Did Nina And Gabriel End Up Together At The End Of ‘Beyond The Universe’?

Love can reach you in unexpected ways! Even if a person loses their dear ones, their memories and experiences never leave. “Beyond The Universe,” aka “Depois Do Universo,” is a Brazilian romantic drama film that revolves around the mesmerizing love story of Nina and Gabriel. Love can change a person’s character and help them to create the best version of themselves. Nina and Gabriel were meant to be together! Their meeting was considered to be a huge coincidence until they met again! Nina was a patient suffering from Lupus, an autoimmune disease, while Gabriel was her doctor. Both of them had different outlooks on life. While Nina spent her days sulking over the negative aspects of her life, Gabriel made the best memories out of his. Nina wanted to become a pianist, and her dream was to perform solo in the Symphony Orchestras. But this unexpected diagnosis disheartened her, and she stopped practicing for her performances. Nina had to go through painful hemodialysis procedures to prevent her kidneys from failing; because of this, she secluded herself in a bubble that no one could ever break! But Gabriel had other plans, he wanted to provide her with all the happiness since her abilities took him by surprise, and he fell in love with Nina.


Nina was fired from her conservatory since her AV fistula scars scared many children, and she couldn’t get to classes on time. Her dialysis would take up four to six hours of her day, and this prevented her from attending her classes. Nina was heartbroken until Gabriel intervened. Gabriel gifted her with an old, dusty piano, but it was perfect for Nina to practice her sessions. Nina finally got the chance to present herself at the Symphony Orchestra, and to ace it, she had to practice several hours a day! Nina would spend the whole day practicing with Gabriel by her side. They spent a lot of time together while Gabriel took piano lessons from her and Nina learned to ride a bicycle. On the day of her auditions, Nina passed the first round, and together they celebrated her victory. Nina and Gabriel grew closer with each passing day.

They even shared their darkest secrets! Gabriel lost his mother at the age of 13 to breast cancer, and since then, he has wanted to cure his patients with medicine and lots of love. He wanted to fulfill all their wishes. Well, even though Gabriel wanted to have a positive outlook on life, he couldn’t maintain the same with his father, Alberto. Gabriel hated his father since he was never there to support him or his mother during her disease, but this stopped Gabriel from being the best version of himself. Meanwhile, things took a different turn when Nina suffered from an Alveolar Haemorrhage at the Symphony tryouts. Nina lost all hope and wanted to forget everything about the auditions. But Gabriel had other plans; he wanted to donate his kidney to Nina, but his tests went negative, and he became an incompatible donor. 


Gabriel’s father warned him to stay low since his behavior would land him in huge trouble, and the hospital could even cancel his residency contract. He was violating the rules by establishing a relationship with the hospital patient. Nina went through his emails and found out that he was called to the hospital committee meeting for the cancellation of his contract. But Nina barged into the meeting room and apologized for her misconduct. Nina confronted the doctors and explained to them everything about Gabriel’s respectful and careful nature. Upon hearing this, the hospital provided him with one more chance, and Gabriel got his position back at the hospital. Gabriel wanted to surprise Nina and arranged a whole show for her in the nearby chapel. He invited the whole hospital staff and the patients to be a part of her show.

Nina was mesmerized by the decorations, and she performed her best piece at the chapel! To her surprise, Gabriel invited a Symphony jury member to evaluate her performance, and she gave her one more chance to complete her auditions. After the show was done, Nina and Gabriel went up to the roof and promised to love each other! Well, it was Gabriel’s birthday, and he was all set to visit Universal Point Mountain, his mother’s favorite place. He promised Nina to send videos from the mountain summit but failed to return safely. Gabriel lost his balance on the mountain and suffered from a subdural hematoma. The next day, Gabriel couldn’t make it to the surgery and lost his life. Nina immediately rushed to the hospital to find Alberto crying about the loss of his son. 


Nina was devastated and didn’t get up from her bed for days! But Nina’s grandfather motivated her to appear in the Symphony auditions since it was Gabriel’s dream to see her playing in the Symphony orchestra. And guess what? Gabriel didn’t leave her side as, in the next few days, Nina found a living donor for a kidney transplant, and she also aced her auditions and officially became a solo pianist at Symphony. At the end of this film, Nina was overjoyed to have aced her performance, and she ended it with a huge tribute to Gabriel. Even though Gabriel wasn’t there, she somehow sensed his presence, as if he was still taking care of her. Gabriel was strong-willed, and throughout his career, he changed the lives of many individuals, including Nina’s. Today, Nina became a pianist with the power of Gabriel’s motivation and love!

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Raschi Acharya
Raschi Acharya
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