‘Big Bet’ Episode 4: Recap & Ending: How Did Moo Sik Become The Most Powerful Korean In The Philippines?

Cha Moo Sik was a Korean who got arrested in the Philippines in 2015 for the murder of Min Seok Jun, and “Big Bet” takes us back to the beginning of his story and how he ended up running off to the Philippines. Moo Sik was a bright child and once dreamed of going to college, but he was fated to do something different. He got involved in the casino business but had to flee the country after he was charged with tax evasion. Moo Sik didn’t lose his purpose and thus started once again in the Philippines where he began working for Min Seok Jun in his casino.

Spoilers Ahead

How Did Moo Sik Meet The “Gambling God” Of The Philippines?

Moo Sik got involved unnecessarily in the democracy protest because of Su Jin, who is now his wife, and even went to jail. He was appointed as a bodyguard for the leader of the protest, but Su Jin told him to leave if he was not an activist. To escape from the activists, Moo Sik tried to join the military, but he couldn’t enter because of his criminal record as an anti-nationalist. A person named Kim saw Moo Sik asking desperately to be allowed to join the army and offered to have him join the intelligence services instead. Moo Sik had no idea what it was, but he just wanted to escape his current situation. He passed all the tests and became one of the four candidates to get selected. However, he didn’t know what he had gotten himself into. He became a spy and risked his life as he went in and out of North Korea secretly.

That phase had long passed, and fifteen years later, Moo Sik became the manager of a casino in the Philippines. He was still close to the people he worked with back in Korea and, hence, helped Sang Chul’s friend, Seo Tae Seok, who had also fled to the Philippines, even though he was rude to him. Moo Sik was a loyal friend and never forgot those who helped him. Min Seok Jun had helped Moo Sik get back on his feet in the Philippines after he lost all the money he brought from Korea, and that’s why Moo Sik threatened Mr. Woo and his gangsters, who bothered Min, to stay away from his boss or face the consequences. After that, no one messed with Min or his casino, and they became both rich and powerful as a decade passed by. They now sat with influential political figures from the Philippines.

Moo Sik’s intelligent and unique business strategy helped him gain more business connections. He also focused on giving good commissions to the agents, as they had to make a living as well. He started sponsoring political meetings in the hotel, which gained so much popularity that even the president’s son started attending them. Moo Sik became widely known among the Philippines’ political circles as a rich businessman from Korea. This further gained him an opportunity to meet the “gambling god” of the Philippines, Daniel. Moo Sik hit the jackpot when Daniel gave him a chance to open a new casino in another city. Mr. Woo, who once dominated Min, was now on the verge of losing his casino. He was indebted to Min and lost his casino to him when he failed to pay him back. Political powers were shifting in Manila, and Moo Sik had to move to Caliz, where the new casino was being set up.

‘Big Bet’ Episode 4: Ending

Seo Tae Seok started working with Min in Manila, but other employees didn’t like him because he bullied them. Tae Seok used to run a brothel back in Korea, but nothing more was known about him. After the news about two Korean men shot dead spread, Tae Seok was seen with a gun in his hand, trying to kill himself. He was a criminal in Korea, and his motive fot getting close to Moo Sik was doubtful. Meanwhile, Moo Sik almost fell into a trap set by the police chief of the Philippines and the consul of the Korean embassy. The consul received an assault report against Moo Sik from Korea, and even if the consul had no right to arrest him, Moo Sik didn’t want him to know about his casino business. The business was doing well, and any wrong move could send everything down the drain.

Moo Sik had built up a name for himself with his decade-long stay in the Philippines, and his ambitions knew no bounds. He called Min his boss, but Min had become more powerful than him. Moo Sik put a “big bet” on another casino, Bolton, without informing Min in advance. Min was displeased with him, but Moo Sik was relaxed and told him not to worry. On the other hand, Min brought another big investor for their upcoming hotel in Caliz. Ms. Ko, with a lot of money to spare, was the newest entry into the world of the casino business.

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