‘Big Bet’ Season 1, Episode 5: Recap And Ending – Who Is The New Person In Embassy Arriving From Korea?

Moo Sik started working for Min Seok Jun at the Purvio hotel and soon became a manager. Moo Sik had always been an ambitious person, which led him to make connections with top politicians and businessmen in the Philippines. His connections brought more customers to the casino, and even the biggest gambler in the Philippines joined hands with Moo Sik. Moo Sik had persistence and luck as well. He became crazy rich, and so did his partners and subordinates. Now, he needed to make a “Big Bet” to take over the Bolton hotel, which was going to be the latest and biggest casino in the country.


Spoilers Ahead

How Did Moo Sik Trap New Customers In Gambling?

Moo Sik had forgotten to put a bid on the Bolton Hotel, but he visited the manager of the hotel only a few days before the deal and requested that he consider his offer as well. The manager told him that other people had already placed their bids and that Moo Sik wouldn’t have a slot left. Moo Sik arrogantly threw bags of money at the manager and asked him to talk to his superiors. When the manager called him later to tell him that it wouldn’t be possible for Moo Sik to buy the hotel now, Moo Sik threatened him by saying that he could do anything to get what he set his mind to and that he wouldn’t just sit still if someone tried to steal his business. Moo Sik’s threat worked, but he still had to buy off the people who put a bid on the hotel. It was worth it because Moo Sik now had the biggest casino in the Philippines operating under him. 


Moo Sik and Jung Pal, his first agent, had been working together for a long time, but recently, Jung Pal looked distracted from work. Moo Sik knew the reason very well. During working hours, Jung Pal went to his girlfriend, So Jung’s hotel and made out with her. He stayed at her place overnight, and when he returned, the first thing he asked Moo Sik to do was to hire So Jung at the Bolton hotel. Jung Pal was head over heels in love with So Jung, and Moo Sik could do that much for him. However, So Jung didn’t feel the same way. As soon as she joined the Bolton hotel, she met a new man, Philip, who also worked as an agent. She told Philip that she didn’t have a special relationship with Jung Pal, so he asked her out on a date. 

Connections are important in a business and more so when you want to work in a foreign country. Embassy consul Jo Yoon Gi pretended to be a righteous officer, but he was also involved in shady businesses. He agreed to help a businessman from Korea, Chil Gu, set up a hotel in the Philippines, as it required many permissions from the government. He even had tie-ups with high-end hotels that ripped off businessmen and commissioned Yoon Gi to bring them in. When it comes to money, ripping people off is not considered immoral in the world of business. Moo Sik also commissioned people who brought rich people to the casino. It wasn’t an easy task. The agent had to locate the target and bring them to Moo Sik. Then, Moo Sik tested how rich the person was and how easily he could be trapped.


Moo Sik’s agent, Professor Na, found a businessman from Korea, Mr. Jeong, and brought him to Moo Sik in the name of networking. It was easy for Moo Sik to impress Jeong, as he was just a simple family man who barely knew about the shady side of the world. Jeong had plenty of money and no debt. He wanted to set up a factory in the Philippines and needed connections; this was a golden opportunity for Moo Sik. After some meetups and a golf game, Jeong himself asked Moo Sik to take him to his casino. Moo Sik pretended to hesitate in the beginning as Jeong lived with his family, but took him to play with a promise from him not to spend much money as he had a family with him. Moo Sik knew of the beginner’s luck, and he let Jeong have it. Jeong was elated after winning a lot of money and promised Moo Sik that he would come back again from Korea. Moo Sik had caught a big fish and planned to feed off it for a long time.

‘Big Bet’ Season 1, Episode 5: Ending

Back at the Bolton Hotel, So Jung had been two-timing Jung Pal and Philip. Through Jung Pal, she came to know that Ms. Ko, one of their regular customers, owned a big cosmetic company called Pastella. Philip was Ms. Ko’s agent, so So Jung used Philip to get close to Ko. So, Jung made out with Philip afterward, and Jung Pal seemed to have gotten a hint that So Jung had been cheating on him. Everything had been going well for Moo Sik in “Big Bet” so far, but a police officer, Oh Seung Hun, arrived from Korea as the embassy specially requested it to protect Korean nationals in the Philippines. Now, we know that businessmen and government officials are all corrupt. From the looks of it, Oh Seung Hun looks like a simple man who speaks politely, but he can’t just be a simple police officer if he has been dispatched to another country. The upcoming episodes will reveal if he helps Moo Sik or ruins his business.


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