quite bothersome to him. Consul Jo had told him not to reveal his identity to anyone, as the Korean community was well-connected, and the criminals would not let him live in peace if they found out about him. Agiles, where Seung Hoon was dispatched, was the place where most foreigners were murdered. Criminals flocked to Agiles as it had become the capital of illicit activities. Kyung Young’s investors started doubting his intentions after their awkward meeting with Moo Sik. They had a discussion and decided to take their money back from Kyung Young. Kyung Young’s partner heard them talk and informed Kyung Young right away. Kyung Young got so enraged, and the next thing we knew, Kyung Young went to Moo Sik at night, having murdered both investors. Moo Sik tried to protect Kyung Young, but he didn’t trust anyone and went on his way. Moo Sik knew that Kyung Young had dug his own grave and that there was no escape.

Moo Sik didn’t involve himself in violent crimes directly, but he often had to accompany criminals as he was well known and could get entry anywhere. He accompanied Johnny, Big Boss’ man, to a gambling den and played for a while until Johnny signaled for him to leave. After Moo Sik left, Johnny killed a big Chinese gangster and his four bodyguards. It is the first news that Seung Hoon got after he started working with the Philippine police. However, he got a tip about CEO Ko of Pastella gambling at Bolton Casino. When Seung Hoon enquired about Bolton to the Filipino police, they told him to stay away from it as the owner of the casino, Mr. Cha, was a powerful man with big connections. However, Seung Hoon was not going to just sit still, as it was his first case.

‘Big Bet’ Season 1, Episode 6: Ending

Seung Hoon entered the Bolton hotel as an employee of the embassy, and Sojung escorted him as he was a VIP. When Seung Hoon told Sojung that he was off-duty and wanted to play at the casino, she took him there and even introduced him to Moo Sik. However, Moo Sik was busy concentrating on an important game. Ms. Ko placed a “big bet” and won, which encouraged her to place an even bigger bet that could put Moo Sik at a big loss if she won. Moo Sik was tense, and it worked in Seung Hoon’s favor. He secretly recorded Ko gambling, and no one noticed it.

Ms. Ko won the big bet and gave credit to Sojung, whom she believed acted as a lucky charm. Moo Sik was in trouble because of the losses, but he didn’t know more trouble was heading his way. Be it Kyung Young’s murder case or Ko’s gambling, Moo Sik had an indirect part in them and many more criminal activities, unaware that someone like Seung Hoon would ever come his way.

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