‘Bhaaje Vaayu Vegam’ Ending Explained & Movie Recap: Did Venkat Surrender To The Police?

Telugu cinema comes out with random movies that usually contain stories of chaotic politics and the hooligans. Amidst all this, there will inevitably be a decent human trying to fight the system. Bhaaje Vaayu Vegam is yet another commercial Telugu film that covers the life of an aspiring cricketer who had to lie to his father about the life he was leading in Hyderabad. His run-in with a criminal changed him and his brother forms the crux of the movie.


Spoilers Ahead

Why was Venkat adopted by Lakshmaniah?

Venkat grew up in rural Telangana as a young son of farmers. One day he discovered they had killed themselves as they could not pay the debt back to the loan shark. The loan shark was a ruthless man who wanted to enslave till the debt was paid. To avoid this situation, Lakshmaniah, another farmer facing several financial crises, decided to adopt Venkat and raise him as his son. Lakshmaniah had to give up much of his land and property to make sure his biological son Raju and adopted son Venkat got a good education. Venkat’s penchant for cricket was encouraged by his adoptive father, and he sent him off to the city to get even better at it. 


Who were David and George?

David and George were the most powerful people in the city of Hyderabad. George, being the mayor, held a lot of power in the political circle. David, on the other hand, was a rowdy who rode on the power and influence of his older brother. Both arrived in the city many years ago, and the newbies did not think twice before getting into a tussle with the rich and powerful of the factory they were working for. The duo spent time in jail and came out way more powerful than before. David and George ruled the city, as many police officers were on their payroll. George’s son was also being trained to be a cricketer, and it was obvious the officials at the academy had to be bribed to get him admitted. He was being trained by the supremely talented Venkat. 

Were Venkat and his brother lying?

Venkat and Raju’s father visited them in the city. The father was overwhelmed by the luxuries his sons were surrounded by. Raju claimed to be a rich software engineer, while Venkat painted himself as the most sought-after cricketer on the verge of being selected for the national team. On his father’s exit from the town, the brothers’ real condition is shown. Both were paupers who were barely making enough money to sustain their daily lives. Raju worked as a concierge for a five-star hotel. Apart from his meager salary, he received a 2000 INR tip daily from a certain David, who was a rich man. David used to bring a new car and a new woman in it almost every day, and Raju was his personal valet. Venkat was barely making it through practice, as the selectors were asking for money for his selection. His other job was betting on the cricket Premier League matches, which helped him gain some extra cash for daily expenses. Both men were in dire straits, but they never wanted to upset their father, who spent many years working hard for their future. 


Why were the brothers desperate for money?

Venkat and Raju learned their father was admitted to the hospital after a villager shamed him for raising fraudsters for sons. Their father learned his sons were not living life king-size in the city. It led to his being hospitalized, and the doctor diagnosed him with a terminal illness as a result of his using poisonous pesticides on the crops. The men did not have enough money for the treatment, which would cost INR 20 lakhs. Venkat had some money saved from his betting, while Raju received some financial help from his employers at the hotel. 

How did Venkat get his money?

Venkat and his friend hoped they could earn a large amount of money from betting. He was introduced to Vamshi, a notorious gangster and a serial gambler. Venkat bet all the money he had on the match and claimed an unpopular team would win and Vamshi had bet on the popular team. The results went as per Venkat’s prediction. Vamshi was impressed and promised to give him a huge sum the next day. But Vamshi changed his mind the next day, and refused to give Venkat what he was owed. The young man was now penniless.


Did Venkat and his brother cheat?

Venkat suggested his brother Raju could borrow some money from David. David had arrived in a Jaguar this time, but Raju’s conversation with him did not go well. David turns out to be Vamshi’s boss, and he is the one gaining from Venkat and Raju’s loss. Out of pure rage and betrayal, Venkat steals the Jaguar and plans to drive away in the hope of selling it off. Raju discovered a bag full of cash in the car which he was sure belonged to David. They initially planned to take enough money for their father’s treatment and made appropriate plans so that they were not traced by David or his henchmen. 

What was in David’s car?

To their shock, they find the body of a young man in the car, whom Venkat recognized as the son of the city mayor. The brothers were shocked, but Venkat’s quick thinking made him realize the body was the reason David was fidgety. He devised a plan to use this as leverage to get money for the treatment. Venkat spoke to David, and he was willing to do the barter. His only condition was to meet at a place that was not surrounded by David’s henchmen. David agreed to the deal, but soon Venkat realized the whole city was under David and his brother George, and there was no way they would get out alive in this situation. Their only trump card was the body, as David was desperate to get his hands on his nephew’s remains.

Was David jealous of his brother?

George and David grew up together, and many years later the former was the most powerful man. David planned to fund the current party in power in the state and wanted to usurp his brother George to become the mayor of the city. The lead-up to this involved the killing of George’s son. David planned to make a 5000-crore donation, and there was initially no discussion on how he received such a huge amount. David was jealous of the fact that his brother had grown exponentially powerful over time, while he always remained below him in terms of hierarchy. 

What was the drug-mafia connection?

As Venkat and Raju were fired upon while delivering the car along with the money bag, the duo tried to flee from the city. They soon learned David would go after their father. Venkat injured himself intentionally to have himself admitted to the same hospital as his father. After having a detailed brainstorm with Raju, Venkat learns of a drug mafia that was becoming huge in the state, thanks to David. David was indirectly making a profit out of the business and generating power. So far, his brother George, the mayor of the city, was kept in the dark about it. The 2000 INR tip David gave every day to Raju was part of the hawala money. Raju had inadvertently become a part of it, and Venkat wanted to get him out of the mess. Raju was held captive for a while by David’s men but Venkat saved his brother in the nick of time, and the car remained in their possession. 


Why did Venkat surrender to the police?

Venkat and Raju learn that David has kept their father hostage. The man asked Venkat to surrender for his role in the death of George’s son and in return David would pay for their father’s treatment. The villain had hoped this would be the trick to get possession of the car and the money. The one specific 2000 INR note was kept in the car which David had to send to Delhi. We believe this currency was probably an indication to receive the money for the local party. There was never any further explanation on the significance of the 2000 INR note in the bigger scheme of things. Being a commercial potboiler, vague twists and turns are nothing out of the ordinary here. 

David also spread the news of Venkat and Raju absconding after they murdered the son of the mayor after a scuffle in the city. This was his way of cornering the young men, whom he hoped would come looking for their father. Venkat, as per the plan hatched by David, surrendered to the police. Venkat probably had another plan in place to make sure David was exposed in front of his brother. He learned of David’s plan to dethrone his brother and finally hatched a plan to make the brothers confront each other.


George was informed about Venkat’s arrest, and he instructed his police to get him to an abandoned factory to kill him. The mayor wanted to avenge his son’s death. David was happy, as it was a win-win situation for him. To his shock, the 2000 INR note, a crucial link in his drug trade, was missing from the car. He soon learned that if Venkat was killed, the location of the 2000 INR note would also be lost. Venkat revealed it was David who caused the mayhem, as he and his brother had only stolen the car and money to fund their father’s treatment. David had to save himself from being exposed as the drug trafficker and tried every trick in the book to get rid of Venkat, the dead body, and the money. Venkat also revealed David could have killed him for killing George’s son, but instead he would be showing up at the factory in no time to save Venkat and not kill him.

David walked in as expected and requested that his brother not kill Venkat. This movie showcased two different types of brotherhood. One set of brothers was at each other’s necks, while Venkat and Raju were not related through blood but would go to any length to save each other. Venkat’s revelation exposed David, who went into a defensive mode and tried to blame his brother for moving ahead in life and leaving him behind. David left no stone unturned in going ballistic against his brother. This was the result of years of resentment pent up against his powerful brother George. The mayor was indeed angry because he learnt their family dynamics got messed up over the years. George however never gave any explanation to David’s concerns  and he shot his brother to death. This was George’s way to avenge the murder of his son. Since the man was the mayor, the police and the entire law and order system were under his payroll. George was not arrested because all of them knew David was at fault. The police dubbed David’s death the result of a shootout and named him the leader of the mafia group. 


Bhaaje Vaayu Vegam ended with one of the cousins of Venkat and Raju holding the 2000 INR that he had stolen from David’s Jaguar. The note would probably stay with them, and they would not use it, maybe fearing an arrest. Raju and Venkat however were rewarded for making the police aware of the drug racket, which made their father happy. The ailing father was now recovering since he was out of danger, thanks to David, who had funded the treatment and his operation.

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